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They hadn't punched any holes in the top of the box, so 9432 couldn't see through the darkness. Her carrier clearly didn't give a shit about handling her right, considering she had already probably sprained her left wrist. The world continued to sway underneath her. A small sob crept from her mouth before she returned to the silence she'd been trained to maintain.
Again with the holes, obviously the box was getting hotter and hotter and more cramped with every few minutes. It was always the same process and delivery every time, you're bound to get broken like hell every job you're forced to take. This wasn't going to be an exception, and from the obnoxious chattering from the party-goers handling her only made her feel like this was going to be her worst job thus far.
After travelling far enough the people above her finally came to a stop at their place. She couldn't tell what all was going on above her, the only sounds that managed to pierce the solidity of the box was the echoes of their conversation. It's not like it mattered anyway, every job like this was wash, rinse repeat. All she could do once the box opened was what she was taught to do.
There was a whistle and then a crash, someone had recklessly tossed the box onto a table or ground or whatever. She grasped at the air around her to find some footing in the chaos but there was nothing. When the impact came it was just another injury to add to the list. The box opened before she could even get herself back together.
9432's naked, minuscule form was exposed to a group of gawking patrons above her. From what she could see out the top of the box, they were in a house for once, not a ratty apartment. In fact, her carriers looked to actually be kept-together human beings as opposed to drugged out crack whores looking for an easy target. That fact gave her a small bit of hope that she would make it through another job with her life intact.
So the carriers, they all had different reactions to seeing her. Clearly at least a few of them had never ordered a shrunken slave before so they were basically going into fucking hysterics. That sucked, it takes an normal person ordering and accidentally killing a few slaves before they figure out their limits and how to keep them alive through a night. At least a few of them seemed to keep their heads on straight and knew what they were dealing with. After seeing so many people handle her, she could read customers like a book. There was always at least one person who tried to look cool and really experienced with shrunken slaves, but in the end, no one really knows how to own another human being without looking like an asshole.
From where she was in the box she couldn't make out absolutely everyone in the room, considering there were echoes of other voices from outside the boundaries of the box. She counted, one, two, three until she gave up and realized that she was probably at a pretty huge event, and she was going to be in the center of it.
One of the guys wordlessly snatched 9432 from the box and put her down on the table. Every time someone picked her up it felt like the world was falling apart under her, there's no getting used to that sensation. Coming down onto the table hurt like hell too.
When she had managed to sit up straight the looked around the room with a more clear view. There were a lot of people at this place, it was definitely a party. She had been used at a few parties beforehand, but usually they were actually just a small group of friends fucking around in a room jerking their dicks over her. This was an all out party, too many people to count or at least see from where she was standing.
The air was cold on her naked skin. She crossed her arms over her breasts and looked around at each person, waiting to see which one would take her first. All of the chattering around her made it difficult to tell who was saying what, and if they were talking about what they planned to do with her.
One of the taller guys, some lightskin dude with waves in hair, reached over and pushed her down onto the table. "Damn," he said. Nothing followed that. There was more discussion around her before one of the guys said, "Alright, well, I already called dibs so I'm taking her first." It was a shorter Hispanic guy, maybe in his mid twenties. He plucked her from the table and took her to one of the nearby bedrooms.
Being removed from the table had 9432 disoriented, entering the darkness of the bedroom didn't help at all. It was all a blur of motion and confusion until she was tossed onto and slammed into a bed, and then the ground collapsed under her as the guy laid down next to her.
He took her back into his hands and without hesitation started to unzip his shorts. Surprisingly, this was a relief for her. Getting rubbed against a dick was pretty tame compared to some of the other stuff that some guys would put her through. It beat being shoved up an asshole.
She was slammed against his flaccid dick then awkwardly rubbed into it as it hardened over time. Sent flying up and down over and over, her hair got caught in his foreskin. Like she was taught, she embraced his dick and rubbed against it in as convincing a manner as possible. The palm that surrounded her began to bead with sweat that mixed with the pre-come coming out his dick and basically coated her body. Every time she reached the peak of his dick she licked at his pre-come like she was taught to.
His legs began to tense and he started to sit up, taking his hand away from his dick for a second. When he came to be squatting, he finished himself off and sent his load directly at her, coating her in the thick mess and pinning her onto the bed sheet. She laid still, waiting for him to decide when he was finished with her himself.
A tissue embraced her, plucking her from the come and wiping her off enough to get in at least a little bit of air through her nostrils. The guy pushed her back down a few times, using the tissue to clean up as much come as possible. When he seemed to have gotten up enough of it he zipped his shorts back up then returned to the living room, still holding her in cummy tissues.
He emptied 9432 out back onto the table then walked away, probably to throw out the tissues. "Me next," a girl exclaimed, as she immediately grabbed her and pressed 9432 against her tongue. The wet wall met 9432 and began to lap at her excitedly. The girl laughed then pulled her away, still connected by a string of drool. The saliva coating her felt like even more of a sticky mess than before. "She tastes like jizz," she said. A solitary laugh came from the back of the room.
"I want her next," another girl said, but this time there wasn't a universal sense of agreement.
"Hey, I thought we had an order here, like, aren't we supposed to be going clockwise? I'm next," some other guy said. He reached out for her before his hand was slapped by another guy, the same one who pushed her earlier.
"I'm taking her, I'm the one who ordered her anyway," everyone else seemed to not want to argue with what he was saying. From the looks of it he probably owned the place too. He took her from the table and walked to the same bedroom the first guy had fucked her in.
This guy definitely had more experience handling shrunken slaves, he held her stably and moved pretty calmly, keeping her stomach from turning all over itself again. They went back to the bed. He laid down next to the come stain from earlier, apparently not noticing the dark halo in the bed sheet. He laid his back against the bed post and laid her on his lap. They both settled into place.
He grinned down at her, "what's your name?" She looked up to him, not sure of what to say. People talked to their slaves to sparsely that sometimes she sort of forgot how to talk. Stumbling over her words, she tried to reply.
"I don't have a name..." 9432 answered. He laughed at her.
"You didn't have a name before they took you? Do you not remember it or something?" She didn't want to reply. She never had a name in the first place, she was taken from her parents to be a slave when she was so young that she didn't have any memory of her past. Since she didn't really have any answer, she looked down at her knees, then back up to him again.
"Alright, if you don't have one then you don't have one," he said to her gently. His hand crept up to her and he slowly took her back into his grip.
The room was so quiet that she felt far more uncomfortable than she did when she was being rubbed against a dick. They sat still for a moment, until his finger squirmed between her legs. He rubbed her vagina softly, a grin coming back to his face. Her face flushed, she looked into his bloodshot eyes. He was high.
With her in his left hand, rubbing her off, he unzipped his pants and took his dick in his right hand. As he pleased her he jacked himself off. His sweaty grip lubricated her body. The rough surface of his fingertip rubbed her vagina raw, hurting her in just the right way, until he stopped right before she felt like she was going to climax. His grin turned into a crooked smile. He took her to his lips then licked against her, between her legs. Behind her he continued to pump his dick, about to blow his load.
There was hot air and then he vomited all over her. The acrid liquid washed across her body, totally drowning out the sound of anything other than his heaving. The flow eventually came to an end. "Fuck," she barely heard him say. He had still come across his hand.
She had fallen back into his lap in the shadow of his deflating cock. He took his ruined shirt off then got out of the bed. "I need to clean you up," he said. They walked over to a bathroom connected to the master bedroom. He turned on the light.
Instead of going to the sink. He dropped her into the toilet bowl. He took his dick, still hanging out from his pants, and pissed into the toilet she was in. She floated aimlessly around the bowl as it filled up with the warm piss, occasionally being dunked under the surface as the stream came in direct contact with her. Slowly the stream petered out, and then he zipped back up and walked out wordlessly.
She paddled around in the toilet for a few minutes, not sure of what to do. It hadn't even been an hour since the party started, she assumed that someone was eventually going to have to come and fish her out of the toilet so they could continue.
Behind her 9432 heard the bathroom door open. "Are you fucking serious," a girl's voice said. She entered with another white guy behind her. She peeked into the toilet bowl, "Are you fucking serious, Ameer..." she sighed.
"Jesus Christ," he said. 9432 looked up to the two as they stared into the bowl at her. "I don't even want to touch her."
"You have to get her out, I'm not touching that." The guy sighed.
"We need a cup or something, I don't know." The girl looked around the bathroom and found paper cups next to the sink and handed it to the guy. "A paper cup? What the hell?"
"Just get her you fuck," she said, and he obliged. He carefully scooped 9432 out of the pissy water then took her over to the sink and emptied her out into it. "Are we supposed to wash her? What if she dies?"
The guy grimaced, "I don't know. Maybe we should just dry her off. If she dies Ameer is going to be pissed." The girl turned around and grabbed a strip of toilet paper from the wall. The guy took it and tried to get all of the piss off of her. 9432 wanted to scream as the rough material scraped against her skin, but she had been trained to do otherwise. Whenever he pulled the toilet paper away from her, he looked over her body. She was rubbed entirely red, with blood coming from her skin in a few places. "Fuck..." he said.
But she didn't seem to act like she was hurt, so they took her back to the bedroom. "What do we even do with her," the girl said.
"Don't ask me, just take her." He carelessly handed 9432 off to the girl.
"Fuck you Brandon," she said to the guy as he walked out of the bedroom. When he was gone she set her down onto a side table and took out her iPhone, apparently texting someone. She tapped away until eventually a big guy walked in, a chiseled guy with dark brown skin. "God, it took you forever to get here. She's literally just been staring at me this entire time, it's seriously awkward." 9432 looked away quickly and blushed, that wasn't good to hear.
"Alright, whatever, you got her? Hand her to me." She did, and after she handed 9432 off she took off her pants and panties, spreading her legs out.
"Try not to kill them this time, you know how much they charge for that shit? You don't have to slam her in and out like a fucking lunatic."
He gripped her firmly then moved her head toward the girl's vagina. Hearing about another slave being killed during this made her heart sink. 9432 closed her eyes and frowned, trying not to express any of the misery she was feeling. She didn't have any time to collect her thoughts before she was rubbed against the girl's clitoris.
The flesh of the vagina stuck to her skin as she was dragged about it. "Don't stick her in, Ameer pissed on her," the girl said, but it was too late. He shoved her into the vagina and began to pump in and out.
Being about 2 inches tall, she didn't think she would really be able to satisfy any girl. But that wasn't true, going in and out the girl seemed to enjoy it a lot. The liquids around 9432 squelched as she moved through them, sliding around the hot walls of the vagina, in and out. As the girl's moans got more and more intense, she climaxed as the guy shoved her so far into the vagina that she was completely surrounded on all sides, totally buried inside of the girl.
She moved around a bit to try to stimulate the girl more, but after a few moments she had no more energy, and more importantly, no more air. Thrashing around didn't help, it seemed like she really was stuck up there. The tight, fleshy walls completely choked her, drowning her in the slime inside of it. Against her will, she took in a sharp breath, inhaling some of the juice, and she immediately choked and hacked. Convulsing and gagging wildly, two fingers finally fished her out and laid her back onto the bed sheet.
Now she laid at the foot of the girl's vagina. She took in desperate breaths of air, trying to bring herself back into total awareness. The girl inhaled and exhaled loudly above her. "Are you ready again," the guy said to the girl. She crawled away as the two tangled into each other, stripping down further. They were clearly done with her.
While the two fucked, she sat at the foot of the bed. She couldn't really get down from there so all she could do was wait. After a while of them jumping each others bones, the guy came into his girlfriend. He had hit the girl raw.
The guy rolled over and started to doze off. "Figures," the girl said. She got dressed then took 9432 back to the living room.
It was getting really late now. While 9432 was gone it looked like everyone at the party had taken their time to get high out of their minds, several of them were passing along a spliff. Through a doorway there were more people in the kitchen. The girl weaved through people, making her way to the center of the room. That's where Ameer was.
"Ameer, I don't really know what you want me to do with her now. She's all yours." She tossed 9432 into Ameer's lap, and he took care to actually catch her.
"She's not a fucking toy, you idiot. God damn." The girl walked off while Ameer cursed. "Does anyone else want her?" There weren't many answers. It seemed like her novelty had worn off and people were pretty much done getting off on each other. "Damn, ight," he mumbled. He set her down onto the table again and everyone got back to doing their partying shit.
The party continued on for hours as 9432 sat there, feeling alone as she usually did. People came and went through the room, talking about a variety of things. A few times some people came by and pushed her around or momentarily felt at her naked body. Her skin was still sensitive from her rubbing down earlier. Every time she was touched it felt like fire.
Whenever the majority of the party-goers had made their way out, the select few made their way over to the kitchen. Like she was an afterthought, one of the girls picked her up to take her along.
They all got into the kitchen and the girl said, "Shouldn't we do something with her? How much did you even spend on her, Ameer? Don't just waste her." Ameer blew air out his nose. "Clem, get over here." One of the girls came out of the small crowd of people, a very tall lightskin girl with braided black hair. "Shit, I don't know what to do with her, just do whatever." Clem grabbed her and looked at her for a few moments. Ameer looked back at her and grinned, then walked out of the kitchen. Everyone but Clem followed him.
When they were all gone, Clem looked over 9432. "Uh..." she mumbled. She took her over to the sink and sat her down on the counter top. 9432 sat down and looked up to Clem, waiting for her next orders. Clem just stared at her, seemingly devoid of ideas.
Eventually she picked her back up and started looking over her body. She poked and prodded, shoving her fingertips between her ass cheeks and rubbing her vagina. "You're kinda ugly, aren't you," Clem said. That wasn't the first time 9432 had heard that. Clem kept turning her around, bending her, manipulating her until she finally squeezed a bit too hard at her stomach. Before anything even happened 9432 thought to herself, oh fuck, and then her insides all collapsed and compacted. She vomited blood across Clem's hand. Lightheaded, 9432 immediately began crying for her life. Just like everyone else, she eventually had to be broken.
"Oh fuck," Clem said. She tossed 9432 back onto the counter and looked at her. She laid on the counter, blood bubbling up out of her throat. She couldn't feel anything under her neck, it was like everything had been completely squeezed and drained out of her and all that was left was a head.
Clem hurried out of the kitchen. 9432 laid there, bleeding out, aware of her impending death. She had thought that this would be an easier job, the house, everyone looked fine... and now she was completely fucked. The world began to fade away.
"Hell no," a voice came through the door way. Ameer and a few other people came into the kitchen and looked over her. "What the fuck," Ameer said, "You can't be serious."
He looked over 9432. "Fuck, man, fuck..." he exasperatedly whispered. A few other people around him were whispering to each other, clearly disturbed by the sight of her broken body. Ameer looked around at his friends and pointed to a girl. "You, you've killed one of them before, right," he said.
"Yeah, why, I don't know what to do!"
"I don't care, just do what you did last time. Take her and get the fuck out of here." Ameer seemed to be pretty torn up over her. 9432 had seen that panic in peoples' eyes before the first time they saw a slave die. She was surprised someone so experienced hadn't seen one die before. "Come on, take her already."
The girl, a taller, middle-eastern looking girl, grabbed her. "Go," Ameer said, and she was rushed out of the front door. 9432's broken body flailed and awkwardly twisted and bent around as she moved.
"Fuck," the girl said. She looked down at her and grimaced. 9432 was just about dead by now, resigned to her fate. The girl looked around and did what she had done last time, and threw her in her mouth.
She gagged, tasting the sharpness of her blood. "Oh awd" the girl said, mouth hanging open. She scooped her up with her tongue and sent her to the back of her throat then swallowed.
The peristalsis of the throat sent her insides further out of her mouth, until 9432 was nearly an empty shell. Before she had even hit the stomach acids she was dead, just a bag of human skin with organs hanging out its mouth.
That only made things easier for the girl's body. Her body was squeezed and compacted with the rest of the food the girl had ate that night, churned harshly and mixed with the rest of the slurry and vomit inside of the stomach. Her body's feeble form had no resistance against the power of the girl's body, she was a decaying and formless husk by the time she was moved into the small intestine.
The mush of food and her remains squirmed through the small intestines, anything useful being absorbed by the girl's body for sustenance. As it moved further through the girl's bowels, the liquids were all sucked clean and eventually the mess that was once her body now laid spread evenly across one long tube of shit in the girl's colon. It moved further down into her body, evacuating to her anus, the empty space filling with the sour air of her bowels as the shit shifted and compressed further together.
By the end of it all, there was not a single recognizable shred of her remains left. She had been completely reduced to and mixed with the girl's shit. It squeezed into one solid mass. Above the girl sat in her bedroom, sick to her stomach and still spitting into her trash can to get the taste of blood out of her mouth. When the shit came to its final destination at the end of her bowels, the girl's colon gurgled and she released a fart into her bed sheet, the gas of which contained small fragments of what was once her own existence and form. The girl moaned above, unaware that her body had already been processed and absorbed beyond recognition.
Unable to sleep, the girl eventually retired to her restroom and sat on the toilet. She squeezed out the long tube of shit, dropping down into the toilet water and muddying it. To any casual observer it was completely impossible to tell that the shit had contained the final remains and evidence that the girl had ever existed. It all just looked like normal, putrid shit to be flushed down.
The girl pissed into the water then wiped, dropping the paper into the water. Prying her ass cheek from the toilet bowl, she lazily scratched it and flushed, sending the paper and shit spiraling down in a brown cyclone. She returned to her room and was finally able to get some shut-eye.
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