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Darkness at the end of the Aqua tunnel By Renael -- Report

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A raucous chorus of songs and cheers rang throughout the adventurer's guild as frothy mugs of ale were banged against one another in merriment. There was plenty of merriment and lots of unsolicited grabbing on this night, when Kazuma's party finally returned from another one of their grueling quests. A horde of frightful undead that was advancing on the city had been successfully defeated, and now the residents of Axel were giving plenty of tribute to these band of brave adventurer's.

“Another round on me!” Kazuma shouted as he stood on top of a table, eliciting another round of applause. Amid the hoops and hollers, Megumin, the team's archwizard, came running up.

“Kazuma, Kazuma!” she chirped.

Kazuma didn't answer her, instead he smirked and titled his head to the crowd. Immediately everyone gathered threw their hands up in the air and giddily replied:

“Yes, I'm Kazuma!”

“That's the line! I can't get enough of it!” Someone in the back shouted.

“Can I have more chicken skewers Kazuma!” Megumin asked, her cheeks bulging from all the food in her mouth. Even though both her hands carried the grilled poultry, she clearly wanted more.

“Why not?” Kazuma said, “In fact, everyone gets chicken skewers on me!”

Lapping up another roar of adulation, Kazuma leaned back and laughed almost maniacally.

Taking a long gulp of her beverage, Aqua stayed almost uncharacteristically silent throughout all of this. Sitting far away from the commotion Kazuma was partaking in, Aqua found herself nursing her ever growing pile of alcoholic drinks. Normally she would have been up there basking in the limelight as well, entertaining everyone with her useful party tricks. But today Kazuma had decided to be extremely selfish and hog all the attention to himself. This really chapped her panty-less behind, since it was her that had purified all those ghouls.

Well, whatever, she thought, at least I'm getting to drink as much beer as I want.

As she tilted her mug upwards to drain the last bits of tasty golden liquid, an audible sigh reminded Aqua that even now she couldn't find total peace in her binge drinking. Not with her sitting opposite of her table.

Dustiness Ford Lalatina, aka Darkness, aka that one useless perverted crusader on the team, for whatever reason decided to make Aqua her drinking partner for the night. As as the night wore on, Darkness was beginning to grate on Aqua's nerves more and more.

Aqua could have sworn she heard Darkness give a low moan as the heavily armored blonde watched Aqua's slender throat gulp down the frothy brew.

Is she always this much of a creep when she's drunk? Aqua pondered. She felt like telling her off, but at this point she knew she was far too buzzed to actually slur out any semblance of a coherent sentence. Screw it, I'm just gonna continue to chug until I black out, hopefully Darkness will go away by then.

As Aqua grabbed another large pitcher to down, already that familiar blackness of inebriation was beginning to make its familiar return. As her vision began to fade however, Aqua missed Darkness give a nervous lecherous smile as she got up from her seat, and began to make her way toward the blue haired goddess.


“Hrrrrk...unnngh...oh god, my head...” Aqua pitifully groaned out. As her eyesight slowly began to function again, she tried to get up from where she was laying, but found the attempt futile as her body was still apparently too sluggish to move.

Judging by the soft light entering the room, Aqua figured it had been several hours since she blacked out. Somehow she had made the drunken return to her own room in order to crash for the rest of the night. Something she was glad for, since most binges usually ended up with her face down in a pool of her own vomit in some alleyway.

The hangover she was feeling however, was probably the worst she had ever suffered through. Her throat burned like if acid had been poured down it, and her stomach roiled with the pains of having a full sized person roll around its congested innards.

What a second there.

Aqua's brain tried its best to roll back what it just processed. Gingerly, with the pain of the hangover still clouding her mind, she turned over the sheets covering her body to more closely inspect what exactly was hiding and making her feel so terribly ill. Aqua felt herself give a painful dry gulp as she saw her once beautiful and slender waist having suddenly transformed into a grotesque bumpy inhuman sized blob of writhing flesh. Whatever was inside her poor cramped tummy was very huge, and very heavy. So heavy that there was no way Aqua could have moved under her own weight all the way here from the adventurer's guild. That meant that whatever was raising a ruckus in her guts must have been swallowed when she was here.

Trying her best to ignore the giant pink orb wriggling in front of her, Aqua quickly tried to scan the room for any clue to her bloated state. One look over her dwellings was enough to produce evidence of the gluttonous deed. A pile of discarded armor in the corner of her room, one very distinct and familiar looking. Her lips curling into a growl, Aqua turned to her bloated orb of a belly and gave it a firm accusatory poke.

“Darkness! Is that you in there?” Aqua shouted.

“Y-Yessssss...” Darkness groggily replied after a few moments, her voice barely audible under the layers of flesh.

Before Aqua could continue her line of questing, her stomach gave a sudden painful lurch, attempting to push the huge form of the naked crusader deeper into its bowels, with little success. Aqua writhed on her bed in digestive discomfort, her hands gripping her turgid sides as Darkness writhed about, squealing in pleasure.

“D-Don't tell me you're getting off on this...” Aqua gasped.

“I-I couldn' myself!” Darkness panted. “It wasn't fair you and Megumin got to feel the slimy bliss of being inside those giant toads...”

“You have got to be kidding me you insane perverted, unngh!” Aqua growled, unable to finish her line of insults due to another wave of digestive cramps.

“Annnh!” Darkness moaned. “I didn't intend it to be this way! I just, was watching you drink those mouthfuls of beer, and it just reminded me...So when you passed out drunk, I had to take you home, and seeing you laying there in bed, with your mouth wide open and snoring...I just... I just had to!”

Throughout Darkness's rambling, Aqua could have sworn she could feel the girl squirm in a very particular way. She really didn't want to think about what exactly the nude girl was doing to herself in there, clearly on cloud nine at having finally achieved to be in a slimy heaven.

“Darkness, you need to get out right this second. I'm not going to spend the rest of my life carrying your useless fat butt around!” Aqua demanded.

“J-Just a little more please! I'm...I'm almost there...”

“Don't you dare do whatever I think you're doing Darkness!” Aqua yelled, giving her belly a firm smack. All it did however was cause Darkness to let out a squeal of delight as she gave one final shivering jerk before collapsing in a post glow stupor.

“Oh, I think I'm going to be sick...” Aqua hiccuped, putting a hand to her mouth.

“No wonder you're sick. You drank like a fish as usual Aqua.” came a voice beyond her door.

In a panic, Aqua grabbed what bedsheets she could and covered the offending bulge of shame protruding from her middle as Kazuma casually let himself in.

“W-Who gave you permission to come in a lady's room!” Aqua stuttered out.

“Me, the owner of this mansion. And you're no lady.” Kazuma retorted. “We were trying to figure out where you and Darkness went off to while everyone was partying. I figured you'd be here, though I expected far more puke lining the walls.”

“Well sorry to disappoint your puke fetish Kazutrash. A goddess knows how to hold her drink.”

“Yeah whatever. Now that our resident useless drunk goddess is accounted for, where is our useless crusader?”

A bead of sweat ran down Aqua's face, as she tried to jumpstart her brain in coming up with some sort of excuse.

“She uh, um, went looking for giant toads?” Aqua squeaked out.

“Giant toads?”

“Y-Yeah! She was really drunk and was going on and on about wanting to get inside one.”

“Great. Really great Darkness.” Kazuma sighed. “Guess me and Megumin better go search for her useless butt before she gets digested then. Hurry up and put some clothes on then Aqua, just in case we need a resurrection spell.”

“I-In a minute!” Aqua said. “I'm still getting over my hangoveeerrrrrruuuUUURRRP!”

A sudden and crash belch ripped through Aqua's mouth as the last of Darkness's waning movments pushed out her remaining pocket of air. A lout wet splat soon followed as something landed on the floor beside her bed. Her face turning a bright shade of red, Aqua carefully peered over to look what had been ejected from her throat.

A pair of lacy black underwear, slightly covered in some viscous digestive fluid lay on the ground in broad daylight.

“Ah...” Aqua croaked out.

Rubbing his eyes, all Kazuma did was shake his head. “I really need to stop partying so late at night. I'm starting to see things. Just do whatever you need to cure that hangover and help us find Darkness.” With that Kazuma left the room, leaving Aqua and her meal alone once again.

Finally being able to compose herself, Aqua pulled the sheets back down once more and inspected her bulbous stomach, now eerily still save for the natural rumblings of digestion.

“Darkness?” Aqua whispered, prodding her middle for any response. She could feel the large form of the crusader inside her, except she was no longer moving at all.

“Oh crap.”

Already she could feel her stomach begin its dutiful process of trying to break down the body of the girl inside of it. Her eyes darting around the room, Aqua tried to figure out how rectify the predicament she was now in.

Maybe a resurrection spell? Aqua reasoned. But that would only bring her back to square one, a perverted crusader eager to be digested again. If only there was a way to bring her back up, but Darkness's body was so large it seemed impossible to do so. As it stood, the real only logical course of action was to-

“Dammit no! Anything but that!” Aqua shouted. Her heavy meal sloshed inside loudly, making her give a pained hiccup. Carefully, she sat up and leaned herself off her bed, trying to stand up. It was a herculean process, the girl felt like she weighed a ton. Aqua's round and large pink belly threatened to drag her to the ground under its own weight. Putting both hands underneath the swell of her gut, Aqua took careful steps to her own bathroom.

She didn't know what exactly she had planned. All she knew is that being in close proximity to a toilet in the privacy of her own room was the safest place to be right now, no matter the outcome. Letting out another belch of Darkness's expired air, Aqua groaned in indigestive pain as her stomach pushed and squeezed its meal around, making sure it coated it with plenty of acidic slime.

“Darkness you idiot. I swear if you fatten me up I'm not gonna bother bringing you urp...back!”

A picture I got from  Nyxon that I asked  Noisekeeper to write a story to accompany! And I think it's real gucchi. Thanks a bunch, and I hope you like it! Go give Nk and Nyx some love, too.

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Posted by PimpDaddyPichu 2 years ago Report

RIP in gut dorkness. She never scored.

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Posted by ThatBrassyGuy 2 years ago Report

That writing.


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Posted by Bright 2 years ago Report

Nicely done writing. I think you managed to capture the personality of the characters quite nicely.

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Posted by crushxtreame 2 years ago Report

Second that!

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Posted by Blackheartedreaper2 2 years ago Report

Nice story. Noisekeeper is a great choice for these scenarios.

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Posted by Whereaminow27 2 years ago Report

OMG, I hope to see and read more of this Darkness & Aqua. They seem like the perfect Pair. If Aqua could get over the pervertedness, I bet they would turn out to be real good friends :P

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