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Belly Lovers By SweetTastyPrey

This sweet and loving couple,  dasamppa and  Shortpig as I the director will deem it, now spend their final moments separate from each other in the warm bellies of Victoria Roseingten and Mikaela Roogans! Oh such a sweet, yet fatal way to end two lovers, holding onto each other’s hands in hopes of not letting go! Will anyone save them?

Oh I hope not!

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Posted by dasamppa 9 months ago

No my darling i've never met, don't let go! ;3;
Silly things aside, love the idea behind this pic <3


Posted by SweetTastyPrey 9 months ago

Lol yeah don't let go! XD
Thanks for participating though, I know it's a little silly hehe! XP


Posted by dasamppa 9 months ago

Oh it was my pleasure~ ^^
Thank you for letting us take part in a fun thing like this <3


Posted by SweetTastyPrey 9 months ago

Anytime! ^_^


Posted by KattFox 9 months ago



Posted by Shortpig 9 months ago

Now that's a duplicitous title. Are they lovers that have been separated by this pair of bellies? Or, are they what I'd like to think: Lovers of bellies, united in their enjoyment of being inside of them. And, more importantly, soon to be united with their lovely predators, willingly melting away to fatten up just the right places. But, until then, happily rubbing about to please said predators, even reaching out to please the other's filled belly as well.

Either way, it's certainly a lovely picture depicting a lovely situation~


Posted by SweetTastyPrey 9 months ago

That's quite a unique way to put it hehe! Well art is always about interpretation so whatever you want to go with is totally up to you! :3


Posted by simonpetrikov39 8 months ago

Which belly is the most comfy


Posted by SweetTastyPrey 8 months ago

Both really! Though I'd say Victoria's belly is more pleasant to be in! :D