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The Witch's Apprentice and the Salamander By Cuddlekins

DISCLAIMER: Contains a child character being eaten and having sex.

Okay, so lemme explain.

I capped off this month's load of novelwork, and found myself with a bit of free time, so I sat down and started this and, iunno, it just kinda flowed out of me. What was supposed to be a side-project over the next month or so ended up taking 2-3 days to complete. I sat down and just... shat out 4,000 words in one sitting D:

It also ended up being a lot more straightforward than my last project, though it uses a concept I've yet to try. You'll have to read to see what I did! (the tags prolly spoil that tho)

Just in time for Halloween, I guess...? I guess it's kinda Halloweeny. Like... there's a witch and stuff...

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Posted by Pisces5 11 months ago

I really liked it! Maybe Anahita should eat Ahura as a reward and/or punishment next time...


Posted by Cuddlekins 11 months ago

I won't rule anything out, so maybe o:


Posted by Agora 11 months ago

I get that witches have to get ingredients for their potions and all that but... you'd think the master wouldn't send an apprentice that visibly does not yet know a lick of magic on a, basically, suicidal mission to get THE hardest ingredient carrying only a knife that makes it easy to peel the scales off!

Seeing as her Mistress didn't seem too shaken by the events, part of me thinks she didn't expect her to succeed in the first place, and the point was to segue into the phoenix ash all along? If not, though, I can't say the premise worked for me : P

I like the characters and setting, for sure, but monster vore seems like too much of a hurdle for me to enjoy it as a kinky story. But that's not a problem per se; that's just my prefs, you just asked us to be honest about that aspect, too, so here it is : )


Posted by Cuddlekins 11 months ago

Well, yeah. She wouldn't send off her apprentice unless she was sure she'd come back safe o: Maybe I should've made it more clear lol... And yeah, I know you're not into it, but I'm glad you at least like the characters o: I may go into other flavors later on than just ?/F with them sooo we'll see on that.