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Pred Quest 3-106 By Humbug

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Tags: college field trip Furry Interactive webcomic Leslie DiPietro Non-Vore Optica Screenplay Otter Pi Phi Chi Pony Pred Quest Pred Quest 3 Priscilla Spalding Rabbit Renée Fox Swan Edit

One Tag Per Line!

>> Priscilla to the central area.
>> Renée to the western wing.
>> Leslie to the western wing.
>> Gang up on her. (Success!)

You know...there's nothing stopping you from going to the same place together. In fact, you just devised a new strategy. Priscilla will take the central area and do her thing there. She might be able to crowd-control with some of her...chemicals. She could also go the more conventional route and use her beauty as an advantage as well. Either way, though, because you've got all day, you don't HAVE to cover the eastern wing of the building. People will trickle through your occupied areas, and eventually they'll have to deal with you and Leslie in combination. When you two put your minds together and add her social skills in, you've done some pretty good damage. So right now, the plan is that Leslie will take the art gallery and you'll take the rest area and bathrooms. You think you can set up some good traps there, and Leslie can quietly take some ponies down upstairs in the dim light. Working together, the three of you should be able to subtly manipulate individuals toward either of the three dangers that are Pi Phi Chi.

But first things first. You tell Leslie to make up a lie to get the pink pony over where you and Priscilla are while you set up a simple trap. Leslie does as she's told, and you tell Priscilla to get some of that hypnotism powder or whatever it is ready.
The swan makes her way over to the nerdy pony and says, "Hey there. I know you've got to catch up to your group, but could you help us out for a second? Priscilla, the otter over there, got e-tickets purchased to get into the museum, but her phone ran out of juice and she can't get the barcode scanned at the door. Would you mind if we loaded it up on your tablet real quick so she can get in?"
...Damn, she's good.
The pony nods and says, "Sure. I'm okay with that. We're gonna be here all day anyway, and I can just flash my membership badge to Derpy over there. Shouldn't even have to do that, since she works here but she's part of our club, so she should know me. Then again, she IS Derpy..."
As she's blabbering on about this unimportant garbage, she's walking toward Priscilla and doesn't notice the wire you've set up attached to the car's wheel.
Down she goes, catching herself with her elbows, just at the right level for Priscilla to squat and blow that powder in her face. Her expression goes blank, and you know it worked. Awesome. Now to figure out what to do with her...

Obviously one of you can snarf her, but you also have the option of saving her for later by binding her and throwing her in the trunk of the car. Chrysanthemum said capturing people doesn't count; you have to snarf them, but you could store her for the end of the day if you wanted.
Of course...she does look pretty damn tasty. Though she'd be a burden throughout the day, it couldn't hurt TOO much to lug her around in a belly, right? And the earlier you eat someone, the more they digest...not that the three of you are particularly good at digesting fast. That said, there's only so much trunk space. Probably enough to fit three people.
Choices, choices...

NOTE: Optica belongs to  optica.


NOTE: Voting ended at 5:45 p.m. EST. The results are as-follow:

Bind: 1-45 (45 votes)
Renée: 46-71 (26 votes)
Priscilla: 72-86 (15 votes)
Leslie: 87-98 (12 votes)

Result: 5 (Bind her and put her in the car for now.)

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Posted by Kasra 11 months ago

We've got a big-bellied something-or-other as an opponent, gotta play it smart. Bind and use as a last-minute game changer.