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Sore Victory [Scat] By Septia

In the slums and underground, you can find yourself fighting for many reasons. Glory, riches or pride. And as easily as you get into a fight, you can be Shamed, broke and humiliated.
And when unknown powers are in the mix, you can end up loosing more than just pride.

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I wrote this story as a commission for  anonymous.

Proofreader for this story was  vraddock.

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[Quick guide:

End of battle, punching, defeat. Ass food play. Creating butt plug Golem.

After 1st: Anal vore, unwilling pred, anal insertion.

After 2nd: Scat, hyper dump. Straining massive forced dump.

After 3rd: Humiliation, continued hyper scat.

After 4th: Hyper scat end, victory claimed. ]

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Posted by Gutswimmer 1 year ago

All of your stories involve situation and themes which mever fail to press some of my harder-to-reach buttons. Your story of a crew of micros assisting Fluttershy with her post-vore constipation is a prime exampke. However-and, maybe it's just me-most of the onomatopoeias you include in your descriptions make your stories overly convoluted to read. Nothing interrupts the flow of an erotic novel more than having to stop and think about something. Maybe instead of onomatopoeias, you could occasionally describe a sound in full detail, comparing the act of excretion to a turgidly filled tube of toothpaste being squeezed empty. Just as an example.
Again, maybe this is an issue only to me, but it's also the only glaring issue I detected. Of course, feel free to ignore this comment if you wish, but I hope I was at least somewhat constructive in my criticism.


Posted by Septia 1 year ago

This is a subjective preference, and I write stories as the commissioner would prefer it.
However, I am thankful for you letting me know this, and it is something I will keep in mind.


Posted by AlchemillasFinest 1 year ago

How long have you been doing the "secret" messages?


Posted by Septia 1 year ago

I assure you, I have no clue what you are talking about.