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in the city of sirra the biggest zoo known in the world. this zoo hold the worlds most feared animals
 in the world. these animals are a lot bigger than their normal size and seem to have a urge to 'toy'
with their prey. this includes swollowing whole, sitting on and using people as their personal carpet.
due to a vast ammount of animals the zoo often gets bussiness trips and school trips. whitch often lead
to keepers and feeders getting a day off work...
the school bus pulled up out the main gate. the kids were unloaded and sorted into class. a few spoke
 among themselves about what they hope to find inside the zoo. exitement spread when they were told to
go explore. a group of kids set off to go towards their favrate animals den...
the group pulled up outside the elephant den. exitement was at a peak when they saw the magnificent
animals below them. they were a good five feet bigger than normal elephants. the group were joking
around when one pointed out the trap door the food gets dropped down.
"look, they are gonna feed the elephants," he pointed to where the keepers were stacking the food and
the kids ran over to take a look. one jumped into the pile of vegitables. the rest warned him to get
out. the boy taunted them about him gonna get a first class seat in the show. so the rest of the kids
jumped in and giggled waiting for the food to drop. when it did it landed at the edge of the elephant
pit. they all rose to the surface of the mess.
one girl rose her head and met face-trunk with a elephants snout. the wet snout pressed on her face and
covered it compleatly. a quick wet slopping sound was heard as her head was compleatly sucked up the
elephants trunk. she squimed greatly and tried to pull herself out. an upwards force pulled her up and
she was now fully in the air. her legs thrashed around weakly. more snorting and slurping was heard and
now the trunk was up to the weist. all that showed were two weak legs trying despratly for something to
stand on. the elephant let out a moan of pleasure. the girl knew now there was no way out. one last snort
and the girl was sent up the trunk. from the outside all you could see was a girls body outline go up a
massive buldge in the trunk. the girl headed towards the head and dissapeared for a moment before a huge
bulge could be seen going down the elephants neck towards its massive pit of a belly. the colossal beast
stomped after the kids, that were now running in fear. one of the boys tripped and fell on his back. a
look of pure terror as the huge beasts monsterous foot came down on top of him. he could feel the animals
power upon him. its foot so huge it covered the boy. the boy always had a kink for feet. big strong feet
trampleing him to nothing and he could not help but pop a boner when the huge foot rested on him. he
thought about how many people have died by this elephants giant, sexy, smelly foot however
it was short lived and he felt his arms give way and the foot crashed down on him. a massive loud 'CRACK'
'CRUNCH' 'SPLAT' could be heard as the elephant stomped the boy to nothing but mush. the last few kids had
ran away and cowered in a corner as the elephant stomps closer...
the colossal beast had its prey cornered the three cowering children faced a
terrible fate. thinkig on his feet the last boy ordered the two girls to run
between its legs so it cant get them. one agreed and the other didnt. he
shouted and the two kids dashed towards the elephant. the eliphant made a
laughing sound as it simply grabbed the girl with its trunk as she tried to
get though. she was lifted up in the air kicking and squiming with all her might
in a useless effort to save herself. the beast let the boy go for now... its
attention turned to the girl once more as his large muscular trunk coiled its
way around its squeezed her greatly she felt her body slowly being
crushed as her bones crack and musles cramp. the beast that held her opened
its carniverious tunnel of a gullet. it took the child and lowered her into it's
mouth. she saw the huge cave in front of her. the beasts mouth was like a cave leading
to the monterous pit that was its mighty belly. she was dropped in and its tounge
rolled over her repeatedly absorbing her flavor. she felt the huge slimy
tongue assault her the muscle was the size of her as the elephants saliver
was covering her she gave in. she WAS this preditors meal. she was tasty and
tender from the trunk crushing her the preditor raised his head.
back and took a deep swallow a small bulge slid down the elephants neck.
the tunnel was extreamely hot and tight. it gave her a squeeze every second
of her sliding down she could smell the beasts meals from before her. more
foolish kids? the acid was already boiling and her friend that was sent up the
elephants smelly trunk was already digesting well. she fell into the acids and gave in.
the girl was ready to be turned and melted into elephant fat. after it's tasty snack
the elephant approched the girl that was cowering in the corner. she was scared
she had seen her friends become prey for ths monster and she was next...
The huge silver monster had the tiny girl cornored like an ant. It waited to see
if the small girl would make a wild dash to try to escape. instead she retreated
back into the wall. now there was nowere to go. she looked at the beasts slimy
crimson hot maw and wondered if her friends are still alive. she then looked at
its belly and thought if she to would be melted down and made into belly fat for
the colossal beast. the elephant extended its trunk and curled it around the girl's
small waist. her nimble form was easy to capture in the trunk of this mighty preditor
she squirmed with all her strenth trying to escape. this pleased the elephant even more
as he wrapped more and more of his trunk around the terrorfied girl. she was covered in
the elephants mucle up to her head and the predator had a crewl idea for her. it turned
her over and raised his huge maw open. the girl looked up to see plenty of people watching
but no one said a word to help. the powerfull mouth chomped down onto her feet.
the massive jaws chomped down hard. loads of preasuure was sent down. and the girl let
out a painful howl as her feet bones were chewed. the monster finished the feet and moved
his trunk so that the legs of the child were open and placed them into his eager maw.
his teeth chomped down and crushed the leg bones and tenderised the meat of the girl.
Although the beast chomped down on her hard it was not drawing blood and was chewing simply
to tenderise its meal. the meat griders that were the elephants jaws took in the girls body
and started to tenderise the girls full size. the jaws chomped down hard and she felt her
bones crack. only her head was outside his greedy chops as her body was in the process of
being eaten.the monster slopped his meal. not caring about how tender she would have to be
to end up melting into his belly. his huge tounge came out and licked the girl across the face
forcing her to gag as saliver covered her mouth. Then the tounge hooked around her head and
brought the terrorfied victim into his awaiting caven. the girl was able to see slightly.
not that it help calm her nerves. the horror she was in was a grosome sight of crimson
flesh lined with saliver that dripped down onto the face of the girl. she was chewed some
more in the elephants jaws before it took a greedy swalow sending the poor meal half way
into his gullet. only herr legs dangled outside his throat. the predator had taken in
one more swallow and sent the poor girl down its cave into its mighty pit of a belly.
the buldge was quite large as it travelled down the elephants tight, wrinkled neck.
as she was sliding down the gullet she was constricted from all sides by the powerfull
muscles. she ended up in its belly where the body of her two friends were already
melting into greedy elephant body fat. the acids burned her legs and the acid level was up
to her neck. the air in the stomach was rarther thin due to not much space. she started
to feel sleepy and ended up passing out in the smelly acids. The elephant felt triumphant.
he had had a nice meal and went back into its sleeping place under a tree. it was then he
realised there was another child in the pen. he chose to let him escape, as for now he
must sleep off the meals he has had....
THE END.....or maybe a begining
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my first work i ever properly did now on this site

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Posted by porky11 1 year ago Report

Well written story. I got interested pretty fast and didn't skip anything, except a bit at the end. A few sexual comments are unnecessary (the boner, when he gets stomped).


Posted by NaughtyHungryLion 1 year ago Report

Thanks for the comment. All noted ^^