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"Gah! Master Grove, sir!" yelled a tall and big bunny maid.
"Please, call me Gerard," replied a young human boy. "And relax, Betsy. I only slapped your ass."
"It's still rude, buster! I'm trying to keep this place nice and tidy and you're running around in only your bathrobe and undies, giving my ass a good slap whenever you pass by me!"
"Well, it is pretty hard NOT to. Your ass is the absolute best feature about you. Why don't you understand?"
"I don't need to understand to know that you're a damn pervert! Good day, sir!"
With a huff, the big bunny maid known as Betsy Bottoms walks off. As she walked away, the human named Gerard Grove simply stares at her butt bouncing and jiggling with every step she took. He had a perverted smile on his face.
The young man is the master of the household, his parents having disappeared mysteriously two years ago. The family butler died around the same time, the cause being a poor heart and the news of the parents missing proving too much to bear. Young Gerard was alone, the maids that clean up and tidy to keep the house presentable his only company.
Despite all that, Gerard only ever feels alive when he's being a pervy young man. He would very often sneak glances under the skirts of his maids, seeing what they wore or nothing at all. He would peak down the tops of his maids shirts to see their breasts, often imagining his head between them.
But the biggest act he had ever done was touching the maids, often times their butts. He would sometimes give a quick slap to them, other times grab them and squeeze. Yes, Master Grove is a young man who prefers a woman's ass over her breasts.
One of the maids, as it turns out, was a femboy horseman that was desperate for a job. Gerard found out the hard way when he looked under a skirt one day and saw a big bulge in the panty. The femboy horseman was kept on as an act of kindness, and also so that he would be able feel the ass of a cute horseman.
In spite of his perverse nature, Gerard is a caring soul. He means well to his maids and thanks them every now and then for caring for him, thinking of them as his own family. But when one of them asks if he'll ever find someone to marry and be with for the rest of his life, the boy's traditional and believes his fiance should be someone that'll love him for himself and not what he has...and is taller than him with a nice round body with a big bubble butt.
To him, his lover is a certain bunny maid called Betsy Bottoms.
Sure, she's twice his age, a foot taller than him and weighs 300 lb, but he believes her to be the one for him. Ever since he first met her, he thought of all the things they could do together. Some of those thoughts were about them talking about life and others about the both of them sitting together, but most of the time thought of her big bunny bubble butt sitting on his face.
Yes, indeed, Gerard is a love-stricken pervert.
"Ugh, the nerve of that human brat," complained the bunny maid to the femboy horse maid. "Slapping my ass while I dusted the shelves again! Grrrr, I'll snap his spine if he does that one more time!"
"Whoa, Betsy," the horseman said. "Take it easy. He's only a lonely cute young man. He's just-"
"Oh, shut it, Darcy," she tells him. "You're only saying that because you let him play with your butt! He probably kisses it, too!"
"W-Well, besides that, he's just unsure what to say to you without being himself," Darcy tries to explain to Betsy. "Honestly, honey, think about it. He has no living parent or guardian, nobody to care for him but us maids. He looks at you and thinks maybe you're the one for him, that special somebody."
"Sure, a special someone to bury his bone," she tells him. "Listen, the kid's half my age, half my weight and a foot shorter than me! My ass would swallow him whole and nobody would notice!"
"Uh, Betsy..." Darcy tries to speak, but is cut off.
"Hell, wouldn't be the first time! One time, this Junior punk told me he'd like to treat me to lunch. My ass made lunch outta his scrawny ass."
"Betsy..." Darcy tries again, but fails again.
"Then there's this one time some businessman pays me $100 to let him in my ass. He should've worded it better when I put him in up to his hips."
"MASTER GROVE IS A VIRGIN!!!" Darcy yells out loud.
That time, the femboy horse got the bunny's attention. Betsy turned around and looked him in the face, a look of surprise in her blue eyes.
"...What?" she said.
Darcy looked at her and replied to her question, calmly and not as loud.
"M-Master Grove i-is...a virgin."
Upon hearing it clearer now, the bunny girl started laughing.
"Pfff, hahahahahahaha!! I don't believe it! Not only is the master of this house a sheltered pervert, but he's also a virgin! Hahahahahahahaha!!"
"P-Please, keep it down!" Darcy tries to quiet the bunny maid. "If Master Grove found out I told you, he'll punish me for sure!"
"Oh, that's just friggin' rich," she continued. "All this time, I thought he had sex with just about anyone with a big ass! And now I know he hasn't even popped his lil' cherry yet! Oh, yes! Now I know what has to be done now!"
"W-W-What are you gonna do, Betsy??" Darcy asked worriedly.
"It's obvious, Darcy," the bunny said as she walked away. "I'm gonna get him to bust his first and only nut in my butt! He wants a piece of this ass so badly, who am I not to bring these two together! Mmmmm hm hm hm hmmm, revenge is a sweet thing!"
With a slap to her own ass, Betsy walks out the door and heads for Gerard's bedroom. Darcy just stood there and watched her leave, a worried expression on his face.
"...I'm in so much trouble," he says to himself.
Gerard was in his bedroom as he looked out the window, the snow falling from the night sky. The moon was full and shined its light on the earth, allowing him to see the woods the surround the estate covered in white. The young human then hears some knocking coming from his door, walking up to it and opening it.
What he saw caused him to get aroused fast.
Standing in the doorway was Betsy in nothing but black see-through lingerie, ass-less leggings and top-less bustier proudly putting her big naked figure on display for his eyes only. Her long blonde hair was very pretty, complementing her white fur and blue eyes nicely. The fact that it was Betsy that was before him like this and not one of the other maids caught him by surprise, never expecting the woman he teased the most being capable of pulling this off.
"Heya, big boy," she said lustfully.
"B-Betsy?" Gerard stammers. "W-Wh-What are y-y-you d-doing??"
"Isn't it obvious?" Betsy says nonchalantly in her sexy tone, walking towards him as he backs up. "I'm gonna give you what you wanted, what you deserve. This night, and this night only..."
The boy suddenly falls over on his bed and is suddenly pinned by Betsy's belly, her breasts on his chest and her face leaning closer to his own.
"...I'm gonna make your dreams come true, lover boy."
Without warning, she deeply kisses him as she tears off his robe. He wore only a pink thong underneath, but that was removed with a chuckle from the bunny. His cock springs to attention at 9 inches, the tip rubbing on her fluffy white belly.
Using her spare hand, she grips his manhood and guides it towards her netherlips. She hears him moaning in sweet pleasure like a first-timer, making the experience all the sweeter for her. The bunny inserts his manhood into her own womanhood, his moans growing stronger with each inch entering her.
As soon as his dick was fully inside her, she pulls away from the kiss.
"Are you ready to ride the ride, honey?" Besty teases.
"W-W-Wait...Wait a minute..." Gerard tries to talk, the pleasure's getting to him.
"What's that?" she continues teasing him. "Oh, you wanted to pop your cherry in my big bunny butt! Don't worry, baby. We'll get to the really good rides real soon."
She then went back to kissing him deeply and bounced her hips up and down on his young cock, his moans muffled by the kiss. The human tries his best to push her face away, but she was stronger than him. All he could do was ride out this sexual episode.
Gerard was already nearing his climax, the bunny feeling his cock starting to twitch. Betsy breaks the kiss and stopped moving her hips, keeping him pinned down as she stares into his eyes.
"About to blow already?" she says mockingly. "You really are a virgin, just like Darcy said. Well, more like shouted, anyway."
Darcy, the boy thought. The femboy maid must've slipped up and told her. He'll have to talk with him after this is all over.
"Heh heh, don't worry, little man," she teases. "I'm a lady of my word and I will have you cumming nice and hard in my hungry ass, just like you dreamed of."
Carefully, Betsy pulls his dick out of her cunny and realigns it with her pucker. She wiggles her hips teasingly to get the boy to gasp, placing a thumb in his mouth. The bunny then just let gravity kick in and fell on his lap, his penis inside her ass and his loud moan muffled by her thumb in his mouth.
"Mmmmm, you ain't suckin' my thumb, babe," she coos.
Without reason, the boy does as instructed and proceeds to suck on her thumb. While he does this, Betsy moves her hips up and down slowly to draw out the euphoria for the boy. She knew he'll cum any moment now and didn't care, the end game her prize.
Besides, she has something else she wants to do to him before then.
Not two minutes later, Gerard gave in and came long and hard into Betsy's rump. His virginty, taken by the bunny he dreamed of, now inside the very ass of his desire. He felt the thumb he sucked on leave his mouth with a wet pop, looking up to see Betsy with a smile on her face.
"See?" she spoke. "You got your wish and I took your cherry up the butt, but..."
She then stood up and felt the softening dick leave her pucker, drops of cum splattering on his hips and bed. He watched as the bunny then turns around and lowers her big cream-filled donut hole to his face, getting on her hands and knees. Her fat body pins him down and then feels her ass, the very big bubble bunny butt he admires so much, squishing his head.
He's gonna feel good squirmming all the way up my ass, Betsy thought.
She felt his hands slapping her ass a couple times, thinking he's trying to get her attention. Then she felt one of them grab hold and squeeze her butt cheeks before feeling something wet touching her big chocolate starfish. She felt it moving around the hole a few times before it started entering her, moving about as it does.
The bunny realizes it was his tongue.
Betsy forgot that Gerard had been rimming Darcy's anus for some time, probably to better prepare for when he has his first lay. She doesn't know how to react to this situation, aside from moan occasionally. She thought she was in control of the situation by being on top of him, only to realize she was on top of the young boy that's in control.
"Mmmfff," he mutters into her big ass, driving his tongue deeper into her hole.
This isn't how I planned it, she thought to herself.
Betsy tries to figure out what to do while mainting some of her composure, but the rimjob was too good as the pleasure builds up. She then felt something poking at her breasts. The bunny parts them away to see the boy's cock back at full length and harder than last time.
All this, she thought, is too much! It's gonna...I'm gonna-!
Betsy felt cross eyed and satisfied as she just unleashed a powerful anal orgasm, blasting Gerard in the face at point blank with her farts. She's had this problem on rare occasions, but why did it choose now to do it?! The bunny, with her eyes back to normal again, never felt more humiliated like this her whole life.
But despite what just occured, Gerard is still hard. Even more so now than before! She then feels his hands rubbing her big ass cheeks sensually, almost as if he was in love with her ass.
What the hell is this kid into, she thought.
Suddenly, she heard him taking some good sniffs of her butt. This causes her eyes to widen and gets her off the bed and off of Gerard. She looks at him to see he has a face that reads, "I'm in love."
The bunny maid, confused by it all, finally talks to him.
"What the fuck are you?!?"
"" he pants.
"Gee, I wouldn't have guessed that since you tongue kissed my ASSHOLE!!" Betsy tells him. "I even blasted you with gas at point blank and you're harder than before! Just what the fuck are you?!?"
She sees him sitting up and looking at her.
"I'm Gerard Grove," he spoke, "the young master of this mansion...and I'm a voraphile of the anal kind."
The bunny's eyes widen at this revelation, the young boy she served and just had her way with (at first) was a voraphile. The young human continues, all while stroking himself slowly to keep him hard.
"I've been this way since two years ago. I found out about this site that caters to fetishes and found myself drawn into it. It was amazing seeing prey being eaten by predators at first, but then I found a video that forever changed me."
He then went to telling her the video he saw was about a tall and big brown bunny woman in her fifties facesitting on a young human and gassing him, telling him how much she loves humans and describing what they do to her body. He continues as he tells Betsy that brown bunny, who's name was Bonnie Bounce, proceeds to push the human up her ass, farting on him the whole time. He finally describes the ending where Bonnie grabs big glass jar and shit the guy's remains into it, giving her ass a good slap and a wink to the camera.
"Ever since then," he said, "I've been interested in big bubble butts. Then you came, a big and tall 36 year-old bunny babe of snow white fur. Your long blonde hair and blue eyes, your big figure and your bigger butt...Oh, your big beautiful bubble bunny butt! How I longed to fulfill my desire, my fantasy..."
"Okay, buster, cool yourself," she tells him. "You mean to tell me you've been wanting to be eaten by my fat ass and turned into ass fat, some farts and a pile of shit?! You do realize it's a one-way trip, right?!"
"I'm well aware of it, sweetheart," Gerard replies. "That's why I went through the trouble of arranging some things for you."
He gets off the bed and opens the drawer, procuring a piece of paper. He then shows it to her, the bunny taking it and reading it. The paper had words that made little to no sense to her, yet the sentences to which they're in make sense at the same time.
"I...I don't get it..." Betsy said. "What is this?"
"My marriage certificate as well as my last will and testament," he answered plainly. "Everything I own and inherited from my parents will belong to you, my succsessor and wife."
Her eyes widen in surprise. Succsessor AND wife, she thought in her head.
"But why??" she asks him. "Why are you doing this, whatever "this" is?!"
"It's simple, really," he tells her calmly, walking over to her. "By signing this, you'll become my beloved wife. By signing it, my life is gladly yours to take. By signing, we will be together for the rest of your life."
"My life?! You're asking me to kill you, you shit!" Besty tells him.
"Weren't you going to eat me with your beautiful ass anyway?"
How could he have known, she thought. Darcy isn't one to snitch on others and she would've heard his feet clopping down the hallway outside her door as she dressed up. Suddenly, she felt his hand grab one of her ass cheeks and squeezing it gently.
"Your adorable pucker was so eager to have me so close, it almost sucked me in as I kissed it deeply. You were planning to give me my one climax before you added me to this big bunny bubble butt of yours. I was tempted to just dive in, but then I wouldn't be able to do this last thing I want to do."
"W-What is it?" she asked him.
"I want to make sweet, passionate, euphoric love to you. The right way, the proper way. Like husbands and wives do on their honeymoon."
"You wanna fuck me good before you willingly offer yourself to my fat ass? You're one strange human, you know that? I'm old enough to be your momma and taller and stronger than you. Why me? Won't your parents wonder where you went when they come back? What am I supposed to tell them, that their one and only son is fat on my ass and shit in the sewers?!"
"My parents aren't coming back," he tells her, as if he knew.
He looks into her blue eyes with his own green ones.
"I recieved a message an hour ago from one of my family's friends, saying they were devoured by a horseman. My father swallowed whole and my mother turned to jizz, the horseman impregnating a mare with her remains. Sent me a link to the video, too. My parents were willing, Betsy."
The bunny didn't know what to say, just awestruck that this boy found out about his parent's fate and was relaxed and calm about it. He must be dead set about going through with this. She looks at him with seriousness in her eyes.
"Look," she said. "I'll do this. But only on one condition."
"Name it," he says.
"I want all of this recorded," the bunny tells him. "From the paper signing, to the sex, to your devourment, and my disposal of you."
"Only if you shit my remains into this brass vase," the human answers, pointing at a nicely made vase made out of brass near the bed.
The both of them shook hands on it.
"As you wish, young master," Betsy said.
Not long after the handshake, Gerard calls in Darcy and tells him to bring the camera for recording. The femboy horse maid walks in with the video camera in hand, not expecting to see the young master and bunny maid to be naked. Trying his best to hide his growing erection and to be kind before them, Darcy began setting up the tripod and camera.
After a minute, it was set up and ready to go. Gerard tells him to hit the record button and offers him to stay and watch, the femboy deciding to do so and watch the events unfold before him. He sees Betsy sign her signature on the paper, the signing done and over with.
"How does it feel, Mrs. Betsy Bottoms?" Gerard spoke.
"Mrs. Betsy Bottoms?" Betsy replies. "Don't you mean, "Mrs. Betsy Grove?""
"I meant what I said, sweetheart. This mansion and all that my family owned is now yours...including myself."
"...Alright. C'mere then, Mr. Gerard Bottoms!"
With nothing to say from either of them, both human and bunny kiss each other. The passion from this kiss was fierce and loving, their tongues dancing with each other in their mouths. Darcy's dick grew harder and harder to hide, his maid skirt rising and making a noticeable tent.
But the newlywed couple never noticed the horse femboy's erection, too focused on each other to care. Betsy's hands feel the human's body as it makes their way towards his rehardening cock, while Gerard's hands felt all the chubbiness of the bunny's body until they rested on her big bubble butt. They broke their kiss as the bunny shoves her lover on the bed, crawling on top of him wish lust in her eyes.
No words were said or needed as Besty inserts Gerard's penis into her nether lips, a small gasp escaping his lips. They took their time making whoopie, the human's hands on her ass and her body slamming on top of his body. Their moans and gasps the only things escaping their lips, the intensity increasing with every moment.
At least, it would've be longer if young Gerard didn't cum after three minutes. But Betsy didn't seem to mind as she felt his cock twitch and spew jizz inside her pussy, whispering into his ear a congratulation for lasting a minute longer. The two then kiss each other deeply once more, making it last a full minute before they both knew what comes next.
"Darling," said Betsy, "it's time to get lost in my ass."
The bunny allows him to get out from under and make his way towards her backside, spreading the cheeks apart to see the pucker eager to finally get what it wanted; him.
"As you wish," he tells her.
He stands up and lifts one of his legs above the quivering anus, easing his foot inside. Once he has a good balance and grip, he inserts his other leg into her butthole. The bunny's ass is eager and hungry for him, already pulling him in up to his thighs.
Betsy raises her ass as high as she could to allow Gerard an easier descent into his new life as her butt fat, feeling his feet wiggle about in her intestines. She even feels his balls and dick being consumed into her butt, a little disappointed that the boy didn't have enough energy for one more climax. The bunny felt him insert his arms into her pucker as he puts them to his side, only his upper chest and head the only thing remaining outside.
Suddenly, without warning...
"Oh, dammit! I can't take it anymore!!"
...Darcy sheds all but the garter around his leg and inserts his erect eleven inch horsecock down Gerard's throat. Betsy turns her head to see the horseboy maid holding and humping her "husbands" face as he moans loudly. The young boy wasn't expecting his last moment outside to be sucking his trusted femboy maid's dick while being consumed by his "wifes" booty, yet here it is.
Darcy didn't last more than thirty seconds of desperate thrusts before he cums down his former master's throat, the horseboy neighing in pleasure as the boy gulps every drop. He slowly starts to pull his softening cock out of Gerard's mouth, his head now the only thing outside of Betsy's pucker. As if the sudden blowjob wasn't surprising enough, the horseboy maid got down and grips the human's head.
"I'll never forget the love you gave me, Master Grove!" he says, tears rolling down his cheeks.
With his words said, Darcy deeply kisses the surprised and wide eyed Gerard for a good ten seconds before pulling away. The boy calmed down and looked at the crying femboy.
"I love you," Darcy said.
"I know," Gerard answers.
And just like that, Betsy's asshole slurps the last of the young master inside. Darcy watched as lumps and imprints appeared on the bunny's gut, rumbles and gurgles eminating from within. She moans and groans at the feeling of live prey moving about inside her, almost forgetting how amazing it feels after so long.
"Aaaaaaaahhhhhh~" Betsy sighs pleasureably, a happy and derpy look on her face.
Darcy inhaled the gas expelled from the bunny's butt and was knocked out, landing on the soft bed. Betsy, on the other hand, doesn't move an inch afterwards and remains in her position, her big ass presented and up in the air. The movement in her gut lessened until it ultimately stopped altogether, Gerard falling into permenant sleep.
The bunny maid uses her arms to feel her bloated stomach, feeling the unmoving body of her "husband" inside.
"Hope it's all worth it, darling," she teases.
Some time after Gerard's digestion, Betsy wakes up to the feeling of building pressure in her newly padded backside. She gets up and grabs the vase the young master told her about, placing it under her ass and squatting down to relieve the contents within her. After a couple cute toots and poots that made her chuckle, she feels the remains of the boy make their exit from her ass.
"Heh heh, morning, darling," she teases, feeling the first log of shit ooze out her butt.
The bunny continues to expel the crap that was Gerard into the vase, filling it up rather nicely. She feels surprised to find no bones yet, the woman used to feeling some bones rubbing her insides on the way out. The vase was 3/4 full when she feels it, something she quite admires.
"Ooh," she jumps slightly. "Sorry, darling. As much as I know how much you enjoy the inside of my asshole and the smell, but I'm gonna have to ask! Aaaahhh~"
With a poot, the skull of her "husband" pops out of her pucker and lands in the filth-filled vase. The last of him shat out, Betsy stands up and turns around to see her handiwork.
"This is what you asked for, dear," she says to the shit-filled vase, almost as if she was talking to Gerard. "A one-way trip in my ass and you become a permanent addition to my ass. Hope it's worth all your fortune, kid."
Just then, Darcy enters the room and spots the fat naked bunny woman standing in front of the foul-smelling brass vase. Putting a hand over his nose, he approaches Betsy and taps her on the shoulder.
"Um, Ms- Erm, Mrs. Bottoms," he starts, "I-I wanted to talk to you about something."
"Hm?" she says, turning around to see him. "Oh, Darcy. What is it?"
"W-Well, it's about me," he replies. "Now that young Master Grove is gone, what'll become of me? He never mentioned anything about me in the paper."
"Guess he left it up to me," she says. "To be honest with ya, Darcy, your stunt last night..."
Oh, no, the femboy thought. I'm gonna get fired because of my last farewell to young Master Grove.
Suddenly, the bunny felt something in her gut. Not a bad cause of gas or indigestion, but something else entirely. She then makes a mad dash for the bathroom in the master bedroom and barfs into the toilet, Darcy running in just in time to see her.
"M-Mrs. Bottoms?!" the femboy says, confused and worried for her health. "Are you alright?!"
The big bunny takes a few quick breaths and looks up to the horseboy, just as confused and worried.
"I'm not sure," she answers. "I doubt Gerard was responsible for this. He added nicely to my ass, the very ass he loved and willingly gave himself to, but the rest of him I shit out into that vase."
"Hm," Darcy thinks. "Call me crazy, but what if..."
He leans down and whispers his thoughts into one of her bunny ears, the big bunny taken aback by his words.
"That's a stupid answer," she tells him. "There's no way that's the reason! You're crazy to think like that, Darcy!"
"Maybe," he says. "But, just to be sure..."
He pulls open a drawer and procures an item, handing it to Betsy. The big bunny hovers it between the toilet and under her snatch, letting lose a stream of urine on it. After a couple seconds of peeing, she stops and looks at the device to see the result.
...It read (+).
"I-I-I'm..." she stammers, the result shocking her.
Darcy looks at the device and saw the (+) result, his face shocked and surprised.
"O...M...Goodness," he says. "You're pregnant!"
Later that day, Betsy set up and appointment with the local fertile clinic. She went to there to get a professional opinion from them. The results pointed in the exact same direction; she's expecting a child.
The big bunny didn't think about it until now, but her memory traced back to when Gerard asked for one last romp before he was eaten. She remembered he came inside her pussy, his cum made its way into her womb. She's carrying what's left of him, the last bit of Gerard Grove.
She chuckles at this, believing maybe this was the pervy boy's true last wish. For her to give birth to his - no, THEIR - child and raise it as the next heir to the family fortune. Betsy rubs her gut, imagining what the kid'll look like.
"You clever little bastard, Gerard," she says amusingly.
The months pass by and the day of birth arrived, the birthing going without a hitch. At least, up until she gave birth to a second child. Yes, the big bunny woman gave birth to healthy twins.
Darcy, having been kept on to help her around the mansion, washed the twins clean and identified them as a boy and girl. They mostly inherited their father's human appearance, but was blessed with their mother's white bunny ears and fluffy little white tails. The girl has her mother's blonde hair, while the boy inherited his father's black hair.
"Congratulations, Mrs. Bottoms," cheered Darcy. "You're now the proud mother of two healthy children! Oh, they're so beautiful, just like their momma and poppa!"
"That they are, Darcy," Betsy says, just as happy yet tired from all the pushing. "That they are."
"Ah, right! Have you thought up their names yet??" the femboy horse asked.
"This one'll be Beatrix," she mentions the girl.
"And what about the boy??"
"Junior," she says. "He shall be Gerard Grove Jr."
This brings a joyful tear from the horse, happy to see his former master rembered and honored as a name for the son he sired.
"And you, Darcy boy, are gonna help me raise them. I can't handle both of them all alone."
He looks up at her and says excitedly...
"I call dibs on Gerard Jr!"
The two share a laugh as they enjoy the rest of the day with the birth of Beatrix and Gerard Bottoms, the twin children of Gerard Grove Jr. and Betsy Bottoms.
Darcy, as he said, raised young Gerard Jr. into being a good boy. When the boy reached 18, the femboy horse discovered the young lad's interest in big bubble butts on big muscled cute guys. He jokingly says the young man is much like his father, all while he wonders what sexy hunk young Gerard Jr. will hook up with.
Betsy took care of Beatrix by raising her to be a good girl, albeit with some difficulty. On the day the twins turned 18, the big bunny caught her daughter with her twin brother halfway up her tush. After sending Gerard Jr. to clean himself in the shower, Betsy told her daughter how proud of her she is and promises to train her in the "family art."
All in all, Betsy Bottoms lived happily ever after as a Mistress and a Mother of adorable hybrid twins.
The End
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Big Bunny Butt By FreelancerSmurf

Last story before the end of the year. Glad to get this out before the start of the New Year. Anyway...

A young man starts flirting with a bodacious bunny maid, saying how much he loves big bunny butts jiggle while they hop. Things heat up between maid and master when he slaps the bunny's ass one day, the bunny caught off guard. She would later catch him off guard that night by giving him exactly what he wants: her big bodacious bunny bubble butt!

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Posted by VoraciousShapeshift 1 year ago

This was awesome! I was fine with it possibly ending with just predatory revenge, but it would've made me sad since I sympathized with Gerard, so the change to Willing, and the interesting and happy ending, makes it perfect!


Posted by FreelancerSmurf 1 year ago

Thank you!


Posted by Brazzel 9 months ago

"I'm Gerard Grove," he spoke, "the young master of this mansion...and I'm a voraphile of the anal kind."

Gods, I love the dialogue in this.


Posted by FreelancerSmurf 9 months ago

Thank you!