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Belly Wiggle - Mini Animation By CakeInferno

Uploaded: 1 month ago

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Resolution: 853x363

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Tags: 3d animation Anthro Belly Digestion F/? Female Pred Fox Furry Implied Digestion licking lips Oral Vore Relaxing rubbing belly Same Size Soft Vore Stomach Struggling Tummy Vixen wagging tail zoe Edit

One Tag Per Line!

This little loop serves as a bit of a run-up towards the final RAADD animation that will include samesize vore, at last! There's a few new controllers for Zoe's belly, which should make it as dynamic as required for the purpose of this animation. I also used this opportunity to play around with evening-style lighting, making use of one bright sun spot with a lot of bounce lighting illuminating the scene from it. We also see some volumetric lighting in this since I want to make use of this in the new animation as well.

Super high quality (up to 4K/60FPS) available on Patreon!

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Posted by JamCat 1 month ago

Frickn BEAUTIFUL! Man, this Zoe chick is seriously startimg to grow on me <3


Posted by Cheezycake 1 month ago

Absolutely love your same-size stuff! Can't wait to see the final RAADD animation!


Posted by Apostolos 1 month ago

Interesting expression cycle


Posted by OrcaVoreIsBestVore 1 month ago

Zoe enjoying yet another prey. She looks so cute lounging on the couch. X3


Posted by JamCat 1 month ago

I cant stop watching 0w0


Posted by Monopolus 1 month ago

Cake? Working on same-size? Oh lord, what did we do to deserve (more) of this?


Posted by kitsune12 1 month ago

is RAADD the 'RAADD runner' game?


Posted by VorishFoxie 1 month ago

Holy crap~ this is really wonderful! great work ^^


Posted by Novalori 1 month ago

with every new animation you make the quality just seems to get better, your work is amazing. Ive said this once before but everytime I see your belly wiggle animations, just makes me want to see a full digestion sequence from you. keep up the good work cake.

Comment deleted by its author.


Posted by Bright 1 month ago

Looks pretty good.


Posted by reptilemk5 1 month ago

back to being digested by her, yay ^^


Posted by maleprey1011 1 month ago

Love your zoe stuff man.


Posted by VoltWrecker 1 month ago

Oh dear god, OH it looks SO GOOD. I can't physically describe how good it is, UNF.


Posted by Jeschke 1 month ago

Awesome stuff, as always. x3


Posted by Zakkerus 1 month ago

Ooh, you'll be doing same-size stuff, huh? I bet that'll be really interesting! Keep up the great work!

Also, the movement looks great in this! I particularly like how the light flows though the fur on her tail, very good. :3


Posted by StormyRange 1 month ago

You are so good at these >v<\


Posted by tails11 1 month ago

Looking wonderful! The final RAAD animation will be great!


Posted by TruthTortellini 1 month ago

My eyes are in heaven.


Posted by MikeKitty 1 month ago

I've asked you this multiple times, but why the heck doesn't she have any nipples?


Posted by WolfJew 1 month ago

Mph! That little pat! <3


Posted by Blither 1 month ago

Wow, she's very expressive!


Posted by Wolfknight130 1 month ago

she's so cute and fluffy! X3


Posted by MouseBoy 1 month ago

looks amazing, hope she gets a bit gassy >//>


Posted by WankersCramp 1 month ago

A great loop, though her belly looks a bit small to be same size.


Posted by Rhysion 1 month ago

Fuzzy and fluffy!~


Posted by Kasra 1 month ago

Amazing work. Looking forward to the final piece!


Posted by Lucky 1 month ago

You are the premier vore guy, hands down.


Posted by GhostRecon036 1 month ago

This is amazing keep up the good work


Posted by Bizarrvore 1 month ago

Id, love to be in there!~


Posted by MirceaKitsune 1 month ago

So gosh darn beautiful as always <3 <3 <3


Posted by CrystalKiller88 1 month ago

Aww, she's so cute!


Posted by rbrdiesel 1 month ago

wonderful animation, as usual. keep it up :)


Posted by orca13 1 month ago

This is so frickin pawsome!!!!!!!


Posted by Predaking54 1 month ago

them wiggle jiggles tho :3


Posted by Grimlock 1 month ago

Nice as always, i hope you someday will do a full tour with digestion, disposal and all.


Posted by pokebreeder25 1 month ago

will we get to see the full vore


Posted by TechnoCupcake 1 month ago

Love it <3 Super hyped for the samesize RAADD animation. Samesize is my favorite~


Posted by LightSpeed 1 month ago

Sexy Zoe. ^w^


Posted by Dragon808tr 1 month ago

Evil face zoe is best!


Posted by Predaking54 1 month ago

how come unbirth is in the tags?


Posted by CakeInferno 1 month ago

No idea who added that. .o.


Posted by Predaking54 1 month ago

idk :I but nice work anyways tho if you ever did start to do any of those vore types I still bet you'd make it rock


Posted by charlesdeleroy 1 month ago

It would be difficult to resist an invitation to dinner with her... even knowing I would be the dinner. ;]


Posted by threk 1 month ago

This tagged as Unbirth, huh?


Posted by CakeInferno 1 month ago

Not sure who added that, but it's definitely not.


Posted by threk 1 month ago

Lol, had a feeling. Looks amazing either way :P


Posted by ohblaargag 1 month ago

Awesome work like usual. Though I have these questions:

1. What main software do you use? (ex: Autodesk Maya, Autodesk 3DS Max, Blender, etc.)

2. What rendering software do you use? (ex: Vray, Renderman, Redshift, Octane, Maxwell, Arnold, Blender Cycles, etc.)


Posted by ublover1 1 month ago

Amazing job cake can never get over how well your animations are i love zoey :)


Posted by Ajed 1 month ago

It looks awesome and it makes me look forward to the actual full animation, but at the same time a part of me feels sad that we probably wont get to see it anytime soon since usually the better looks, it means even more work had to be put into it.

Regardless I'm sure it's all gonna be worth it when you're done, it always has in the past so I doubt it'll be any different this time. You do a great job on all your work :)


Posted by creativeandoriginal 1 month ago

if it weren't for her hair, this would be a perfect loop


Posted by Hestia042 1 month ago

Beautifully done, again!


Posted by EmpDarkshadow 1 month ago

So sexy