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Anti-tales: The Anxious Mother (feat. T-Bone) By TheVoreBoy

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Anti-tales or anti-fairy tales are defined fairy tales which have a tragic ending, often with the antagonist prevailing. The Anxious Mother is modern take on “A Modest Proposal” that raises the question: “How difficult is it to recognize fake news?”

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Posted by TheButcher 7 months ago

A very interesting story indeed! I am so glad to see you back! You seriously made my day! ^^


Posted by TheVoreBoy 7 months ago

Thank you! I hope my anti-tales come off as a bit more philosophical.


Posted by x9comega 7 months ago

I love this! Hope to see many more!


Posted by TheVoreBoy 7 months ago

Thank you! I am working on more.


Posted by Choco0 7 months ago

That totally hits my alley, I just wish it was a little bit more longer with more teasing at the beginning (like the mother could be against the idea at first and then the guy try to convince her) and also more dialogues between the characters (including the preys before they get eaten) and maybe also more detail on the characters mindset and reaction would be good too!

But I love the concept of this, thank you for sharing <3

Also my interpretation is that he just made up everything and just wanted to eat her children :3


Posted by TheVoreBoy 7 months ago

The word count was limited on purpose (although I don't disagree). I've just found if I have a set goal of 1000 words for a short story it make it easier to write as opposed to my longer earlier stuff which would literally take months to write out.

Going forward I'll try to include as much dialog as I can of course!


Posted by smukmave 7 months ago

I really enjoyed this! It brought back some dark memories of studying 'A Modest Proposal' at university, but I definitely like your twist on it!

I would have loved to see more of the post-vore stuff, some teasing of the prey and maybe some more pre-vore dialogue, but that's just me. It's pretty damn perfect as it is.


Posted by TheVoreBoy 7 months ago

I'm getting a better handle on limited word count so I think it's doable. ;)


Posted by PiViBear 7 months ago

Cool! ;o))

In my fantasy I continue, that T-Bone will not digest the kids... ^^


Posted by Readasaur 6 months ago

Oh wow, her reactions were great.
And I love how smoothly the stranger went about his task.
And I appreciate that even a puppy has better survival instincts than the humans.