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Sacrifice By dayittleone1

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This is an older commission of mine for a nice young lady named Tamika who wanted to see herself in various dangerous situations. I found this lingering in an old commissions folder in my "Working" files. This is the only one of these that ever had finished/final approval.

She had a total of three that she wanted and were planned for posting: This one was finished and sent off to her via email/PM, but she vanished before I could get any kind of finalization or approval on the last two which were a cannibalistic cooking work and being caught in a spider web. We spoke for a while, work got done/started then *POOF!!*, gone... she was a real sweetheart, too. ^.^ I liked her.

This one was my favorite, as it had kinda this strange Lovecraftian quality that really gets me buzzing. :3 I had a short story prepared to post with it too!! But it doesn't feel right throwing the short up when it too never received final approval. :( Well, still, at least it's up...

I suppose I could've used this as an introductory work to some of the various cults of Agledish as well.... but again, not approved for this. Oh well.

As always, tag how you see fit.

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Posted by ChaoskampfNunc 3 days ago

Spooky tentacles at the bottom of a well are never good


Posted by GreyMousey 3 days ago

Not for people dangling above them, anyway.


Posted by dayittleone1 3 days ago

I dont know, sounds like the start to a really intense ravaging to me. XD Then again... Tentical monster = hot to me. XD


Posted by GreyMousey 2 days ago

That *does* sound like fun.


Posted by dayittleone1 3 days ago

Heh, right? XD

And I had this idea of there being this continual satanic chanting and beating drums as this unholy entity of madness, death and lust slowly encoils her body and pulls her down into the dark... Then breaks her mentally with whatever pervers things an unimaginable horror can do to a young woman before devouring her alive...

Sexy stuff. ^.^


Posted by ChaoskampfNunc 3 days ago

It's a shame I don't like tentacles X3


Posted by dayittleone1 3 days ago

Awww, sad fish. XD


Posted by DarkDay 3 days ago

Stop squirming!
And let it happen. You might enjoy it >X3


Posted by dayittleone1 1 day ago

God knows I would... XD I'd love to know what kind of terrible, pervers things it'd do to me once I'm pulled down deep into the dark where no light will show the gods what terrible fate it'd inflict on my helpless body... *shivers* Jesus, what's wrong with me? XD


Posted by DarkDay 1 day ago

Yiu like it rough, don't ya my dear?~
All dem tentacles running through and over your body? Squeesing your tits to the point they become numb and blue from the lack of flowing blood? Piercing your pink lips till they completely filled your womb and even then squirm inside of you? And then burrowing deep within your nether regions? Squirming through your organs, each inch of movement felt? Until it finally reaches your mouth and exits?.....


Posted by jun1337 2 days ago

Oh dear, it looks like she's in some trouble. I wonder if these are more rapey tentacles, or constricting crushing tentacles, or tear-you-to-shreds tentacles. Or maybe some of each... I guess she'll find out soon enough!


Posted by dayittleone1 1 day ago

I'd lean more toward some of each- though I wonder which it'd choose to use on someone so young and supple. ;)