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Cumforting Places - Chapter 3 By FuzzyTaco

So, I feel a bit of context is in order.

Cumforting Places originated as... well, my fetishes as words. Upon writing chapter three I started to... build. Everything, from History to Biology. 150k words in and I still have no idea where it's going. This chapter seemed to be the true beginning.

I hope you all enjoy the chapters to come.

And now, the disclaimer:

Chapter 3 of Undetermined.

I would recommend reading the previous chapters strongly. Alex will be sad if you don't.

Constructive criticism is welcome.

I own all characters featured in Cumforting Places.

Claire probably tasted like peanut butter.

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Posted by Graywolf18 9 months ago

The longer chapter was well appreciated. I love exposition and story building almost as much as the... "meat" of the story.

I don't like spoilers so I generally avoid making them buuut... *SPOILER WARNING*

I thought for a minute that you'd need the a "gender change" tag but that thought was quickly done in.

And he's something I need clarification on. I thought that a girl with a dick and no pussy was a shemale.

Herm's have both dicks and pussies (balls optional)
Futanari is the Japanese word for hermaphrodite
Shemale is a girl with a dick/balls and no pussy (Alex/Lily)
I'm not calling you out, I'm actually asking if I'm mistaken.

After all that's said and done I really liked this chapter. I had a feeling about Lily after her first visit in chapter 2 but this ending threw me a bit. Didn't see that coming at all. Not that I'm complaining. Well done. :)


Posted by FuzzyTaco 9 months ago

Hermaphrodite, or Newhalf or Shemale, as far as I'm aware has a cock and balls and secondary female organs (breasts), while a Futanari has a shaft and slit and secondary female organs.

I don't know if I am right or not, but this is the definition the story is based on :P

As you could probably tell by Lily's, AHEM SPOILERS AHEM, penetration, the biology is different from you or me.

I'm happy you enjoyed it, and this isn't even the longest :)


Posted by Graywolf18 9 months ago

Sounds good to me, I'ma go back to never asking embarrassing questions like that ever again. ;)

I'm not even sure my spoiler tag was valid after I had finished editing it (around the thirtieth time) but yeah, I'm looking forward to reading what'cha got coming out next. I get the feeling it'll be crazy.


Posted by FuzzyTaco 9 months ago

It wasn't embarrassing, no worries!

I'm not sure if the next chapter will be a surprise, but...

Well, no spoilers :)


Posted by Graywolf18 9 months ago

Oh no, it was PLENTY embarrassing. Don't try to make me feel better, it just makes it worse. >//^//<


Posted by FuzzyTaco 9 months ago

Well, then we can both be embarrassed.

Every time I release chapter I get a chill up my spine, thinking: "Will people like this? Will I get Hate?"

I go full Lily and stutter my way through it all.


Posted by crushxtreame 9 months ago



Posted by FuzzyTaco 9 months ago

Thank you!


Posted by ShamelessPerv 8 months ago

This has got to be one of the hottest things I've read on this site n at the same time on of the best written!!
cant wait to binge read the rest of this!


Posted by FuzzyTaco 8 months ago

Thank you! And I hope you enjoy!


Posted by nysmnyd 7 months ago

About a third of the way down, you put venerable instead of vulnerable.


Posted by FuzzyTaco 7 months ago

Ah, and this is why I now have an editor...

Tankuu, friend! I'll fix it as soon as I can!


Posted by nysmnyd 7 months ago