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Lil' Aelia Overfeast! By Aesir

Uploaded: 6 months ago

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Tags: adult prey Aelia breast imprints Breasts Bulge Child Child Pred detailed bulges Drool F/F f/multiple face imprint Female Pred Female Prey Gulp hands outside Lamia Laying on belly loli loli pred Monster girl Multiple Prey Naga onomatopoeia Oral Vore outline outlined bulge Overeating Overstuffed Prey Outline Saliva small pred snake girl Soft Vore Struggling Swallowing Underage Underage Pred Young pred Edit

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Commission for Riseon of an overstuffed loli Aelia.

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Posted by thefirsttrolldoll 6 months ago

She is so cute

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Posted by Zalzas 6 months ago

Aww, the poor little dear! Those mean women squirming around and giving her a tummy ache :<

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Posted by TinyHero 6 months ago

A short tail Naga, haven't seen that species in along time x3

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Posted by Deska 6 months ago

The hardest working lamia Loli in the business! :D

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Posted by Shady_Knight 6 months ago

I guess you could say she bit off more than she can chew.

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Posted by noisekeeper 6 months ago

Overstuffed is best stuffed. Love it when loli preds overdo it!

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Posted by ItsSomething 6 months ago

You can do it, Aelia! You're not gonna let a little bit more than you expected keep ya from getting a good meal, are you?

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Posted by pimgas 6 months ago

So its a smake what is eating an woman what is at the same time eating another dood wjat the snake wanted to eat *head splodes*

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Posted by DRayElliott 6 months ago

Aelia is a Lamia, so she's the snake.

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Posted by pimgas 6 months ago

K then

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Posted by Pokerus 6 months ago

That's what she gets for being greedy >:y

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Posted by ChowDownSyndrome 6 months ago

Loli Preds are the best <3

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Posted by Goblingobler 6 months ago

You can do it honey!!

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Posted by player1 6 months ago

That's what aelia gets for being such a gorram glutton

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Posted by linthia 6 months ago

Nom nom nom :3 !

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Posted by blackmichi 6 months ago

Oh wow i love her expressions. Very well done :3

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Posted by jackson22222 6 months ago

I can't help but giggle at the sound in my head of the frantic little tapping sounds from the hand going up and down.

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Posted by Misasura 6 months ago

She deserves all the belly rubs and cuddles.

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Posted by Boom 6 months ago


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Posted by domino142005 6 months ago

What's the biggest thing she has eaten?

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Posted by unholyman 4 months ago

We need a part two. The after math of that ladt gulp

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Posted by riseon 3 months ago

i am planing to get a commission slot for a part two.

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