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 Leafa had been thinking about this numerous times since she spied the other girl in another server being hanged while men and women around her made love, or got their cocks sucked or what have you. Finally she decided that it was time to actually do it, she desperately wanted to feel that rope constricting her neck, to have her boobs, so much bigger in the game world than in the real world, bounce up and down as her bodies natural instinct was to try to get her free.
 Above all, she wanted to give her friends a show and have them enjoy her dying body. As that thought crossed her mind she blinked a few times as she marvelled at how much different her mind had gotten since Asuna discovered Cannibal Fantasy. She found herself imagining Kirito doing some of the things she saw in the game world to her. Imagined him fucking her while her tits fried in the frying pan in that kitchen, imagined him masturbating while she hanged for him. All these years and she still harbored a crush on her cousin.
 During the few weeks between Liz getting spit roasted, and Sinon getting grilled, the group had a chance to try everyone elses forms of cooking, and while she did enjoy being boiled, and came numerous times, both to the physical act, and the memories of, being spitted, Leafa still wanted to feel that coarse rope stinging the flesh of her neck as she struggled to breath.
 The thought itself sent her running back to her room numerous times since she had first eaten Silica and seen the woman hanging in another server. She had thought about going into the game itself and doing it, and had actually logged in as a chef. She could summon the rope and hang it from a tree, the same tree that was in every server, but as soon as she tried to put her head in the hole, the rope despawned in a blur of pixels. She tried logging out and logging back in after she put the rope back in the tree branch, but as soon as she logged out, the rope was gone as well, so it occured to her that the only way to do it was to be under the meat role and have someone else put her in that position in the role of a chef.
 She was going to do it on her own but now, since she wouldn't be able to do it alone, she decided to give all of her friends a show as her body squirmed on that noose. She wanted Silica to record it with that trial program she was apart of and send it to her, she wanted Asuna to cook her, and maybe have Liz build the noose with Sinon putting it around her neck. It would all work out.
 She sent the messages to her friends and got a quick response, all of them were interested in doing this for her, especially since her big boobed meat would be on the menu afterwards.
 The next week was torture for Leafa, as she wanted so badly to feel what the developers had in store for her with the noose and she desperately wanted to message them and ask them to make a game where one didn't need friends to live out their fantasies. Though she was sure the developers had several million emails a day about that and didn't want to waste her time.
 Although these thoughts crossed her head, she still found herself writing a letter to the developers anyway and sending it off the next afternoon. The most she could hope for would be a generic form response thanking her for her interest in their game.
 And so the day arrived where she would be hanged up by her neck from a tree, naked as the day she was born and she was looking forward to it. Just that morning alone she had to change her panties 5 times because her arousal had dampened them so much, until finally she just decided to go without. She had started going into the Amusphere naked anyway ever since she had been the one to be cooked the first time. It was just easier that way to climb out of bed, put her sweaty sheets in the wash and get into a hot bath without getting changed.
 As soon as she logged into Cannibal Fantasy, she sat at the picnic table out back staring out at the tree that would kill her very soon. After about a minute or two of playing with her clit, Leafa decides to wait the rest of the time naked, and set her role as meat. It was an interesting experience, sitting at the picnic table and setting herself as meat. When she is standing up and setting her role, an invisible force pushes her to her knees, but when she is in the picnic tables seat, the force actually pulls her off the bench and onto her back on the ground. Then her clothes disappeared and she appeared naked inside a cage. She was truly happy now.
 She was playing with her pussy very hard when Silica spawned in the game and knocked on the cage, surprising her to the point where she accidentally slid her fingers deeper within herself and came harder than ever before. "Oh Hi Silica" she says, watching Silica set herself to a chef role and her clothes disappeared. She had to pad her way into the house to get her apron however, and came back out without putting it on. In fact, she tosses it to the picnic table that Leafa was sitting at when she set herself as meat.
 "What are you doing?" asks Leafa curiously
 "Oh, you see, since the main reason for us being here is to see you get hanged, I don't see a reason to wear my chef's apron, I'm just here to record you getting snuffed so I can give it to you later." she says winking as Sinon and Liz spawn in now, both setting themselves as chef and then ignoring the aprons altogether. The two of them appearing at exactly the same time for a number of sessions is what clued people in to the fact that the two were together and living together.
 Asuna could not be there right away, but had sent a message ahead to let them know to start without her and she'd be there to cook the meat once it was dead. This was just the latest in a long line of things the girl had done to upset the girls but they weren't going to let it show seeing as it was Leafa's special day.
 Since Silica was the one who logged in first, the game registered her as the head chef here, and therefore, she had rights to the cage Leafa was sitting in. Silica had taken the most changes during the last few months when they were coming into this game, going from a sweet innocent young woman to a somewhat dominatrix when the mood struck her. Today was no different.
 She kneeled down in front of Leafa and licked her lips at her. "Are you ready to be hung snuff slut?"
 Leafa gasps in pleasure hearing Silica say that to her and nods her head, her pussy dribbling onto the floor of the cage. "Y-y-yes"
 "Then when I unlock your cage, you are to stand up in front of me and put your hands behind your back, is that clear?"
 "Yes Mistress" Leafa says as she gulps and waits on her hands and knees for the cage to be opened.
 "Good Girl" Silica says as she reaches into the cage and pats Leafa's pretty golden hair briefly before summoning the cage's key out of her inventory.
 The key was put into the cage door and the cage disappeared along with the key, allowing Leafa to stand. Silica was now matching her in height, having finally gotten that growth spurt that put her almost taller than some of the other girls, and definitely taller than Liz.
 As soon as Leafa was standing in the position she was ordered to, Silica began to squeeze her and feel her all over, starting with her massive breasts and rump. She kneeled down and adjusted Leafa's stance so her legs were spread and her arousal was dripping right onto the ground, not sliding down her leg at all. Leafa was shuddering in arousal, her nipples were hard, her pussy was dripping wet, and she could do nothing about it seeing as she had been ordered to have her arms behind her back.
 Silica cupped on Leafa's breasts for a few minutes, telling her how she'd be eating one of these tits later on, and then grasped Leafa's head to pull her in for a mind blowing kiss. She then invited the others over to kiss the snuff slut as well before she was placed on the noose for the end of her life. The other girls did so happily, Sinon and Liz not getting upset at the other for kissing someone else, while Silica bound her wrists together behind her back.
 While Leafa was being inspected, Liz had been preparing the noose, using special rope she had made from some of her offshoot blacksmithing skills and it was designed to be unbreakable. She even tested this by hanging her blacksmith anvil by the rope over a cliff and the rock broke under her feet before the rope did.
 The whole inspection thing was for Silica so she could record it into her amusphere. There was also technically two files being saved. One was the sights and sounds Silica was seeing, and the other was the feelings going through her body. When both were activated at the same time, it put the user in first person mode and they could feel everything all over again, the feel of Leafa's breasts, the pleasure it was making Silica feel with every squeeze.
 A feeling was stirring in Leafa with every movement Silica made. It made her blush and squirm as Silica grabbed her by her upper arms and lead her to the stool that Sinon had placed under Liz's noose.
 With every step she took, Leafa's breasts bounced up and down, her rump jiggled and her breathing got heavier. Silica took her around the stool to the back of the yard and turned her around so she would be facing the house as she slowly got up to the stool. Leafa slowly climbed the steps on the stool, having to rely on Silica to keep her balanced.
 Once she was up there, her breathing was as hard and fast as it could get without actually exercising or cumming. Her hands relaxed and clenched up again numerous times as she watched Liz summon another stool from her inventory, this one harder to kick away and therefore, safer for Sinon to stand on.
 Sinon climbed up on the stool and licked her lips at Leafa as she reached for the noose swinging in the digital breeze. Her fingers clasped around the rope and pulled it down. "Duck your head a bit snuffslut" Silica says watching from below.
 Leafa complies and lowers her head just a bit and Sinon slides the noose over her long golden yellow haired head and settles it on her shoulders. The hole was wide enough to easily fit Leafa's head, but also wide enough that the rope dangled between her breasts for a second until Sinon tightened the hole up so it sat right on her neck.
 As soon as the rough material hit her throat, Leafa gasped and jumped, causing her tits to flutter in response. Even though the noose is not very tight at all, she is still having trouble breathing. It felt rather like she was wearing a tight shirt, and it was pressing on her neck some.
 "Do you have any last words Snuff slut?" asks Silica as she runs her fingers over what she could reach of Leafa and Liz removes the stool she had summoned for Sinon.
 "No Mistress, just give me my duty and kick that stool out from under me" she says with her hands still fluttering in and out of fists.
 Silica smiles and activates the dropdown menu for the hanging event. It allowed her to put on shoes to kick the stool out from under the girl destined to be hung. When the shoes were on, she kicked that stool as hard as she could, causing the shoes and the stool to despawn in a cloud of pixels.
 As soon as the stool despawned, Leafa dropped a good foot and a half as the noose tightened and constricted her neck tight. Her tongue lolled out of her mouth and her legs started kicking at an alarmingly fast rate. Sinon and Liz backed up from this but Silica stayed where she was so that Leafa could later get a good view of her own demise.
 Leafa could only wiggle and squirm under the power of the noose tightening every second around her neck. Every sudden movement she made caused her breasts to flop around and knock against eachother as she moved. She couldn't focus on the other girls who were either furiously masturbating, in the case of Silica, or making out and fingering, in the case of Sinon and Liz.
 As she did an air dance on the noose, Leafa started swinging back and forth as her legs were kicking propelling her side to side. Her mouth opened and closed as she struggled for air and her eyes rolled into the back of her head. All she could see was the sky and the top of the tree above her. Her nipples had never been harder in her life as she choked to death.
 A part of her wished Silica had made put a vibrating egg inside her pussy to help her get off before she died, but that would be ok, she'd have all the time in the world to do that later. Right now though she was having the most fun she'd had in years. The rope was cutting into her neck, chafing it and pulling her hair which sent more pained pleasure through her whole body.
 Her kicking was beginnig to tire her out, and slow down, and she knew she didn't have much time. The edges of her vision were beginning to darken and she was so turned on by the whole experience. She was sure that her body in the real world was covered in sweat and her real pussy was dripping as much as her digital one was. And as a matter of fact it was.
 She shuddered to think what she must look like to Silica who was recording all of this.
 Silica looked on with lust in her eyes as she saw Leafa's eyes darken in color, her whole face begin to darken to a very light purple for now. Her mouth begin to foam up and splutter. Her tits slapping together and her legs slowing down to what would be considered walking speed. As soon as Silica came, she cupped some of her juices in her hands and had Liz bring back the stool that Sinon had used. She climbed up on it and planted a kiss on Leafa's lips before dripping her cum into Leafa's struggling mouth. "Your mistress has given you a gift, I hope you enjoy it" she says spreading her cum around on Leafa's tongue knowing she can't swallow it right now.
 In her struggles, Leafa accidentally bit Silica's finger but she wasn't mad about it, seeing how much Leafa was struggling.
 Then, Silica thought it would be a fantastic idea to help speed up the process of killing Leafa. As such, she stepped between her kicking legs and had Liz and Sinon hold them steady while still pulling down on her. Doing this, caused Leafa's eyes to bug out even more than before as more pressure was placed on her neck. Silica began to eat her out, slowly, methodically, using methods she'd seen on the internet the past few years. She nibbled Leafa's lips, and sucked her clit into her mouth, fingered her ass and buried her nose inside the hot wet love canal that was giving off so much fragrant juices that Silica hoped she'd be able to control herself and not bite that steak right off of her.
 It wasn't long before Leafa was spluttering out her moans and wanting to wrap her legs around Silica's head as she came. The purple color had spread from just around her neck to up around her lips, past her nose, up her cheeks and through her forehead before the orgasm came to a head and filled Leafa's mind with so much pleasure that if she wasn't about to die, she'd be braindead for the rest of her life. Silica stood back and licked her lips clean of Leafa's juices and smiled at her as she just hung there, the only sound left coming from her body was the creaking of the rope around her neck. Leafa was dead.
 It was then that Asuna showed up, complaining that she had missed the show, but perked up that she'd be able to enjoy the food anyway. Liz and Sinon took Leafa down from the tree just as Silica got a message from Leafa.
 "That was the hottest thing I have ever experienced in my life, Silica, you really know how to eat pussy, would you come over to my server and talk with me?"
 She sent back she would after lunch and helped the girls prepare the girls dead body.
 Half an hour later, Silica spawned in Leafa's private area that she could invite other people into. This area was hosted on her Amusphere. When Silica spawned, Leafa was there, as naked as she was when she hung, and she poured her heart to Silica. The two decided to get together, but keep it a secret from the others, they weren't like Liz and Sinon, they didn't want to announce it to the world in case something went wrong. The two sat curled up on a couch for another hour, happy to have eachother.
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Now for the portion that the commissioner didn't ask for, this idea popped into my head while writing the other parts of the SAO story. There is no vore here, just snuff and a bit of sex

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