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Mira 2 (flat colors) By Strega

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An hour ago a deliveryman arrived at the Mwee embassy from the local American diner in Aviano, Italy. A few minutes later, having dropped off the food, he left.

Or that's what he thought. What he does not know is that he's actually a perfect copy of the original. The original deliveryman accepted a friendly hug from the receptionist's snuggly (and very strong) prehensile tail and watched with surprise and alarm as she unhinged her jaws in preparation for swallowing him whole.

The copy has no idea that his previous iteration is now making its way peacefully through her digestive tract, but what he doesn't know won't hurt him, right?


Another Mira thing I drew at MFF while I was waiting to see if the owner of the Silkie race would let me use one in a story. Mira was going to take the silkie's place but ultimately I did get to use a silkie. Mira's going to get her own story, though, since I like her design. Mira's not a mwee, obviously, she just works for them and has some of their habits.

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Posted by Deigo 11 months ago

Very interesting design :3


Posted by Leika 11 months ago

So if his wallet is still there, that must mean they made a perfect copy of that too, which means they have the technology to flawlessly replicate cash, credit cards, photo ID, etc., which means those objects would cease to have value or to prove one's identity and thus no one needs them any more, which means the wallet shouldn't exist! What's going on here? How deep does the rabbit hole go?? *X-Files whistle*


Posted by Strega 11 months ago

Their "cloning" technology is based on teleportation. Essentially they beam a new "you" into existence along with all of your gear. This is not common tech, the Mwee have it but not humanity Human tech in this setting is only a little better than ours, Mwee and the Commonwealth have nearly Culture-level tech in some respects. Mwee medical tech is the best in the known universe, their prey reformation tech is far better than even Commonwealth medical tech.