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Natalia Anatomy Reference (UPDATED) By RemnArtX -- Report

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Doing these are fun!
Also I wanted to make a Reference for her, Because I'm changing my Drawing styles and now they have to look a little more... Realistic.
The Reason why she looks more "Human" in the Face it's because of her Backstory (Which I'm STILL Writing, God, I'm a mess)
I might do more... F*ck it, I'll do Chris, Katie, Nakita and... Who else? (I'll consider Hyla, she is a hell to draw!)

Also, School is murdering me, I barely get to Draw anything
Here's some info


Natalia was a Normal Human Girl once, She is an Orphan and the years passed and then, She Morphed (It will be explained in her Story) Keeping her Human features, and adding more features too. After the Morphing, she left the Orphanage and lived in the Wilderness for , hunting either Pokemon and Human.
When she reached the age of 18, she decided to head back to the Urban Life, going back to studies, She had very good support to go back to High School and College after, she tried to be the less troublesome, the Teachers and most of the Students were totally fine with her being around, but some Students were trying to bully her for being the only "Monster" in the School... They Failed terribly.
She finished her Studies, got a decent Job, and lives her life peacefully, although she had to go through a hell of situations when she ran off the Orphanage.

Normal Information

Name: (Her Full name is Unknown) Natalia. Nicknamed "Zhi'kají" by T'syuka Reikota
Birthday: Believed to be the 14th of November
Age: 22
Gender: Female
Familiars: Her Cubone "Mikayla" (Deceased)
Abilities: Great Strength, Virus Immunity, Nearly Unbreakable Bones, Diamond-Tough Claws, Extreme Skill with her Spear
Favorite Food: (Wilderness) Foxes and Vulpines (Civilizated) Pizza
Personality: Serious, Alert, Rarely Smug-like, Defensive.
Timelines where she Exists: 2

Vorarephilia Info

Timelines where Vore is available for her: 1 = Katie's Timeline
Role: Pred Only.
Vore Ways: Oral and Anal Vore
Vore Rate: Often.
Vore Types: Fatal Only (Due not being genetically modified as Nakita)
Vore Reasons: Hunger (Very Often), Attack (Often).
Favorite Kind of Prey: Vulpines and Fox Pokemon.
Powers for Vore: Due an Encounter with X, she is granted with the ability to gulp down things way bigger than her, without stretching her jaw. Belly and Insides elasticity is given due her Mutation
Digestion Rate: Due her unability to Spit out, Digestion always takes place... Unless she manages to push the Prey out before digestion starts
Digestion Kinds: Normal (Prey turns to little Fat for either Hips, Breasts or Butt, Only Bones remain after completing the Digestion, and are most likely to be Pushed out) Lethal Acid (No trail of Prey left, Extremely painful for the Prey).
Blacklisted Meals: (What she Won't eat by self-law): Human Children, Good People
(Own Universe thing) Vorarephilia Permison Status: Active
Digestion Limits: Lethal Acid makes sure to erase all material inside her, however, Lethal Acid is very rare so it's more likely to keep stuff in her insides untill she takes a decision
Fat Destination: Mostly, Belly fat, but also, her Ass takes most of it too
Miscellaneous: She has a Loooooong tongue... Her insides are elastic enough to push out a Dragon Skeleton piece by piece (Although Nakita obviously is able to push it out way easier)


She is basically the same in Both Timelines, As past, present and future, except that only in one Timeline she is able to Vore
More than a Mutation, it's more of a Natural Morphing
As expected (From me), Natalia in her Vore Timeline is VERY Kinky, Unlike her Non-vore timeline, where none of the below are set on it
She has gotten 'Dates' with people with dirty wishes for her, In bed, she offered to sit on their faces, or lean on them with her Breasts, and Devour them depending on her Kinky desires
Not a surprise that she "Practices" Anal Vore with inanimated Objects

(Barely had time to Update her Bio, School is a real pain)

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Posted by TinyHero 2 years ago Report

Oh wow, very nice :)