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ALiS: Ch. 2, Part 4 By TaciturnTiger

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You impersonate a cop, get a hint of the criminal activity scope in town, and have a good (though non-vorarephiliac) dinner. The night after, you meet the vixen Frankie herself, and defend her beliefs in front of the other back-stagers.
This particular entry's a bit longer than the ones prior, I'd checked. It's about 3,203 words, when most entries check in at about 2,000. Nifty! Anyway, trying to get back into the swing of updating this tale regularly again...

Lost three gold pieces to pay for dinner. The third gold piece is split up into a 'spare change' item, as I'd done before with the other pocket change situation.
Health: Good ~ Magic: Good

Inventory: Staff, Dart x10, Silver Knife, 38 Gold (and spare change), Magical Test Papers, Show Ticket, Backstage Pass, Pouch of Cannibis

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Posted by Humbug 10 months ago

Dunno if Frankie's been using the same glass all night, but if you could just slip the paper over the lip of a glass she used, that should probably do it. Maybe say you'd like to share the glass and that it's a thing you've wanted to do for a while, then wipe it with the paper before you take a drink. Might be kinda weird, but it might also work, since you're kind of in her good graces right now.

I dunno. Someone come up with something better. XD


Posted by 1ring42 10 months ago

Well theres always the test strip doobie.


Posted by Humbug 10 months ago

If she's into that, yeah.


Posted by 1ring42 10 months ago

Even if she isn't, at worst we'd just waste one paper when we have plural.