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Subway Feast By Ryan-Drakel

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Tags: Anthro Anthro Pred Anthro Prey Avian Bunny Bunny girl Casual Casual vore Cock Vore Cow cow girl Demi Digestion Dragon F/F f/multiple Fatal Group vore Horse Human Human Pred Human Prey implied impregnation kirlia Lamia M/F m/multiple Mass Vore Mouse Multiple Prey multiple vore Naga oppai loli oppai loli pred Oral Sex Oral Vore Renamon Shota Shota Pred Underage Pred Underage Prey underage sex Unwilling Pred unwilling to willing pred Willing willing prey Edit

One Tag Per Line!

A young teen ends up in a bit of trouble when he ends up on the wrong train.

Okay testing the waters here with something that really bothers me. Unwilling. Never liked unwilling prey because, hey. Lots of fear, screaming, death, that kinda junk. But unwilling predator seemed different. In this case the girls Want to be prey but the pred doesn't wanna. So its a test.

Comments and criticism welcome!

Also, no net yet. Uploading from phone. Working on it!

Story was inspired by a doujinshi I saw recently. Hope that's okay!

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Posted by awakener 8 days ago

I loved the story, I really did and BV is my favorite, but I couldn’t help but at the ending simply because of the “with pleasure”. I lost it at that. Great read though.


Posted by Ryan-Drakel 8 days ago

Im glad you enjoyed it. And i only typed this in a couple hours. Hm! New record.


Posted by awakener 8 days ago

New records are always fun. I’ve written a couple stories myself but they’re on DA


Posted by IronGhostXLII 8 days ago



Posted by Ackerlan 8 days ago

What was the doujinshi?


Posted by Ryan-Drakel 8 days ago

Gimme a sec. Site may be sketchy.
This was the inspiration. Shota warning... But you dont need that warning by being here, yes?


Posted by VincentShadowScale 8 days ago

Hehe, now that's my kind of trip ^w^


Posted by FanficFetishist 7 days ago

I would happily eat them all and grow fat off of them. VERY well done.


Posted by PhantomWolf 6 days ago

This.Was. Freaking. AWESOME! one of the greatest stories I've ever read on this site. Bravo! BRAVO BRAVO!


Posted by Ryan-Drakel 5 days ago

Greatest? o///o; I'm sure there are others out there that are better... But I'm honored to hear you say that. ^///^


Posted by crushxtreame 3 days ago

Good story as usual love that ur back


Posted by Ryan-Drakel 3 days ago

Already got a story in mind.


Posted by JacktheDragon 1 day ago



Posted by Ryan-Drakel 1 day ago

Something up? If you know a way to make the next story better, please, tell me. ^.^


Posted by JacktheDragon 1 day ago

No nothing is up and story is ok I guess.


Posted by SlipperyPal 21 hours ago

Ho-lee shit man. I don't comment on things on here, but this deserves the active praise. I mean, wow. I'm a huge fan of your stuff on here. Love your stuff, but this is a whole 'nother level. Every single encounter felt dripping with that perfect casual-digestion sexiness. You know how to keep everything expertly and relentlessly paced, which is called for in such a manic setting as this. I just... it's hard to put into words, but I LOVED this story. I quite like same-size super-willing mass vore scenarios, and this is cream-of-the-crop in all of the right ways.

If I had to give one bit of critique, I'd say that you could maybe break up the interactions a little more, formatting-wise. So many parts moving so fast made it feel like I was losing track of characters in the scene, and while I'm sure a huge part of that was the fact that I was... well, a bit distracted, I think having the interactions (later on especially) have more distinction in who's performing which actions would go a long way.

Still, just really fantastic all around. This is the kind of work you should be proud of, genuinely. Great, great job.


Posted by Ryan-Drakel 20 hours ago

I couldn't help but be grinning like an idiot ear-to-eat reading this.
I'm honored you took the time to comment on this.

As for formatting, yeah you're right. I tried to cut in with 'mild intermissions' to see how other characters are doing during the whole premise. See what they're thinking, feeling, etc...

And I'm honored to hear you're a huge fan.


Posted by Ryan-Drakel 20 hours ago

.... ear-to-ear... KEYBOARD?! WHY?!!!!


Posted by SlipperyPal 20 hours ago

"Ear-to-eat" might actually be more appropriate given the subject matter, haha. You deserve the praise, for sure. I actually really liked how you structured the intermissions! Made the whole scene feel a LOT more organic than a simple sequence of events. Like, the imagery is THERE and vibrant and undeniable. The issue is one that comes with any written scene with a lot of clearly defined moving parts, which is trying to manage it all so the reader can keep track without having to analyze.

Still, that's nothing a few line breaks and pronoun replacements couldn't patch up, and I'd still definitely put this up with my all time favorite vore stories. If there's anything I've taken away from all your stuff, it's that you have a crazy good imagination for vore scenarios that are extremely sexually charged on their own, coupled with a writing style that conveys just as much of the direct sexiness.


Posted by Ryan-Drakel 18 hours ago

I like to think I have my own artistic style. Everyone else has their drawings, I have my words which paints vivid pictures in the mind.

Problem is, I could go further with the details... but...
Too much detail and you end up lost in a sea of words, not seeing the true beauty of what's under the waters.