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Happy Thanksgiving 2017~ By MaximumImpulse

This year I wanted to do something special with my wonderful friends and boy.... did we do something special~

30 Characters type of special!!!

I can never say just how much I appreciate everyone I've encountered in this community so far. Friends I've made here have become family and are just the most wonderful people <3

I love you guys with all my heart <3

I am so thankful for the opportunity to do art for you. I'm not perfect but I still try my hardest ^///^;;

Thank you~
Thank you~
Thank you~

I'm so blessed to be here with you~ ;u; <3

Now, without any more delay~
Here is the character list!

Starting from the front and working back from left to right:
~ My Finn is eating SenorCrabbybuns  zerowag

~ Boobsvaddy is on the platter  zerowag

~ Adaren  nbe21 ate Enigma  The Saint of Ravens

~ Emprath  DissociatedChaos is pouring gravy on herself while her foot is getting nommed on by Zero  zerowag

~ Andrei  rjkirentol is in mid nom of Thalia  felicekitty

~ Katya  Raigekink has nommed Tequila  zerowag

~Rena  DangZerglings has a large belly of Karaline  DanzoLegend being pushed on her while she's trying to eat

~ Karaline has a Shari  Sharizard scorp awaiting digestion

~ Beatrix  tyrion13 is being a brat and putting her shoes on the table while she's about to enjoy a Tsubame  DissociatedChaos snack

~Kino  DarkShotKino has the cutie Almara  kat624 all tucked away inside

~ Anoto  gelenor didn't want to share Gelenor  gelenor so she made sure he couldn't escape

~ In true brotherly love, Markov  rjkirentol decided to eat Lycan  rjkirentol

~ Silly glutton fey Dalthia  Dalthios is slurping up her meal while her brother Dalthios  Dalthios is groping a Nyara butt and scolding Beatrix for putting her feet on the table

~ A rather surprised earth fey Nyara with Razor  BloodKnight sealed away inside was trying to do a toast with Felice  felicekitty, who has her misbehaving daughter Emma  The Saint of Ravens tucked away in her gut, before her plush butt is groped

~ Metra  zerowag is being cornered by a rather ravenous turkey goddess named Morana  SolliliaFirestarter

That was a fun project that certainly made my Thanksgiving holiday so memorable~

Thank you so much~~~

I wonder how the this year's christmas group art will go :o

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Comment a lot so the cat stays nourished <3


Posted by VincentShadowScale 1 year ago

wow, wish I could be part of this~

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Posted by Hereforvore 1 year ago

Wow, there's so much going on! So much goodness in one picture, I'm sure everyone depicted will love it too!

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Posted by nbe21 1 year ago

Such a great pic all around. I love the glow you made around Adaren from his runes and i really love that cutie Enigma in his belly. The expressions are perfect and count me in on christmas too!

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Posted by Vale666 1 year ago

Awwwwww so nice :3

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Posted by Gelenor 1 year ago

Well Anoto looks happy about this at least.... I certainly wasn't.

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Posted by replicated 1 year ago

Looks great, Nyara!

Would've bought a slot, but didn't have access to comp, oh well.

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Posted by DanzoLegend 1 year ago

the Christmas pic is going to be nuts! I love this one for sure. Karaline lookks great with a scorpion in him.

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Posted by Novalori 1 year ago

Lovely picture..too bad I missed that stream

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Posted by SoliliaFirestarter 1 year ago

where the turkey belongs, eating others like a good turkey goddess.

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