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ALiS: Ch. 2, Part 5 By TaciturnTiger

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Your guile fails you toward getting Frankie to test her powers, and it only goes downhill from there. With a witch planning to putrefy the flesh off Frankie's fans' bodies if they interfere with her crew's kidnapping, it'll take some real moxy to create an opening to best her...
I hadn't thought to have Rachel's weapons handed over when I wrote the last entry. Removing their availability from this scene's iteration of her inventory.

Rachel's Health levels dropped a bit from getting pummeled by the witch. What a bitch!
Health: Fairly Good ~ Magic: Good

Inventory: 38 Gold (and spare change), Magical Test Papers, Show Ticket, Backstage Pass, Pouch of Cannabis

Inaccessible Gear: Staff, Dart x10, Silver Knife [handed over to theater security]

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Posted by 1ring42 10 months ago

Make it seem as if the lights were cut then use the distraction to start gulping her down.


Posted by Humbug 10 months ago

Does spellcasting require verbal components in this world?


Posted by TaciturnTiger 10 months ago

Ah, nope. It's entirely willpower-based.


Posted by Humbug 10 months ago

Okay, another question: In the primer, it says Rachel can use "mind-affecting" magic. Does that include controlling others' minds too, or is it just planting ideas in their heads?


Posted by TaciturnTiger 10 months ago

Ah, good question! Mostly it's not powerful enough to control others, but anything else works. The 'Suggestion' spell from D&D comes to mind.

Mostly, I imagine the mind-affecting thing being taken more to mean 'altering how one perceives things', or 'how the mind affects the body'. The former can be used to create hallucinations, the latter can induce paralysis, for instance. Altering emotions is also viable.

...I really need to write that "Patch Notes" entry, or at least a definitive "Spell Book" entry. :x


Posted by Humbug 10 months ago

Probably a good idea. lol

I'm kind of strapped for ideas still, but...uh...
Let's be a hero and try to paralyze her while she's not paying attention to us or is farther away from us, or from behind cover as the opportunity arises. It seems like even when a magic user can sense a spell is being cast, actually preventing it is really tough. I guess we can only hope she can't resist, though a second action of jumping her shit as she tries to shake it off might be prudent too.

Nothing ventured, nothing gained, right?