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Adventure RPG 3-15 By Rayen

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Some might say that maybe I like mouseboys too much.

To them, I say...

Yeah, probably. :V



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Posted by Jaxed 11 months ago

Heh, that tail petting is just adorable. We should totally invite the other two mice to pet Myla's tail before we go. 'Tis only fair, after all!

I almost get the feeling that Rayen is being a little bit meta there with Marcus and just spelling out for us that it's ok to have some fun with mouse boys. Advice we should surely take! But no lewd fun quite yet. That's for later after we clean out these slavers. Victory snuggles!


Posted by Jaxed 11 months ago

oh, and I should mention I'm still convinced that amulet changes appearance instead of memories, but now we're not in a good position to address that.

On another note, it's kind of tempting to recruit one of these mouse boys for our party after this is all said and done. They are all just so cute!


Posted by nbe21 11 months ago

No matter what give that cute litlle one all the snuggles. Thats all i got.


Posted by NekoYuki 11 months ago

Gonna start a civil war/ holy war over deities


Posted by TheCrystalDemon 10 months ago

Or we could pose the idea that collectively We are the Sky Queen. And thus, we need to put Markus in a dress. Its the only way we win!


Posted by SoliliaFirestarter 11 months ago

and then myla becomes big boss from mgs V


Posted by royalwerewolf 11 months ago

My vote is make a sky queen outfit, why not make Myla the god emperor/press of this place?

Also Excellent work as always.
Also I've seen another one of these things pop up with averyhillpeak running it, which makes me wonder if one of these could work without pictures, since I can write well but can't draw worth of shit


Posted by Way2Weird4Some 11 months ago

I believe this would pose a similar moral problem with Myla to when we had the theif. Myla would probably view ruling in such a way as the same as having slaves. While this may make her a better ruler, she probably would not want such a position in the first place.


Posted by TheCrystalDemon 10 months ago

Maybe if its temporary Sky Queen. And we get Floria's permission.


Posted by The-Lonely-Gamefreak 11 months ago

Though the mice are friendly and quite bold even to think against their village, we should not have them place that title on us. This would mean that if they try to switch out Myla for Floria, that amulet would be taken away from her. And as much as we don't trust it, we shouldn't risk it undoing the good Floria claims it is doing. Besides, perhaps the mice hanging with Faera are telling her she is the Sky Queen instead as well. :/

And as I said before, we should ask them what they know about the amulet and if they know what it actually does.


Posted by NotBatman 11 months ago

well there's an easy outing of it, tell them the truth, that originally you had it rough, and meeting with floria helped you be who you are today, and both of you saved eachother's asses, so in a sense you both compliment eachother, she's a mage and you're a warrior, you dont know much of the sky queen careteria but you two work together.

also you both are great in bed, but that's a different topic, queen or no queen myla and floria are a bonded and supportive pair, and regardless, neither of you will want to leave the other for a throne.

it may be sappy, but i do want to see the friendship as a strongbonding and trusting involvement, :)


Posted by Way2Weird4Some 11 months ago

I do like the idea of seeing the pair as the true Sky Queen. Together they do balance out and make things better.


Posted by TheCrystalDemon 10 months ago

No, one is the Sky Queen, the other is the Fluff Queen!

Sky Queen Floria has spoken!


Posted by Way2Weird4Some 11 months ago

Oh, that is hilarious. I'll admit that it does put us in a greater position though. The fact of the matter is, we're going to fight the slavers whether or not it is Myla or Floria who is their Sky Queen.


Posted by KingNothing 11 months ago

Go insane with power.


Posted by Tygerion 11 months ago

Hmm... I've been thinking about the amulet on Floria. A comment on the last chapter brought up her luck amulet's disappearence, and I don't k it's coincedence. I suggest that next time we see her, we ask to take a closer look at it, and try scratching the surface with one claw; if it is damage resistant like Faera's mask, take it IMMEDIATELY. Remember, Faera's mask is the only other warded accesory we've seen, and she needs it to see, even in a potential fight; this is just a healing amulet, it shouldn't need to be warded. If it IS warded... that's kinda fishy, no?

(P.S. I would have posted 2 chapters ago, but I just read the last 2 chapters today, because I have been busy this week. :P)


Posted by AnominableBreadman 11 months ago

Myla actually found Floria's necklace near the crash site along with tracks that would suggest that she was carried off, which was why we were able to know that it was her who was taken by the Micekin to begin with. Myla should still probably have the necklace with her.


Posted by NotBatman 11 months ago

it still is iffy that they just so happen to have that amulet with them to replace her old and discard it(why though?), if they DIDNT have it on them why remove her amulet out there? other then a poor choice for plot device which i dont rule out.

it does raise a different question, if its really floria(which i still doubth aswell), who would even want her at the engine room when it blew up? i dont think its a question we ever discuss in general as to whom it may be.


Posted by AnominableBreadman 11 months ago

I think we should let these three know that as much as Myla would appreciate the flattery, Myla only suggested defending ourselves because she knew it would put Floria in danger, in addition, we need to mention to them that if Floria had heard about masked ones and the prophecy first, then she would have done the exact same thing. Another thing we should mention would be that even if Myla was to become the new Skyqueen, it wouldn't really much matter since once everyone is able to leave, Floria and Myla will surely go as well, especially since they promised each other that they would get Myla's potion poisoning condition cured. On a more joking note, Myla's vast appetite would ruin this town.

Once we talked to the three, we should at least let the three know that if they really want to help Myla out, then they should be sure to keep a lookout for anything strange going on in town, and to let Myla know if they find someone they suspect to be a spy.


Posted by TheCrystalDemon 10 months ago

Spy... Appetite.... We should feed the spy to Myla.


Posted by Graywolf18 11 months ago

Anid is soo f*cking cute! SNUGGLE HIM! Snuggle them all!

I doubt Myla would care what the mouse boys think about her but she probably wouldn't pretend to be something she's not. She'd may even ask them not to treat her any different they would anyone else.


Posted by TheCrystalDemon 10 months ago

For some reason that comment made me picture Myla threatening to eat them for Suggesting she be the queen.


Posted by The_Prof 11 months ago

I say the best course of action is to tell them not to worry about who is the Sky Queen for the time being and instead focus on dealing with the masked ones, after all saving the day is more important


Posted by Sergit 11 months ago

Wag tail for them mice!

And, Myla is not the Sky Queen, so she probably shouldn't lie about it and cause strife. She should just tell them that she doesn't understand or really believe on the legend herself, but that they are free to believe whichever they like.


Posted by TheCrystalDemon 10 months ago

We could tell them it doesn't matter which one of us, or if any of us are the Sky Queen. We are a team and we pull through together.


Posted by AwokenedWispKP 11 months ago

Anid.. kinda looks like Floria, guess there's that hairstyle thing ya like to do again. Nothing wrong with that though, it's also funny that the one that resembles Floria the most is the one that openly said that they wanted to pet that fluffy Myla tail.

I guess you're sorta just following a set path at the moment since there isn't a lot going on, and I figure you want to personally introduce characters.. and also the whole.. yeah.

Either way, in terms of my suggestion.. it's more for dialogue than physical actions, The mice think Myla is the Sky Queen.. but Floria actually needs the amulet of health more than anything. If the mice actually went to prove that Myla was their true Sky Queen and succeeded, it would make sense that the mice might ask to remove it.. which as we heard would lower Floria's health to the point where she'd be in constant pain again. What's more is that Floria might.. actually be a better leader than Woof, She's kind and optimistic.. and generally tries to see past appearances that others would normally stop at. I mean.. she's attempted to befriend a stupid number of different races and people from various backgrounds, and Myla falls within that lot.

So while Myla might be more relateable and suited for what the mice have in mind, Floria is the one who brought her here.. technically.. minus the airship crashing. She at least deserves the treatment and kindness the mice are giving to her, especially since she's injured, Myla would probably prefer it if she could remain among the people instead of being put on some grandios platform anyway.


Posted by mthekiller362 11 months ago

I want to know more about this prophecy. It sounds kind of odd. If there's anything we can find about it, then we should find it.


Posted by DeityV 11 months ago

...lewd the mice. Anyways, Myla is no Sky Queen. If anything, she relates with those mouseboys on a personal level with her past experience with Konic.


Posted by TheCrystalDemon 10 months ago

Now I am picturing Myla going to tell Floria that the mice suggested she be Sky Queen and wants help convincing them she's not, but before any words come out of her mouth. She sees Floria started an Orgy.