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[General voice notes: female, mature sounding- a bit of ara ara in there.. Not too strong an accent if possible. Should give the impression of knowing more than you, being in control of the situation- a little mysterious, and a little bit teasing. This applies throughout the entire script as is the basic character voice.]
[Opening setup- general voicing notes here is to play up the mystery and teasing for this section, get the listener interested and draw them in a bit]
Oh, you're finally here? [Small giggle to herself]
Or maybe you're feeling like you've been here before?
How did I get here? Who am I, and what am I doing here? Well, your first question isn't that important, but you can call me Hestia.
 [Another giggle]
Or maybe you already knew that? Your name? No, let's save that for later. [Smirks, fan moving to cover mouth, another small laugh]
[Pause, like shes thinking of the best way of saying something.]
[Voice in this section is like shes trying to convince you, selling the idea to you]
As for why I'm here... let's say I have an offer for you. I know a place far away from here; so far away you could fly for a hundred days and never reach it. But at the same time its close enough that you can almost reach out and touch it when the midnight moon shines, so close that you find yourself there by walking around the corner of a dream.
There's a place for you there, something not many people can do. You would be the protector of this realm, stopping anyone who would try to destroy the peace of that world. You don't need to worry about not fitting in, you don't need to worry about being alone or not knowing how the world works, I promise you that nothing like that will bother you ever again.
This is a role my friend, you cannot exist without, so I will make sure that you and the role fit each other perfectly.
All you need to do is agree to my offer.
So, are you interested?
[Pause, followed by light hearted laughter- not malicious]
I knew you wouldn't say no. Or maybe you've already said yes?
[Induction and deepening]
[General voice notes for this stage are to keep voice soothing and clear, leading the listener onwards into the trance]
Well then, shall we begin? You'll want to find somewhere to lie down, somwhere comfortable where you won't be disturbed.
Yes, just like that. Why are we doing this? I did say you could reach this world, my friend, from the corner of a dream, did I not? Would I not be the perfect person to guide you into that dream?
[Voice should be confident here- making it sound like she knows her words are truth to convince listener]
Now remember, you must accept everything I say as the absolute truth. For this to work there cannot be any doubt in your mind about anything I say. Do you understand?
 [Very satisfied / smug sounding there, little bit sinister. You've just landed in trap after all.]
[Voice soothing for this part onwards as the induction begins- time to get people into trance]
Now then, I want you to close your eyes and relax, just like you would when you've just got into bed after a long days work and all you want to do is rest. That's right, just like that. Let my words wash over you as you rest, filling your ears with their truth. It's nice to just listen to me like this isn't it?
[basic start of induction- relaxation stage. No particularly special voice instructions beyond character voice and general induction tone.]
As you relax, allow your breathing to deepen, each breath dragging on for just a bit longer than the last.
That's right, just breathing in... and out, letting my voice fill your thoughts more and more with each breath you take.
Now, as you lie here, breathing in and out as my voice fills your thoughts, you might find that your body starts to feel just a little bit heavy. It's nothing uncomfortable, just the same tired heaviness you might feel when settling into bed after a long day, the heaviness you feel when the only thing you want is a nice, deep, sleep. With each breath you take, you feel this heaviness flowing through your body, starting at your heart and flowing out through your body.
Flowing along your legs, all the way down to your feet, making them so relaxed now.
Flowing down your arms and into your hands, right down to your fingertips. Feel the heaviness flow up to your shoulders, up your neck and into your head, your eyelids getting so heavy now as your entire body relaxes more and more.
With this nice relaxing heaviness filling your entire body, making you more and more relaxed with each breath you take, you might find it a little harder to move your body, like every part of you wants nothing more to stay here, relaxing more and more to the sound of my voice, more and more of this relaxing heaviness filling your body with each breath you take.
And as your body gets heavier and heavier, sinking deeper and deeper into comfy relaxation, you might find that you start to feel like you're floating, and that the heavier your body gets, the floatier you feel, just like water can be so hot it feels cold. Heavier and heavier, but floating further and further away, almost as if you're drifting away on a cloud of fog, drifting so far away from any troubles you might still have.
[Induction deepening, trying to get thoughts emptied. Still no special voice instructions.]
As you keep floating away like this, letting my voice take you further and further away from the world and all the troubles it might contain, you might find that a soft fog begins to creep into your mind, more and more seeping in with every word that I say. There's nothing to worry about, just a nice soft fog that's as fluffy as a cloud, filling your mind more and more as you continue to listen to my voice.
That's right; just feel the fog filling your mind, slipping into all the gaps in your brain, making everything feel so hazy, with the truth of my voice the only clarity that remains.
That's it, just let everything slip away, let the fog cover everything in your mind. Let any thoughts you have left fade away, let your memories vanish under the fog, let everything just fade away, so that the entirety of your existence is your mind and body floating away in this fog as my voice guides you onwards, deeper and deeper into the fog. As you drift deeper and deeper into the fog, you feel it get thicker and thicker, making your body so much more relaxed and even lighter than it was before. And as your body relaxes more and more, the fog covers more and more of your mind, like snow in winter.
That's right, just feel the fog cover your mind in pure whiteness. Let everything in your mind just fade away as the fog drifts in, all your thoughts and memories slowly getting covered by a layer of thick white fog, leaving everything a pure, blank white in its wake.
 You can feel it can't you? The first wisps of fog curl around your memories, a thin veil that makes it just a bit harder to think, just a bit harder to remember anything at all.
Feel the fog grow thicker, small wisps completely enclosing your mind, all your thoughts and memories fading further and further away. It feels good to just let this happen, to let everything that makes you you fade away. All your painful memories are fading away to nothingness, all the sadness and anger you've ever felt is vanishing. You feel cleansed, like the thousand impurities everyone gains by living are just fading away, leaving you pure, blank and perfect.
Feel the fog drift even deeper into your mind, covering more and more of your mind and memory in thick, white nothing.
Now, I'm going to count down from ten to one. With each number, more and more off your mind will be covered in the fog, and when I reach one, you're entire mind will be shrouded in this thick white fog, leaving no thoughts or memories behind, just perfect blankness.
[Basic countdown to try further deepening]
Ten... Feeling the fog fill all the gaps in your mind...
Seven... The fog keeps getting thicker and thicker, covering everything under a layer of blank whiteness...
Four... Your mind fading away to nothing as it gets buried under the pure whiteness of the fog
...And one, your entire mind covered in a thick white fog, your every thought and memory buried under a thick, impenetrable layer of pure emptiness, completely out of your reach. Its like your mind is nothing more than the pure whiteness of fresh snow, a sheet of blank canvas just waiting to be painted on.
[Voice tone remains soothing here, but has slightly commanding edge to it]
And it feels amazing, everything that you are vanishing away into pure blank serenity, with my voice filling your world. Your entire world is you floating in a white void, with your mind a blank slate.
No thoughts. No memories. No feelings.
Just pure, blissful, emptiness.
 You are blank. You are mindless. You are empty.
You are canvas, waiting to be painted.
You are a flower, waiting to bloom.
But that is in the future.
For now, you will simply float, mindless and empty. Completely blank.
[Visualisation stage at intro- aim is to tie visualisation to blank mindedness to avoid snapping them out of trance- voice should lose some of the commanding touch from previous section, go back to being more soothing]
Now, as you float in this void, you might find that as you spend more time in this blissful, blank-minded trance, the void around you begins to fill with colour, and that as the colours grow, your mind gets even blanker, and that the blanker your mind gets, the more the colours grow. And as these colours grow in the void around you, their growth fuelled by the slow draining of any thoughts you might have left, you might find that these scattered colours grow and grow, until you find yourself in a world you've never seen before, a world where the only thing you want is to just keep sitting here in this fantasy, in this tranquil, empty state.
Now, as you remain in this serene, blank-minded state, you might find yourself sitting cross legged at the edge of a pond, hands clasped together in your lap. Trees surround the water, the afternoon sun shines warmly on your skin, and the stone beneath you is smooth and polished. Behind you lies the back of a simple shrine, polished wooden panels soaking in the suns light, sliding doors left slightly open, inviting people to enter. The pond in front of you is perfectly still, its unmoving surface providing a perfect mirror to the blankness of your thoughts.
[transformation begins proper here- only main voice note is to make it sound like everything is familiar and ordinary, dont make things sound strange]
Looking down, you might see a reflection in the mirror-like stillness of the pond. It seems hazy at first, but as your gaze falls upon it, the reflection seems to define itself more, and you might see a young woman, no more than 20 years old. Dark hair frames her face, held in place by a red and white bow at the back, and a pair of matching tubes in front of her ears, while her reddish-brown eyes are open and unfocused, looking at nothing in particular as she meditates. She's wearing a lightweight set of red and white robes, detached sleeves giving a glimpse of her slender frame.
Now, you might find that the more you look at this woman, the more familiar she seems, like the more you look at her the longer you've known her for. You might find a name coming to mind. You think it's her name.
Reimu Hakurei. It feels right saying it, doesn't it?
Reimu. [Whispered]
It's like you've just met a friend and had to take a moment to remember her name.
Reimu. [Whispered]
But then, you're not sure how you could have forgotten her name, as it almost feels like you've known her your whole life.
Reimu. [Whispered]
There's something about the name that just seems *right*, makes it seem like the most natural thing in the world to say, to hear.
Reimu. [Whispered]
And the more you hear her name, the more familiar the name seems to you, so familiar that you might react to it when you hear it called, just as if you'd heard your own name.
Reimu. [Whispered]
Reimu. [Whispered]
Reimu. [Whispered]
And the more you gaze at Reimu's reflection in the water and the more you hear her name, the more you seem to remember about her, memories drifting out from the blank void that is your mind.
You might start to recall all the little habits that make Reimu Reimu, from the way she sits in the sun, how she drinks her tea, the way she floats through the sky, or how no matter how much she might complain when you visit the shrine, she's always smiling when she does so.
Reimu. [Whispered]
And the more you stare at Reimu's reflection, the more familiar these thoughts and habits start to feel, until you could almost forget that they've ever been anything other than your thoughts or your habits, just like how the name Reimu is familiar enough that reacting to it as if it's your own feels so natural, so natural that it would be so easy to forget any other names, leaving Reimu as the only name you've ever had.
Reimu. [Whispered]
Now, as you sit here, letting Reimus name and Reimus habits fill more and more of your mind, you might find that as you keep staring at Reimus reflection in the water, the reflection seems ever more familiar to you; you feel like you're both sitting in the same position, that if you were to shift, you'd see Reimu's reflection shift with you... and that if you blinked, you could almost spot Reimus reflection blinking as well, matching you more and more the longer you stare at it.
Reimu. [Whispered]
And as you keep staring at the ever-more-familiar Reimu reflected in the pond, you might find more of Reimus thoughts slipping into your head, as if they'd always been there.
 It's so much more than just Reimus name, so much more than just Reimus habits; what you find flowing into your mind now is nothing more and nothing less than how Reimu thinks, the mindset that makes Reimu Reimu, flowing into every corner of your mind.
 It feels so good to let this mindset fill your thoughts, slowly pushing out the way you used to think. It just feels so natural to think this way, and before long you might find it hard to remember any other way you've thought.
Reimu. [Whispered]
It just feels natural to treat everyone equally, no matter what history you might have with them.
It feels natural to do your best for the shrine you're responsible for, even if you're not the best person to run it properly.
 It feels natural to be a bit lazy in the days when nothing much is happening, because you know that sooner or later, something will go wrong, and people will ask you to help with the problem... and you know that you're going to make sure everything gets sorted out properly, because the idea of not doing things properly when something serious happens is something that just doesn't feel right to you.
Reimu. [Whispered]
That's right, just let this way of thinking fill your mind, slowly displacing any other mindset you might have had... it's like you've always thought this way, like you've always been someone whos heart was in the right place, someone who's good at making friends, someone who does care about the things and people shes responsible for, and who will do everything she can to protect them.
 It feels natural to think this way, so natural you might think you've never thought any differently, just like how you've always been called Reimu.
Reimu. [Whispered]
[Body transformation bit. Voice as previous section]
Now, as you keep staring at Reimus reflection in the water, letting Reimus thoughts fill your head, you might find that your body starts to feel just a little bit different. It's not a bad feeling, it's like you've entered a hot bath after a long day, and every single part of your body just seems to melt away in a wave of pleasure, fading away into pure whiteness.
Reimu. [Whispered]
And as your body fades to white, you might find that one spot of colour remains; while your body is pure white, your mind remains filled with the deep red of Reimus thoughts. And, like ink in water, as your body turns whiter and whiter, Reimu's red starts spreading out from your mind and into your body, slowly trickling down from your head. And it feels so good to let this happen, like it's the most natural thing in the world to just relax and let Reimu's red fill you up.
Reimu. [Whispered]
And as Reimus red spreads out from your mind and into your body, you might feel your body slowly changing; your hair begins to grow, slowly getting longer and longer as it grows down your back. Catching a glimpse of it, you can see that as your hair grows, it gets darker and darker the longer it gets. You might also find that your hair is only the first part of your body to shift, and that as Reimu's red spreads through your body, your body begins to change with it.
You feel your face slowly shift, getting slightly more slender, more feminine. Feel the red flow down your now-slim neck, and into your shoulders, which start to narrow, continuing the feeling of your body slowly slimming down and slowly becoming more and more feminine.
From your shoulders, you can feel Reimus red flow down your arms, feeling your arms shift from the shoulder down, getting ever slimmer and delicate looking, with just a little bit of muscle tone hiding beneath your slightly paler, delicate-looking skin.
Feel your hands start to shift, getting smaller and more delicate looking; with just a little bit of roughness on your palms from all the work you do to keep your shrine clean.
Now, you might find that Reimus red starts to flow from your arms into your torso, and down into the rest of your body from there, your body shifting more and more as more and more red fills you.
Feel your torso slim, any fat you might have fading away into nothing as you feel your body shift to a shorter, more slender build, a pair of breasts slowly growing on your chest as you slim.
 From your torso, feel the red flow down into your legs, which start to shift, getting just a little bit longer as they fill with Reimus red, slowly becoming more and more slender as they grow.
Finally, you feel your feet shrink a little, the last part of your body to be filled with Reimus red.
Now that your entire body is filled with Reimus redness, you can feel your body shift more and more, continuing the shift that started when this redness first started to fill your body. And before long, you might find your body has completely changed. You're left in the body of a young woman, long dark hair contrasting with your pale skin, your limbs hairless, slim and graceful. There's almost no fat on your slender frame, and a pair of modest breasts sit on your chest.
With your body changed, you also find yourself wearing a set of loose, red and white robes, detached sleeves letting you feel the evening breeze, a bow and tubes keeping your hair out of the way. There's something that feels *right* about these clothes, much like how your body just feels *right* like this. It's like you've never been truly comfortable until now, like you've finally discovered who you really are.
And thats exactly what has happened.
Because, as you look into the pond before you, you might come to realise something: You realise that Reimu's reflection in the water was your reflection all along. You realise that all of Reimu's thoughts and memories filling your mind are your thoughts and your memories, just like how your body is Reimus body. Realising all this, you finally realise who you are.
You are Reimu.
It's such a simple thought, and yet, as you think it, everything finally makes sense.
You are Reimu.
The thought feels so right, you might want to try saying it out loud.
You are Reimu.
There's nothing strange about the thought, it feels perfectly natural.
You are Reimu.
You can't imagine being anyone else.
You are Reimu.
That's all there is to it. It's nothing special, you've just finally realised who you really are.
You are Reimu.
And you know that that's who you're always going to be. Even after you wake from this trance, you will remember this, you will remember that you are Reimu, you have always been Reimu, and you always will be Reimu. And you will know that if you ever start to forget who you are, you can always come back here, to return to this trance and remember once again.
[Wakening- voice is a bit more normal conversational tone now, rather than the soothing voice used to entrance listener]
But now, it's time to wake from this trance, to start your new life as Reimu. I'm going to count to five, and when I reach five, you'll be completely awake, feeling completely refreshed, full of confidence and ready to start your new life.
One... your thoughts begin to sharpen, true clarity returning to your mind.
Two... your body begins to stir from its rest, energy flowing through your veins.
Three... your conciousness drawing itself closer to full awareness, driven by your clearing thoughts.
Four... getting so close to the surface of awareness, just a step away.
And Five, completely awake and ready to begin your new life.
[Outro- intent of scene is Reimu noticing yukari after finishing meditation]
Oh, you finally noticed me?
How long have I been here? Since the very beginning of course. You might be feeling a little confused right now, but that's perfectly natural. It'll clear up in no time at all.
Say, do you remember me saying that we could save your name for later?
No? Ah well, I suppose it doesn't matter anymore. After all, how could I not know your name?
Welcome back, Reimu.
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A script I've been sitting on for a long while. Enjoy

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