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-Scarlet Ribbons of Fate- [Part 1]: Hat Trick By Chameleonette

Chammy Scarlet, as a young child, was once fascinated with magic and awed by her grandfather, who claimed to be a magus. Her beliefs and positive view of such fantasies died with age---and with the loss of her grandparents. But now, upon digging for an old memento in her grandfather's former home, she comes across an old hat---one that fate deemed would throw her headfirst into a magical mess she never wanted or asked for---one in the shape of a well-spoken gentleman who deems her as his Master.

Excerpt: "Demon?" he questioned, puzzled. His features then shifted, eyes alight with mirth and making it look as though he were desperately trying to hold back a laugh. "My lady, there appears to be a bit of a misunderstanding--"

"OUT! AWAY! GO!" she continued to yell in short, frantic bursts, picking up fallen books and throwing them at the man in the top hat.

He casually side-stepped the projectiles without much effort, looking a tad exasperated, but still wearing the hint of a smile. "Really, now. Such aggression isn't necessary. I can't simply leave after you've summoned me to this place and time."

"Why not!?" she demanded. "It was a fluke! A mistake! I--I'm sorry, alright? I don't know how---please just go!"

Slowly he shook his head, reaching up to adjust the rim of his fancy hat. "This is the first time I have been summoned, I admit. But I know the rules, mademoiselle. You and I are bonded now, as Master and Servant."

( Note: This is a Fate series AU, being played with for fun and will not follow the Holy Grail Wars! I'm just toying with the concept for my own enjoyment. It will likely be many parts, most dealing with the silly, comedic, dramatic, and potentially cute/romantic/sensual aspects of having modern life turned upside-down by the presence of an eccentric, mischievous magical being from another time period.)

[ Special thanks to: Reiyali and Kitti, who helped me with questions, ideas, and a lovely little design for Chammy's command seal, which will be explained in more detail later on. ]

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Posted by Reiyali 1 year ago

Verrrrrry VERY CUTE!!!
I gotta love the interaction between Chammy and Lupin ♥ I love how fiery she is! She's definitely a wonderful heroine already!!


Posted by Chameleonette 1 year ago

Ahhhh, thank you so much! ;///;

I'm glad that you enjoyed it! Clashing personalities are just always a joy for me to write. Chammy is usually pretty quiet and withdrawn, so having something like this happen was like hitting her self-destruct button. No more personal space. lmao I'm happy that you like her thus far, though! I'm looking forward to writing many shenanigans to come~