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Pred Quest 3-114 By Humbug

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>> Look for an opportunity to snarf someone.

Whatever man. You're sure things'll turn out just fine without interfering. Just gotta follow the Tao, right? You let the big bug horse do her thing, and you go look around for an opportunity to do yours.

It takes a little while, but eventually you find someone just being a wallflower. She clearly doesn't want to be here and winces every time anyone even comes slightly close. Real shut-in type. You have a feeling someone forced her to be here, and she's just anxiously awaiting a time when she can get away from everyone.

So you're thinkin'...maybe you can get her out of the building for a bit? You just hope the fact that you're a stranger doesn't turn her off too much.
Of course, you can also just try to discreetly drug her. This spot seems not to be crowded as constantly as some of the others; probably why this horse chose it. She does seem acutely aware of when someone gets close to her, though, so you're gonna have to be careful. Last thing you want is to get caught with drugs. The laws are unfair, but you don't want to be a martyr for that cause just yet.
Alternatively, you could maybe send her to one of your friends? You're kinda lickin' your chops at her (She looks very organic!), but this place IS kind of a dangerous one to snarf anyone in.

NOTE: Chrysanthemum belongs to  goldenheart. Fluttershy belongs to Hasbro.


NOTE: Voting ended at 5:30 p.m. EST. The results are as-follow:

Lure: 1-63 (63 votes)
Send to others: 64-90 (23 votes + 4 Priscilla's choice)
Drug: 91-107 (17 votes)

Result: 86 (Send her to Renée or Leslie.)

Success: 1-80
Failure: 81-100

Result: 24 (Success!)

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Posted by Kasra 11 months ago

Hm...I mean, it's been mentioned before, we don't really have any Big Snarfers on our team here. Priscilla feels like a support, so my first instinct is "guide to others," but at the same time Leslie seems like a planner while Renée is sort of a medium-weight pred...

Still, seems like a good opportunity to lure outside and get the points.