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Fitzsimons Interrogation Techniques 101 By Liz

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Having people move out to the balcony to see such a sight of Salafeta in her normal form and Azelia showing off her Floof does make an impression on her guests with most unaware of such beings existing. Humans who think they are at the top of the food chain in both the business and natural world find themselves looking at such a sight it does shatter that confidence quickly and Elizabeth Fitzsimons enjoys getting the upper hand psychotically with her rivals before they even enter the meeting rooms.

I had fun drawing this one, I decided to show off Sala’s long tail rather than have it just run off screen, she is an impressive Naga friend to have around the office along with Azelia who is devious, playful and most of all Floofy friends to have around for meetings. Just a quick drawing this time I want to get a few ideas drawn up and get back into the drawing habits.

Salafeta belongs to  WalkingBySelf
Azelia belongs to  Trelyx
Liz belongs to me ^^
PS – I might end up doing a vore version of this, I intended to do it at the start having a few ladies in Sala’s tail and a well Feed Floof, I might do this later.

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Posted by Haysack 8 months ago

Looks amazing <3


Posted by Liz 8 months ago

Thank you :D


Posted by d122id 8 months ago

A solid bit of work, bravo


Posted by Liz 8 months ago

Cheers :)


Posted by RavenXeo 8 months ago

how pretty<3


Posted by Liz 8 months ago

Thank you :)


Posted by rojo55 8 months ago

those 3 look amazing but my favorite one wins that beautiful snake tail XD


Posted by Liz 8 months ago

Salafeta does enjoy showing off her tail ;)


Posted by sadlyknight 8 months ago

I really love your artwork Liz


Posted by Liz 8 months ago

Thank you <3


Posted by sweetladyamy 8 months ago

Hmmm...looks like there are slight bulges already in Salafeta's tail... ♥


Posted by Liz 8 months ago

She might be still processing the last interview ;)


Posted by sweetladyamy 8 months ago

How lucky for her... ♥


Posted by Dragonjaj 8 months ago

Ok i know ill be food for this but so worth it!

*walks up to them grabs the fox girl and nagas breats while pushing my face to last girls tits*

Ok girls have at me.


Posted by Liz 8 months ago

Hehe she is quiet predatory too <3