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Momma Cleo [Quarian UB/TF/AR] By Skeksi

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"Cleo was leaving the station tomorrow for her long trip back to the migrant fleet, her time with Nina and myself sadly used up. Instead of a night of long cuddles and farewells for the soon departing Quarian, to our surprise she had already decided to take us with her. No sooner after the first strange looking drink, Cleo had pulled us from our clothes and left our bodies bare. With a push and a tug, she fed her swollen cunny with the tips of our feet! Delicate moans escaped us all, warm silken folds consuming our feet and legs towards her even softer womb. Our feet must have tickled her, Cleo couldn't stop moaning at first! Through her trembles of pleasure, that's when Cleo told us it was to be our new home. If she couldn't take us with her as friends, she decided to take us with her as daughters~!

Slipping us a Quarian cocktail, she told us our bodies would regress in age rapidly over the next two days, until the supple folds of her womb embraced us for the slow change to full Quarians. The world was slowly shrinking, but I was too distracted to notice! Being squished up tight against Nina as more of us were slurped up into her ravenous neathers, I could only close my eyes and squee through the firm contractions forcing us deeper~ I could hear Nina giggle after Cleo spoke and started caressing her growing tummy. We were filling her up nice and round! Her belly button pushing outwards as her lips stretched around our fuzzy chests. It's when I had opened my eyes and noticed how big her legs were now... As another schluck of a contraction brought us to our shoulders, I realized how much we must had already shrunk. The tightness of being squeezed against Nina and Cleo's cunny walls was becoming softer by the minute. Would we be much of a bulge at all once she had pussy gulped us?

With a gluck~ We giggled as our cheeks her pushed together, Cleo's neathers about to squeeze around us and swallow us in! Those trembling lips moved across our cheeks, our soon to be new mommy placing a hand on our snouts before pushing us in time with her contraction~! Shhhlup! Everything went wet, warm and dark. Throbbing pulses of gentle flesh dragged us deeper until we settled past a tight ring into a world of soft walls and heartbeats... Nina and I cradled each other as a cord nipped onto each of us, cuddling while the walls quivered around our still shrinking bodies. I could hear muffled talking, the soft pressure of a hand caressing our lump we made in her belly. Surrounded by fluid that stirred left and right as Cleo walked, probably to get to her transport. Nina drifted to sleep in my arms before the wave of tiredness poured into me from my belly, I was connected now...Our heartbeats were becoming one with our mother's...Ah...G-getting hard to think now...Just sleepy...Need..Sleep"

I wanted to have a Quarian character for vore/unbirth shenanigans so I made Cleo'Vacii Vas Vuum. As for her first act, cunny gulping a couple of insect girls and turning them into her daughters~

Nina the Moth, Skeksi the Honeywasp and Cleo belong to me. ^^

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Posted by nuclearguy 6 months ago

Damn this is hawt, wouldn't mind being inside of her body! Nice work


Posted by Skeksi 6 months ago

Thankies ^^