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Another happy sigh escaped Jamie's lips as he fell back onto his bed. On his stomach sat his computer, whirring away as it lagged with an illegally downloaded copy of Adobe Illustrator. It was his only possession that really mattered. He had clothes and a few games, but he had been left with so little after being kicked out of so many apartments.
He was so glad when his brother offered his apartment as a place to stay. Being homeless wasn't a pleasant experience the past few times Jamie had been forced onto the street.
Weeks had passed since he had moved in, but Jamie was still on air. All the time in the world was his, when he wasn't being responsible. Housekeeping and cooking were his main responsibilities, as Jamie didn't see a reason for Kaelob to cook or clean when Jamie spent most hours of his day at home. Even when Jamie figured he'd be out too late to cook dinner, he always grabbed take-out from a nearby restaurant on his way home.
This entire situation wasn't easy on Jamie's heart though. Despite the immense amount of free time open to him, guilt weighed heavily on his shoulders, and it shown in his art. Everyone had their burdens, Jamie just didn't want to be one for his brother. His best, that was what he was doing, though it felt like his best didn't matter sometimes.
As the hours transformed noon into afternoon, then evening, Jamie found himself in the kitchen stirring up a pot of curry. As time crawled on, the smell of curry crawled into the nooks and crannies of the apartment. The front door opened, Kaelob entering. He already his tie undone and tossed it onto the sterile white couch, laying his suitcase on the glass table top.
Jamie was rather unsure what Kaelob's career was, it never having interested him. All he knew was that it was a high position an he was paid well enough to afford an amazing apartment, everything in it, and a few nice trips a year. Maybe also, that Kaelob wore expensive and beautiful multi-piece business suits that oddly looked like tuxedos on him. Or maybe Kaelob just made them look that good.
"Mmmm, smells great. What are you cooking for me, little bro?" Arms, covered in hounds-tooth patterned cloth wrapped around Jamie's waist.
A happy little hum escaped Jamie's lips. "Chicken curry and rice." Both of them had always been affectionate with one another, being a little more touchy than most brothers. Kisses on the cheek, hugs around the waist, nuzzling one another's back.
"Delicious." Kaelob said, licking his lips, before he sat down, easing himself into the chair with a hefty sigh.
"Hard day at work?"
"Nah. Actually I had a rather great day."
Jamie approached the table, the pot of curry wafting with steam as he nestled it on the table. They settled in casual conversation followed by casual quiet. A soft quiet that didn't call for chatter, but could be interrupted with it. Devil's food cake was served for desert, Jamie drinking milk, and Kaelob, coffee.
"Jamie." Kaelob interlocked his hands, resting his chin on them.
His fork impaling the last remnant of cake, Jamie glanced up innocently.
"I would like to talk about our living arrangements..."
A gulp, and the soft cake became a brick in his throat. "Y-y-you're not kicking me out are you?"
Laughter erupted from Kaelob. No matter how warm the day, how high the mercury rose, Kaelob's laughter was bone-chilling. "No, no, no. Don't worry about that. I just figured..."
Reaching over, Kaelob touched Jamie's inner thigh. A few fingers languidly slipped over the skin, before traversing upward, stroking in the inner thighs.
"Kaelob, big bro... what are you doing...?" Jamie felt panick and blush come over him in equal force. He was answered by that sinful smile.
That smile was bone chilling, just like his laughter. It struck Jamie cold.
"I'm doing... saying..." Kaelob glided the chair over noiselessly. His hand skittered up Jamie's chest, his index finger taking his chin and forcing Jamie to stare into his purple eyes. "I've known how long you have been attracted to me. I figured why not act on that? It would benefit me and you."
Another gulp, but only without a brick of cake in his throat. Still felt the same.
Jamie had found his brother attractive. But who didn't? It was just wrongful lust he repressed as he sought other guys to fill his needs.
And when he lived on the street a lot of needs were fulfilled.
Knowing his brother was attracted to him though...
They were similar in many ways. Pale milky skin. Emerald green eyes. Yellowy blond hair. Their bodies were different, Kaelob taller by well over six inches, and broader. His entire body was muscular, like that of a wrestler. Jamie meanwhile was slender, lanky and shorter. Jamie's hair was unkempt, longer, hitting his upper back and just obscuring his vision. Kalelob hair was shorter, kept, moussed and slicked upwards.
Similarities ended at their looks, though. What had made Kaelob so attractive was his personality. Cool, aloof. He seemed selfish at times, but he showed how he cared in his own little ways. He was opposite of Jamie, who showed everything on his face and in his body. It was much harder to tell what Kaelob was thinking than Jamie.
Everything, especially the forbidden element of him, made Kaelob more attractive to Jamie.
Jamie's eyes flickered to his hands on his knees, then back to his brother. "What are these arrangements?"
The finger lifting up Jamie's chin moved swift down his arm, onto his hand, Kaelob wrenching his fingers underneath and interlocking them roughly together. "I think I'll tell you the details tomorrow, but not much will change. Except for us fulfilling each other's desires."
"Desires?" This discussion was swallowing bricks.
"Oh and you will be wearing a uniform."
"Uniform?" Bricks. Bricks everywhere.
"Yes. You don't need to go looking for work, but I know how you feel about being a burden." He gave a tight squeeze to his little brother's hand. "I figured, if you felt like you had a job, you wouldn't feel like a burden."
When the hammer struck the nail, it struck hard. A sudden nudity came over Jamie. He felt that everyone could see though him, as his brother's insight into him struck every chord.
An awkward and forced laugh from Jamie. "You sure know me, better than I do, I think." The laughter became more real, Jamie's smile spreading.
"It's only natural. I am your brother."
"Then I agree. I'll work for you, big bro." Jamie smiled widely.
A grin was on Kaelob's own face. Still that hint of deviousness. "You can take your measurements-"
"I already know them."
"Well then, I can get the uniforms custom-made and deliver them to you in a few days."
Jamie blushed, thinking about the idea of a job, the promise of not being a bother or burden. "Thank you big brother."
"Whatever I can do, little bro."
Days passed, Jamie on pins and needles. The apartment stayed immaculately clean, and dinner was always a big feast with dessert, Jamie unable to focus on his art with the promise of a job. His relationship with Kaelob became more affectionate, but their affections stayed chaste, pure. Consummation of their relationship would start with Jamie's job. Or that was what Kaelob had led Jamie to believe.
Evening had arrived just as Kaelob had, just a little late in comparison to when he normally returned. In his hands was a large black box, wrapped in a beautiful white lace ribbon.
"I'm starting to think daily grocery shopping will be a new chore for you." Kaelob chuckled, seeing the new dessert on a display stand and smelling the roast in the oven.
"Maybe." Jamie laughed. "I just need something to do."
In that moment, Kaelob approached Jamie with open arms, as he always had whenever he saw Jamie. Just a regular embrace, Jamie thought. Maybe a kiss on the cheek.
As his arms wrapped around Jamie's slender waist, he forcefully pressed their lips together. Jamie's eyes grew to saucers with the sudden kiss, but he quickly eased into the familiar warmth of his brother's lips. Forever, Jamie wished that moment would last. Engulfed in his brother's warmth, their lips against each other's. No tongue, just the warmth of breath washing over him.
Sadness entered Jamie as his brother pulled away, only for the smile to return with the box given to him. The box felt more like fabric than cardboard, and the ribbon, tied in an intricate bow on top, was detailed pure white lace.
"This box holds all of your uniforms. I expect you to take great care of them."
It was a rather large box for just one uniform. Jamie delicately untied the lacy ribbon, allowing it to daintily fall on top of itself as he set it aside to lift the top. It was a beautiful box and ribbon, too gorgeous not to keep.
Four pairs of black patent heels stared back at him. Each pair exactly the same. They were four inches tall, so Jamie still wouldn't surpass Kaelob's height. Placing the shoes next to the lace ribbon, an examination of the uniform began.
Scant. A scant maid uniform that was torn from a porno movie. Except for the fabric. It had the build of an awful porno maid uniform, but was created from high class materials. Long, gray silk stockings, tight against the skin. A scooping neckline that dipped beneath one's chest. Skirt and petticoat far too short to actually cover anything. A heart-shaped apron. Short, pristine white gloves. To top is all off, the white headdress, lacy and poofy, and not an enlarged lace monster maxi-pad.
What came with the sets of outfits were pure, pristine, white panties, with just he right amount of lace to indicate some chaste sexuality. Incredibly tiny panties, obviously meant for women.
Jamie quivered with excitement. Crossdressing was something he had always intended to do, but never really had the time or reason, but now...
Maybe though he didn't want to start with the world's highest quality pornography costume, but everyone started somewhere.
"Now, you remember the arrangement. Don't tell me you're frightened?" Kaelob tilted his head, faking a quivering lip. "Put it on now. You wouldn't want to make big bro sad now, would you?"
Oddly, excitement ran through Jamie as he gazed at the uniform. He felt fulfilled, for some reason. "I would never want to make you sad, big bro." A tender but devious grin crossed his lips as a thought crossed his mind. "Since I'm going to be wearing this, would you like for me to call you Master?"
That cold smirk pulled the right tip of Kaelob's lip up into his dimple. "No. Big brother or big bro is okay. Now go. Put on your uniform. Let's see how you look!"
A excited nod from Jamie. "Whatever you say big bro!" Jamie rushed into his room. For a moment, he hesitated, gazing at the clothes that gazed back up at him. Their lack of coverage, their intensity.
Then he remembered what his brother had asked of him. His new duty and role. The dreamy feeling of the fabrics helped a lot as well.
Off flew his clothes, his normal everyday wear of pants and graphic-tee exchanged for a scandalous maid's uniform.
But before the maid's uniform, were the white lace panties. Somehow virginal yet sexual. Jamie released a hefty sigh. If one was to go partially, may as well go all the way.
He already missed his boxers.
The panties slid over his legs, without much trouble, and the fabric feeling heavenly. Up until a certain point. Lace pinned his dick upwards and suffocated his nuts. It didn't feel dangerous, but it was certainly uncomfortable.
Over the panties was the petticoat, followed by the dress. Jamie could truly feel the extraordinary quality the outfit, with lovely softness. Despite the tightness of it, breathing wasn't difficult. A scooping neckline, swathed in lace, revealed just the peaks of his candy pink nipples. The hemlines of the dress and petticoat were far too short, even without heels, displaying the lower half of his ass, and just a bit of his crotch. The apron as heart-shaped, layered pointedly over Jamie's crotch. It was tiny, and was there for aesthetics than actual use, a lot of scalloped lace with petite laser-cut heart-shaped details.
Following the dress and its tightness was the stockings, which slid over Jamie's legs like a second skin. He marveled at the smoothness of them, and how they just melded into him. Gloves were next, which were of a similar fabric to the stockings, but made to be durable, created to allow dexterous movement.
Heels were something to be fearful of, but as Jamie slipped his feet in, they felt almost natural, as they had a soft sole. The heel was medium sized, not a stiletto, and made for everyday wear, Jamie deduced.
Last, the cherry-on-top, was the headdress. Classic white, but given a slightly new shape to not look completely like a feminine hygiene product. It pulled everything together and gave a genuine feel.
As genuine as one could get with this uniform taken from someone's wet dreams.
Walking in a dignified manner relegated to servants of immaculate service and dedication, Jamie approached Kaelob.
"Hello there, big brother." A dignified curtsy, followed by a spin to reveal the entire outfit.
"Damn... I know how to pick them." Kaelob watched his brother tingling with excitement. "Do you mind turning again?"
"As you wish." Back to the maintained dignity, excitement still leaking out like an untrained puppy. As he turned, Kaelob placed his hands on his shoulders, stopping Jamie in his tracks. The back revealed just as much as the front, scooping until it revealed Jamies mid-back.
A finger lightly trailed down Jamie's spine, goosepimples casting his flesh in hills.
"Maybe I should have purchased some bras. To complete the look." The finger lingered over where a bra might've hooked.
A trembling whimper escaped Jamie's lips. "Whatever you want big bro." Goosebumps still pricked and spilled over his skin.
"Bend over. I need a full view." Kaelob leaned back, awaiting his little brother's subservience. That smirk still tugged the right corner of his lips, hooking them upward.
Whatever big bro wanted, big bro got. Fully bending over, Jamie grabbed his shins, and his skirt followed. It rose, revealing the two pale globes of Jamie's ass, the white lace having slipped into the cleft and disappeared. Jamie's ass was nice and around, very full, but it didn't have a lot of heft. It was perfect with its cleft and size. Proportionate.
Reaching forward, Kaelob took the ass into his hands, squeezing both cheeks vigorously. His hands encompassed both cheeks, the skin plumping out as he squeezed.
"This has to be better than those jeans."
"Yes." Jamie answered truthfully but gleefully. There was a constant airiness and breeze circulating under him.
Kaelob separated the cheeks of Jamie's ass, before grinding the growing bulge of his business pants against the cleft. His dick was pining to enter his little brother's ass. "Yeah, I like this."
"Whatever big bro likes, he gets."
"I am going to take up that offer." Kaelob moved the fleshy mounds around, before giving them a rough squeeze. "Maybe right now."
A flush had cascaded over Jamie's body. "If that's what you want."
Kaelob's hand sneaked under Jamie's stomach, lifting him upwards until Jamie's neck met Kaelob's lips, where he placed feisty kiss on the nape. Kisses were placed higher, until Kaelob flicked out his tongue against the lobe of Jamie's ear.
"It's what I want."
Kaelob roughly span Jamie around, forcing their lips together, Kaelob invading Jamie's mouth with his tongue. It gripped and wrestled with Jamie's, who attempted to kiss back, clumsily. His arm wrapped around his brother's neck, sliding his hands through his yellowy blond hair. Both of their mouths were humid, hot, wet. Kaelob cllawed and jabbed inside of Jamie's mouth with tongue, taking more interest in running his tongue over the inside than wrestling and tangling with Jamie's tongue.
Kaelob lifted Jamie's legs, carrying him into his bedroom, and throwing him onto the bed. He tore off his shirt and unbelted his pants, Jamie watching in great intrigue.
"Should I undress?" More of a plea than a question.
Kaelob observed his brother. All delicate and dolled up, his eyes glimmering.
"No. I like you like this, little brother."
Kaelob leaned over, pinning Jamie's wrists to the bed. Their lips met again, Kaelob just as forceful as before, Jamie submissive in his actions. Kaelob was allowed free roam of Jamie's mouth, always pushing back Jamie's tongue whenever the little brother tried to get inquisitive. Kaelob's lips engulfed Jamie's, just before he pulled away.
"I want my dick sucked." Kaelob spoke evenly, as if he was asking for coffee.
A heat fell over Jamie. He wasn't new to the idea, but now, just the forbidden taboo...
His mouth watered.
Kaelob shuffled to where his groin was within reach of Jamie's mouth. Jamie reached up tentatively, pulling down the pants and underwear, revealing the semi-hard uncut cock of ten inches. He wrapped his hands around the thick base, slowly pushing the skin up and down with slick sounds. Fap, fap, fap. The slickness resounded, a raunchy cacophony as the skin rose and fell.
"I said I wanted my dick sucked." Kaelob thrusted forward, the tip of his cock meeting Jamie's closed mouth.
Jamie gave in. His pouty lips wrapped around the thickness. He licked tentatively at the tip, before starting suck away. His cheeks caved in, embracing the semi-hard dick in humid warmth. Jamie paced himself, resisting the urge to dive on his brother like his was a tasty sweet. That's what he wanted to do. Its what he had been wanting to do for years.
"Does this make you hot little brother? This better than my underwear?"
An unintentional gulp. So Kaelob knew, maybe even had seen Jamie holding his used underwear to his nose, passionately whimpering Kaelob's name as he inserted a rather large dildo into his ass. One of the many times. There had never been just one time. It was a weekly occurrence.
A tiny nodding motion, and Jamie's deep emerald eyes close as he tried to wrap his lips tighter around his brother's cock, his tongue licking curiously at the tip. The taste of Kaelob instilled into Jamie's mouth. This strong masculine musk invaded his every pore. It was much stronger than the smells leftover on his underwear. Jamie breathed it in addictively as he worked away at the cock, starting to move his lips downward, bobbing on the shaft.
The cock rose in his lips, extending to its full length of twelve inches, an entire foot of shaft for Jamie to take in. But Jamie needed it inside of him, and his brother's nuts full of incestuous seed.
Jamie bobbed further downwards, slurping sounds indicating his travel, a trail of saliva stalking where his mouth had been, his tongue lolled over the massive shaft. Pink flesh rolled over the pale flesh of the dick, swirling around it, licking and thoroughly pleasuring it. Every movement upwards, Jamie slipped his tongue under his brother's foreskin, tasting all his pent up needs, sweat, and leftover piss and cum. He ventured farther and downwards as far as he could, before lifting his tongue to continue downwards onto his brother's cock. He eased, one inch at a time disappearing beyond Jamie's lips, until Kaelob's entire hard dick was inside of his lips.
He dragged his tongue upwards with his entire head before rolling his tongue around the sensitive head, under the foreskin. Then he bobbed back downwards, his tongue on the underside, the coarseness of his tastebuds textured on the underbelly of the dick. Dragged across the veins and ridges of the thickness as he approached the base. This long, languid pleasuring became shorter and shorter as he felt Kaelob's pressure swelling. What helped was Kaelob's hand slipping into his shaggy blonde hair and guiding him downwards and forcing him onto his base, and began violently thrusting into his brother's mouth.
Without warning, Kaelob plowed into Jamie's mouth, erupting with seed. White hot cum spewed forth, painting the inside of Jamie's mouth pure white. While Jamie wanted to savor the normally taboo seed, he had to swallow, and quickly, as it was deluging his mouth and was so copious it was invading his sinuses. He could taste it anyways. Salty, heavy with bitterness and unknown sin. He swallowed it greedily as it entered his mouth. A smile played itself across his lips as his green eyes met his brother's, who staring at him, and the seed foaming and dripping down from his lips, onto his neck and the lace of his uniform in thick steady streaks.
"You looking great covered in my cum, little brother."
Jamie gave a gulp of thanks. Feeling the eruption of cum die down, Jamie lifted himself from Kaelob's erect cock, the shafting staining his face and bangs with a final few strands of cum, before it just dribbled, rivers of cum running down the cock to join the pool of white that had already formed at the base, that further dipped into and over both Kaelob's underwear and business pants.
"Yeah, that's the perfect finishing touch to the outfit I gave you." Kaelob commented, taking his little broher's chin in his hand. "How do you feel little brother? Feel up for some more?"
A deliberate nod. There were pleaded screams from his cock for release from its lace confines, but anything for his older brother, who was sheltering him. He'd be fine as long as Kaelob had his desires met, Jamie's singular desire was to have Kaelob cum inside of him, and he had just done that.
But for him to cum in Jamie's ass...
Jamie could reach climax on that alone.
"Then turn over."
Kaelob scooched backwards, allowing Jamie to flip onto his back. Most of Jamie's fantasies included nudity of them both, clothed sex wasn't new to him. Street living called for it. Now though, in a warm home, with a roof over his head, it was far more kinky than convenient.
Hands grasped around Jamie's ass, and Kaelob's thumb pressed against Jamie's pucker momentarily, pushing the panties into his anus, before the thumb hooked under it, and the ass was spread apart for its guest.
"I'm delving in, little bro. I'm pretty sure I'm lubricated well enough. A laugh punctuated the end of the sentence, holding a hint of Malevolence.
Jamie didn't care in that moment. Kaelob, his elder brother, was having his needs, desire, fulfilled. That was well enough for him.
A moan was released as Kaelob thrusted, penetrating without fanfare or warning. A long, painful, anguished thrust that drove into Jamie. Deeper and deeper it was forced into him, until Kaelob had fully sheathed himself in his little brother's hot anus, the cold zipper and hard splooge stained fabric meeting his ass with the shove. The walls were welcoming despite the pain, compressing and squeezing the thick and tall foot of dick as it entered, drinking up the spent cum and saliva collected upon it. Whines and moans exited Jamie as he tried to get used to feeling, the cum seeping into his insides, drenching him.
No time was given for Jamie to get used to the feeling, Kaelob beginning to ram forward, then pull his monstrous cock back until it was released from Jamie's confines. Pure instinct drove Jamie's ass without his input, contracting and compressing, needing Kaelob's enormous cock. Jamie breathed heavily, unable to properly sync his upper body with his sexually needy lower body.
"Little bro, I don't want to be the only one working here." The order was guised as a comment.
Another nod and Jamie retracted himself from Kaelob's dick as he pulled out, slamming upon it as he pushed back in. His entire body embraced the cock as his met his sweetspot, and deep rumbling whine ripped from Jamie's lips. Warmth of his brother invaded his own, Jamie's entire body collapsing to compress and contract around it. Everything was felt. The movement of the foreskin even, he was so sensitive. Slurping, slick sounds of Kaelob's dick entering and exiting his pucker. Jamie's own dick pined against his white panties, constrained and anguished.
All of Jamie's energy concentrated on pleasing his older brother. With every thrust Kaelob made into him, Jamie impaled himself downwards, driving the dick into his prostate. When Kaelob retracted, he would lift himself off with a slurping pop. There was nothing else except for pure carnal lust. Not that Jamie minded. A means to an end. That was how he saw himself. Kisses weren't needed now. All he truly wanted, was his brother's seed inside. Pouring and spilling forth into him.
That basic thought drove Jamie to quicken his pace as Kaelob had. Warms rectal walls contracted just as Kaelob's shaft exited, then tightened and squeezed with every thrust driven into it. Every thrust came with a scintillating slurp, the pulling and pushing of foreskin driven by the pucker and hungering anal walls. Cold metal contrasted the heat of Kaelob's girth, the zipper and fabric meeting Jamie's ass with every thrust. Even the white panties dug deep into Jamie's pucker as Kaelob had stopped caring whether or not the fabric got in his way as his pace quickened to an erratic, inconceivable pitch.
A lustful grunt from Kaelob mixed with his little brother's pitching moans as he drove into his little brother's prostate with an ultimate lustful thrust. Leaning back, he let himself expulsed hot white waves of incestuous seed into his brother's anus. A white ocean drenched Jamie's insides, kaelob circling his hips to roll his thick shaft over the sweetspot, to fully paint it in his thick white jizz. Cum not immediately absorbed and sucked deeper in Jamie's insides, into his starving body, gushed out, around Kaelob's girth, rolling onto the bed in thick rivers.
A feeling of fulfillment entered Jamie as the pressure building in his lower body exited him, rising up and out of his cock in its own waves. In a moment of clarity Jamie grabbed his skirt and petticoat, lifting just above his cockhead so thy wouldn't be stained in the onslaught that followed.
While not as massive or ongoing as either of his brother's explosions, Jamie had a decent build-up of cum himself, strands of cum flying over his body, landing in the swaths of lace around his chest. Coating his candy pink nipples. Landing on his slender neck and the hollows of his chest. Contrasting against the silken black fabric of his uniform. The cum painted him in branching rivers that all led back to his dick, still aching in lacy white, women's panties.
That wasn't the best part. That feeling. That feeling of fulfillment. Absolutely full of his brother's seed. That was inside of him. His could jerk off to this feeling for weeks if not months.
"Now, since I don't want you wasting all my precious seed..."
A yelp as Jamie felt something shoved inside of him. A buttplug, pushing all of the cum deeper inside of him, and sealing off whatever cum wasn't dribbling down his ass. There was a shimmy to test the feeling of the buttplug inside, before flipping over. The buttplug wasn't there for pleasure but with every little movement, he could feel it rubbing against his his inner walls.
He rubbed his stomach, so nice full of his older brother's hot seed. "Did you like it... big bro?" Jamie asked, splaying his ass, displaying himself.
Kaelob examined the work he had done. Little brother, spread and slathered in cum, painted with it. His face marked with smears and strands, his ass the same, some of the cum soaking into the white panties that couldn't even hide the buttplug's existence.
"Yeah, I like you like this. I like it so much, I want you to serve me dinner like this."
The left corner of Kaelob's lips were tugged upward in that cold smirk, and goosebumps spilled over Jamie's warm flesh.
"Whatever you want, big brother."
It was the same old process, only now, Jamie performed it in smaller strides, not used to the heels or the buttplug. Awkward steps, wobbly and weak, he barely managed to piece together the table setting and placing the meal upon the table. Roast beef wafted just over the strong smell of musk that pervaded the area.
Just as Jamie sat, thrusting the buttplug further into himself by accident, Kaelob wagged his finger. "No." He pulled up the seat to him, "sit beside me."
"Yes big bro." Jamie stood, collecting his plate and utensils and awkwardly walking to the seat next to Kaelob.
"This is a beautiful roast, little brother." Kaelob ran his fingers down Jamie's spine.
Once again, Jamie sat, the buttplug pressing into his prostate, little muffled grans following. "Is there anything you need me to do, big bro?"
"If I put anything in front of your mouth, I expect you to blow."
Obvious innuendo, Jamie's face flushed deep red. "Alright."
Dinner became a slow process, food diminishing from Kaelob's plate. Forkfuls of food were brought to Jamie's cumstained lips, and he blew, releasing tender breaths. The elder brother looked onward with praise, grinning with every cooled forkful that passed his lips.
"You know, Jamie?"
"Yeah, Kaelob?"
"You pour so much of yourself and your love into every bite of this food, it's almost like I'm eating you."
It was almost an adorable statement. Almost. The wording, delivery, and just how the line lingered in Jamie's mind just felt off.
A smile still found its way to Jamie's lips. His brother never meant any ill will, even if the statement was surprising.
"Thank you...? I really did cook this food with all my love." A genuine giggle passed his lips, unafraid and bubbly.
"I adore you." Kaelob pressed his lips against Jamie's cheek, before peeking his tongue out and lapping a strand of dried cum from his cheek.
A deep breath hitched in Jamie's lace covered chest. Those words, what he was feeling. The seed of his brother inside of his ass.
Forever. He could do this forever.
"I love you, big bro." Jamie admitted, his face flush and pink. This was different than everything before. This was truly love. Gently he embraced Kaelob, careful not to further stain him with seed.
"Same here, little bro."
Days passed. Things changed. Little things over time that grew and blossomed into large grotesque flowers of malevolence.
"Hey, did you think you'd ever expect becoming this?" Was at first a cute little lilting question Kaelob asked inbetween kisses and touches of flesh.
It developed into a question asked when Jamie had made slights as a maid. A question of err. Errors had become more frequent as Kaelob became a purposeful slob. Spilling drinks and not stopping to clean them up, leaving behind hazard areas of food, but he had always managed stay clean himself. Except for one bit.
Always, on laundry day, a little note was left on the bathroom counter, by the hamper. It read: "Did you ever expect becoming this?" Once again, it was a cute phrase at first, but as the days went by, it became painful. It also became gross as long streaks of shit painted his older brother's boxers. Kaelob had also had the new habit of not flushing his bowel movements, leaving Jamie with an unusually large surprise whenever he had to use the bathroom or clean the toilet himself.
Sex had also changed. Where starting out, it was pure, rather vanilla, if one excluded how they wore clothing most of the time. It soon evolved into dark kinks, like shibari and leather play, anything where Kaelob could show dominance. Disturbing pornography was also left everywhere, as if on display. Much of it was fetishes Jamie had never known existed, and didn't have much interest in pursuing.
Jamie had even noticed changes in himself. Subservience had be drilled into him. His own feelings of burdening someone made the entire situation worse as he just told himself, if this is how it needs to be, then that's how it shall be.
Selfless devotion is what made the perfect maid.
It was a rare day, to have the entire house spotless, and Kaelob sitting at the head of the dining table, having came home early after a allegedly dreary business meeting. A brew reserved specifically for midday had been made.
"Your coffee big brother." The mug was offered on a silver platter.
"Oh, thank you, I've been waiting." That award winning smile, tinged with that smirk.
Taking the coffee, Kaelob took a little sip, before setting it on the table.
A smile crossed Jamie's features, and he wanted to cry.
Then Kaelob batted the coffee over like an apathetic cat, the smirk completely replacing that CEO award-winning smile. Brackish liquid spilled over the clear glass and dripped off as muddy rain onto the floor.
It was just a moment before Jamie was forcibly sat on the table, the remnants of coffee staining his pure white panties brown. Before him Kaelob had sat down arrogantly, his legs splayed wide, and temples resting against his fist. His left hand reached up, sneaking beyond the lacy band of the stocking, and ripped it from Jamie's slender and curvy legs. The murdered victim of the pair fell weakly to floor, soaking up the puddle of coffee.
"Give me a footjob." Kaelob ordered, only momentarily staring up his brother's green eyes, before returning his gaze to Jamie's now bare leg, and the coffee stained panties just beyond.
It was difficult to process as everything had happened so quickly, still Jamie nodded. He slipped his gloved hands under the lace band of his untouched stocking-
"Keep that one on."
A nervous gulp and a nod. Not that this was his first footjob, but this was his first where he had one garment on and one off. This was probably going to be clumsy and ugly.
He reached forward with his bare foot, edging towards Kaelob's fly. The button had been removed and the flap of fabric pushed aside, the zipper left alone. Jamie fumbled the zipper between his toes for a moment, unable it get a decent grasp of it. After a few moments, he managed to get it between his first toes and brought it downward, revealing flannel boxers in a cobalt blue design.
The foot grasped and hooked the jet black waistband. Then slowly brought it downwards. Well-trimmed yellow pubes were revealed first, then the base of of the cock, a thickness sprouting from the yellow pubes. Almost like a striptease, inch after inch of skin was revealed, complete with with veins and ridges, before the ultimate reveal of the cockhead, the foreskin wrapped around it. Ever downward the the cloth was pulled, revealing Kaelob's balls, just around the size of tennis balls, perfect for Kaelob's grand girth whether it was nine inches or twelve. Jamie hooked the underwear gingerly behind the swaying orbs, before returning his attention to the massive cock laying on top.
Taking the girth between his two toes at first, Jamie clumsily stroked upwards from the base, the foreskin encompassing the head as the foot pushed it up and over the head. Jamie squeezed the cock inbetween his toes, before letting his foot fall back to to the base. Kaelob's gaze stared at his own dick, and the foot pleasuring it to rise. One of Kaelob's many orders was for Jamie to take care of himself, and he did just that. Toenails were trimmed and safe, callouses and dead skin removed,the entire foot lotioned into smoothness. Faint whiffs of vanilla followed Jamie's bare foot as it rose and fell up the dick.
The bare foot stopped for a moment, Jamie anxious about what he was about to do.
A nervous gulp, then as he lifted his foot entirely over the top, then brought his stocking covered foot down, spreading open his toes as he pushed down. The cockhead pressed against the fabric before pushing up and over it. The stockings were tight and a second skin, and Jamie could manipulate the cock easily, though he couldn't feel the heat or humidity as easily. But he repeated the action of bringing his toes upwards, pushing the skin over the head, then dragging the skin back downwards.
The dick had risen, but was only semi-erect, ten and a half inches. Becoming more adventurous, Jamie had began to the run the entire length against the underside of his foot, pressing his heel to the base, the balls of his feet near the head. Then he rubbed slowly upwards, dragging his entire foot sensually upward until it curved over the head. At the top of the dick, Jamie playfully rolled the head in the curve of his foot, before his dragged his foot downwards, in a languid reverse process.
Jamie repeated the entire movement, only with his bare foot, reveling in the feelings of texture. What he liked most was the feeling of the foreskin, meeting the underside of his foot, and covering and uncovering the dickhead with little slurps. How the soft and humid skin just felt against his foot, a much hardier complex of skin and cells.
While receptive, Kaelob seemed more intent on staring at his cock, his hands making long, lingering strokes over his brother's feet that traveled all the way to his own cock.
For Jamie, the footjob was a long awkward process. He switched feet and motions when he thought it would've been more erotic. Now though. Now was when he thought to up the ante.
Pressing the heels and toes of his feet together, tight as he possibly could around the girth, curves of his feet acting as a warm orifice. For a few moment, he kept still except for the squeezing and squishing of Kaelob's cock between the the two feet. The dual texture offered a new, intriguing pleasure, the silken feel of the stocking contrasting the natural feel of the foot. Then his feet rose, both sides stroking upwards at the same time, flanking the thickness. Then the feet fell, stroking downwards and the cockhead peering from beneath the foreskin edging over. With the newest attention from both sides paid to Kaelob's cock, it rose to it full height of twelve inches.
With flickering eyes, Jamie managed to capture a view of Kaelob's chest, heaving with breaths. His own breath was heavy, weighing down his chest like lead. Precum leaked from Jamie's erect shaft, staining the front of the panty prison. Kaelob was starting to do the same, the translucent fluid running over and collecting on Jamie's feet.
Blood pulsated through Kaelob's cock, veins beating strongly and throbbing with Kaelob's quickened heartbeat. Jamie felt playful, opening his feet to tease the veins, drag his nails over them. He squeezed and pinched the veins between his toes, before returning to the complete footfuck.
Grunts exited Kaelob, foretelling his closeness and receival of pleasure. His gaze stilled on his turgid growth and Jamie's feet working over it. Now, Jamie was used to having Kaelob's monster thickness between his two feet,and quickened his pace as he changed up things again.
Positioning the dick between the balls of his feet again, he carefully wrapped his toes around the dick like fingers, and moved them upwards like a handjob. Slow at first, but quicker, and quicker, a little cacophany of faps and slurps following every movement as the foreskin was pushed over the head the pulled back down. Pre slicked the movements, soaking into the gray silk of the stocking.
It was a switching and transforming of motions. Gripping the shaft with his toes, squeezing it with the balls of his heel, using the curves of his feet like an orifice, rolling the head of the thickness between his heels. The transitions were graceful and doubtless.
It almost happened without Jamie's knowledge. His eyes had been focused on that cock though, and the tensing of Kaelob's nads. The grunts were just a major giveaway of the orgasm.
White hot cum erupted forth, jettisoning upwards like a geyser, before falling in thick copious strands over Jamie's feet. White rivers of seed fell and laid across Jamie's feet. Just a continuous eruption spouted from the twelve inches of dick, turning the rivers into an uninterrupted ocean of cum that painted Jamie's feet. The gray silk had already been soaked with precum, now was having trouble absorbing the fresh hot seed. As the climax continued, the cum waterfalled from the feet and onto the houndstooth pants, obscuring the black and white pattern in a thick white gathering lake. Much of the seed had even managed to fall to join and mix with the cold coffee on the floor, making a horrid drink mixture on the floor.
Tentatively Jamie stretched out the toes of his bare foot, now wearing seed like a stocking. Strands of jizz connected all his toes together, the white fluid having even invaded every crack and crevice of his toes.
As Jamie was about to touch the tip of his toes onto the floor, Kaelob's hand grabbed his ankle forcefully, Jamie fearing a sudden twist or break.
Kaelob reached up, grabbing Jamie's chin brusquely, bruising it."Don't waste my cum. Lick it off." He dragged his first two fingers over Jamie's shin in a line, collecting the splooge on his fingertips. "Make a show of it, little brother." That cold smirk, before he smugly licked off his cum from his fingers.
A threatening feeling washed over Jamie as he nodded, holding his foot weakly up to his mouth. His tongue flicked between collecting the seed with every lap of hot pink flesh. It pushed and pressed through the crevice before pooling in the bend of the tongue. Then he pressed tongue to the heel of his foot,dragging it slowly all the way to the top of his his big toe, collecting every drop of cum on the way. Once at the top, he wrapped his lips around his big toe for a moment, sucking it free of jizz, before separating from the appendage to swallow the splooge with a loud gulp.
"Next time, lean over so I can watch you swallow." A forceful demand backed by the malicious smirk. Kaelob manage this air of arrogant pride despite, or maybe because of, his enormous pulsating dick, cum pooling on his underwear and business pants.
"Yes, big brother."
Jamie repeated the actions from before, flattening his tongue against the heel of his foot, and dragging it upwards over the hardy cum painted skin. Again at the top, he leaned over and took his second toe into his mouth, sucking away every little bit of cum. Leaning over carefully, Jamie balanced the cum in his mouth, swishing it around, swirling the ocean of jizz that splashed around in his mouth. He painted the sides of his own mouth white, sloshing the white hot fluid over the sides. Then with lust glazed eyes, he hungrily gulped down the cum, the white gushing and draining down into his gullet.
"Good. Do that from now on." That smirk was permanently across Kaelob's face. It was still frightening, but it just seemed ineffective at this point. Jamie nodded, obedient and selfless.
That pink tongue stuck out again, Jamie running it over the bottom of his own foot, collecting his brother's seed as if it were nothing. Even though it had grown bitter and far more salty than Jamie's original taste, it was still the best taste to have ever passed Jamie's lips, and he needed more of it.
Careful, scintillating, Jamie licked upwards, the bottom of his foot almost clean of cum with his intense licking. His tongue curled around the third toe before he opened his lips around it, then closed them, cheeks hallowing with suction. Little sucks, slurps, and schlurks followed before he lifted his head, and gazed at his elder brother. Foot against his head, he leaned over once more more, sloshing the cum in his mouth. The tongue stuck out, a sentient island in a sea of warm, sloshing white. The sea washed back in waves, Jamie making a loud, hungry gulp, swallowing the cum in one go.
The return his cum slathered foot was quick, but the motions of licking and sucking were slow and deliberate, maintaining the need to devour every ounce of seed that painted Jamie's foot. A journey of the tongue to collect every fallen bit of cum. This one, long lick of the bottom of his foot cleaned it, the last of the collective incestuous seed in his mouth, before he dived on his last two toes. He worked his toes as if they were Kaelob's shaft, sucking off the toes until they were free of cum. Following orders, he leaned over, swishing and swirling the cum around his mouth. It was heavy load, thick and salty. It demanded raunch. Curiously, Jamie gurgled the cum, feeling it mix with his saliva, thinning it and causing it to once again flood and fully paint his mouth. Having had his fun with the hefty load, he moved the last remnants of incestuous seed to the back of his mouth, swallowing the liquid in one thick go.
With only little, near invisible strands of cum on the bottom his foot left, Jamie focused on the top and sides, where much more of the cum was left. First he turned the side of the foot to his face. One singular languid lick, sensual, Jamie throwing a half-lidded glance to his brother as he did. He didn't immediately swallow. No. He was going to swallow it all in one go. He flipped over his foot, taking a long but difficult lick over the opposing side. More than a few times, he had to flick out his tongue to collect the left remnants. The cum in his mouth was becoming troublesome already, forcing Jamie to move it around so it wouldn't leak and dribble out of his mouth. Moving onto the front of his foot, he changed his mode of operations. Jamie kissed his own foot, little smacks of his lips following just before he parted his lips to suck the cum up, like a vacuum. One kiss, then another, with a few opening of his lips to send out his tongue as a clean-up crew, licking up what his suction and lips had missed. It was a long process, but hiss foot had had been cleaned of Kaelob's seed.
This was dangerous. Having cleaned his entire foot of seed, he leaned over yet again. A balancing act it was, Jamie trying to prevent the flood of seed in his mouth from leaking out while he showed off the volume. Everything in his mouth was white with the viscous seed, the tip of his tongue a little pink ship, most of it painted cum white. Gently he swirled and swished it around, tried to juggle the cum in his mouth, savoring it. The cum was the tastiest thing Jamie ever had, and he was glad to have so much of it. He tried to push it to the back of his throat, gurgling and gargling the cum until it became a foam he sloshed around, before forcing the flood down, his Adam's apple bobbing with intense gulping of the cum. The moment his mouth was empty, Kaelob shoved his fingers in, forcibly stretching Jamie's jaw in inspection of his mouth.
"Good. Good. Wasting my seed would anger me greatly, my little brother." Kaelob stood licking his lips. "Now that your stomach is full..." Kaelob shoved Jamie onto his back, pinning him against the table. He hooked the panties aside, immediately impaling his little brother on his thick twelve inches of girth. A quail escaped Jamie, his entire body shaking with the sudden entrance that lacked any preparation. There was still pleasure there, as Jamie quivered, feeling his elder brother's cum-slathered cock pressing demandingly against his prostate. "I must fill this ass."
"If you see a need, I must fulfill it, big brother." It was a swift and immediate cave. All he wanted to do was to please his older brother. That's all he fantasized about for years. It didn't matter his lacy whites had a near dangerous chokehold on his cock or his skirt was more tented than a boy-scout campground.
"You still have a lot of work to perform, my little brother, but I can already feel it." The needy anal passage was already tightening, squeezing Kaelob's turgid girth out of instinctual, primal need. "Yeah, this is what you want, what you need, isn't it little brother?"
A little nod, Jamie rising up on the dick, before falling backward, an elongated whine passing his lips as he felt the girth inside of him. "Yes big bro. This time I've lived with you has been the best of my life." The words, the admittance, brought a hot embarrassed flush to his face still. Like it was still taboo. But at this point, could it really be taboo?
Their relationship was theirs alone.
Jamie's anal walls loosened as he rose up and reared off the dick again. He was using the table to help lever himself, but most of the work was in his thighs and hips. He wanted to stay close to his brother, his arms wrapped in an embrace around his neck. Kaelob wasn't staring at him, but that was okay, Jamie could keep his lustful, loving gaze on his elder brother's face. His green eyes that they shared. Green eyes full of malice and lust and devious plans. Even Jamie lowered himself onto the turgid cock with a whining moan, he kept his eyes on his brother, while Kaelob slipped his hands under the white panties, squeezing the white globes together, tightening the walls further around his large dick.
Kaelob loomed over his little brother for a few more moments, before shifting his stance, standing straight up, taking his brother onto him, slamming into Jamie's hips full hilt. His stare fell upon his dick now, watching it disappear and reappear with every rise and fall of his little brother's pucker. As Jamie's ass took in his thickness, Kaelob made a sword-like thrust into his little brother's pucker, making sure every inch of his sensitive flesh was engulfed by his little brother's anus.
Moans lilted past Jamie's lips as he felt his sweetspot was rammed into. Kaelob knew just how to hit it. Every time felt perfect, just like their first time. How Kaelob invaded him, pushing inside and through his tight anal flesh, slathered in already spent cum. Jamie's anal walls just took him in, squeezing and pulsating around the thick member. How Kaelob thrust upwards as Jamie pushed himself onto the cock. If any of this perfect, in sync movement was wrong, it just made every movement inside of him that much better.
Their paces began to quicken, their moves predictable to one another. Kaelob pulling out as Jamie rose, then slamming into Jamie as he pushed downward. Every slam brought forth another echoing moan that was nearly lost in the slick sounds of Jamie's ass embracing Kaelob's member and the sounds of the foreskin being pushed and pulled over his cockhead, then back down to the base. Kaelob often grunted as he felt his brother's anal walls tense and compress around him, further squeezed together and into his member by his hands. Stamina was something Kaelob could lord over anyone. But it diminished with every movement shared between the both of them. Once, Kaelob took a glance at his brother's face, feeling the pressure build in his tennis ball nuts. His brother's face just made it all the better. Green eyes half-lidded and near to rolling back, a flush tainting his body with a haze of red.
His eyes transferred back to his monstrous cock, lewdly slamming into Jamie's anus with his downward fall. Kaelob indulged himself in Jamie's anal flesh, pushing and pressing into the sweetspot, almost inspecting it as he rolled the head of his dick over the prostate. Delving his cock into Jamie, he could feel the prostate divot with every ram, then bounce back around him. Every schlurk of his massive dick exiting, then reentering with a slam. Jamie's ass shivered and quivered around him, quaking with every pound. The walls pressed around him, almost trying to absorb the cock, the ass was so tight around Kaelob's girth. Contracting then compressing. Loosening then tightening. Beating like a heart.
Pressure just built and built upon itself, Kaelob's chest heaving with the heaviness in his balls. With Jamie conditioned to accept everything and anything without warning, Kaelob saw no reason to forewarn him. His seed was a gift. A precious gift, and Jamie's favorite gift. Gifts were better as a surprise. Your favorite gift as a surprise? Best thing in the world.
With one grand, finale thrust, Kaelob's cock bulged forth, bursting with seed. Wildly he pistoned through his climax, foreskin not hindering the pure volume of cum that was flooding forth into his younger brother. An entire ocean emptied out of Kaelob's balls and into his brother, painting the hungry walls white. Whenever Kaelob retreated his cock, it pulled out with this disgusting erotic slurp caused by the wetness and sheer amount. Waterfalls of cum dribbled from Jamie's and onto the table, piling and pooling upon the lake of cum already there and the coffee that hadn't soaked into the dirtied panties. The starving anus couldn't keep up with the massive outpouring of cum, unable to suck into deeper and absorb it through osmosis as it was released. It gushed out and around Kaelob's ramming shaft, gross schlurps with ever pounding and rolling into the prostate. Kaelob slowed as he emptied into his brother, the front of his pants destroyed with jizz.
As Kaelob's orgasm died down, Jamie's started, the seed filling his ass ptting him over the edge. His balls forced even closer to his body, tensed in their need, before he starting firing. Jizz cut straight through the underwear and needless petticoat, staining the skirt. River after river of cum stained the skirt in strands, weighing it down and moistening it, the gravity of his seed forcing the dress and the petticoat to meet and promptly stick together. As the streams of cum winded down the seed only pervaded through the underwear, weighing down the petticoat until it met the top of his lace panties. Having expended himself, the splooge just dribbled down his cock, joining Kaelob's grand climax that had painted everything white. Jamie's ass, taint, and the underside of his balls all white. The white panties had become ugly with the coffee and cum, wet from top to bottom.
"Thank you for the gift, big bro. I'm always happy to receive." Jamie lifted himself up and off the cock, the erect monstrosity sliding out with a disgusting pop.
"You are welcome." Kaelob looked his brother in the eyes again, licking his lips through that smirk. "Now... strip. And remember to keep your ass closed to keep all of my precious seed within you."
"You still need to go?" Not that Jamie minded, but he thought his brother had emptied himself with the previous climax. Stamina was his brother's forte but wow.
If he was to strip, might as well make a little show of it.
A bite on his fingertips, and the glove of his left hand was torn from his hand. His left hand now free, he hooked the edge of his other glove with his fingers and tore it from his own hand. Gingerly, his hands snuck under the lace headband, unclipping it from his shaggy blonde hair. He gave the blonde locks a tousle before shaking the tresses out sensually. Following that was his leg still covered by the lacy grey stocking. Fingers dug under the lace band, Jamie pushed off the stocking in a smooth motion, never stopping despite how the stocking stuck glued to the skin with the soaked cum. It joined the growing pile of clothes beside Jamie on the table. The heart shaped apron followed, not really deserving much fanfare as Jamie made a simple affair of untying it and letting it flutter onto the pile of clothing. With only a dress and underthings left to remove from his body, Jamie stood, feet landing in a pool of coffee and cum, anus and legs clenched together to prevent the leakage of cum. Gripping the bottom of the dress, he pulled it over the rest of his body, skin glistening where the cum moistened fabric touched his body, the lace edge just barely gliding over erect candy pink nipples. As the dress was pulled over his head, the wet petticoat was revealed. A strange look it now gave, flat (as flat as something laying on top of an erection could be) at the front, and still full at the sides. He thumbed the waistband, shimmying the petticoat downward easily despite the front sticking to his legs. After passing over Jamie's knobby knees, the petticoat gave up the ghost, falling to the floor with a wet splat and poof. A flush of red tinted Jamie's skin as his underwear was revealed in its gross entirety. Peeking out from the top was the tip of his eight inch uncut cock, looking utterly constrained. Looking equally constrained was his balls, lime-sized objects, divided right up the middle by the lace chokehold. All of it was wet as well. Drenched with cum from top to bottom, and the entire back-half and much of the front dyed with the spilled coffee. It was mostly the underwear's state that one would think was mortifying. Eventually though, Jamie hooked the underwear by his thumbs and shimmy and gyrated his hips to help it downward. The underwear was more of a problem now, since it was on purposely too small. It stopped many times along his thighs, not helped by the stickiness of the cum. As the underwear fell to the floor, a greater view of Jamie could be beheld. Specifically, his groin. His front was doused with his own cum, which still looked to be dribbling from his aching cock. Fabric imprints from where the petite underwear marked where it had once been, across his waist and the head of his dick and over his legs to his balls which had been previous divided but were now together.
"You look absolutely delicious, my little brother." Kaelob embraced Jamie's naked form, once again, licking his lips.
"Delicious?" An awkward laugh at a strange comment. It wasn't the first time he had said this.
That malevolent smirk, and Jamie had something in his gut tell him something was wrong, and this time, he finally agreed.
"Delicious. You look so good, I could eat you up. In fact, I think I will."
Jamie was once again taken to the table with his brother's strength. Kaelob entirely unhampered by his clothing or fatigue easily overtook Jamie, nude and tired from their previous throes of passion.
"Big brother! Kaelob! What are you doing?" Jamie struggled, wriggling and writhing beneath his brother's larger, muscled body. All those years of constant workouts and a past of high school sports were used to effectively pin Jamie down.
Kaelob's face went cold, emotionless, everything even except that smirk tugging at his lips. "You're finally going to become something little brother." A second of silence before an evil laugh rang out. "My. Big. Ass. Shit."
Tears tugged at Jamie's green eyes. "What do you mean?" Bruises were forming at his wrists but Jamie couldn't find it in himself to fight back. He was in the perfect position to as well, Kaelob's groin exposed and open to attack. One nice knee was all head to do. Just pull it up right into those nuts and run.
But he couldn't do it. Fight or flight wasn't working. Just freezing, it seemed like.
"You're nothing but a dreamer. You are a nice servant and all, but you're going to get it into your head sometime soon that you need to follow your dreams. Then you're going to become a starving artist again. Become homeless. Start sucking dick for money again. Then you'll come back to me, become a burden again." Kaelob spoke bluntly, every word a pipe over the head. "Why not just cut through all that and end it? You're a nice place to put a dick little brother, and you make great meals,but I know I'll grow bored of you. I already am. Why not put you to a final use as sustenance?"
"Sustenance?" He gulped, panicked. "Are you going to start biting into me?" That was gruesome, hideous. It would be a long gruesome death.
That bone-chilling laugh again. "What a ridiculous idea!"
A momentary sigh of relief.
"I'm going to swallow you whole."
Jamie wasn't allowed a moment of confusion. Instead he just gazed onward as his brother traversed over his body, to the edge of the table where his feet wriggled...
And immediately took Jamie's feet into his suddenly gaping mouth.
A screech ripped out of Jamie, elicited by his brother's tongue on his feet. It felt horrifying, feeling the tongue lick and lap at his feet as he just had only minutes ago. The tastebuds running over his feet, all nice and cared for, smelling and tasting lightly of vanilla. That texture scared Jamie. Those little hills of the tongue telling Kaelob how he tasted. Tears rolled down his cheeks as he watched, pained, as his brother licked away at his feet.
Then unexpectedly, Jamie felt the gulp, and even heard it. His toes tickled at the back of his older brother's throat. It was entirely strange, the walls of Kaelob's mouth, hot and humid, wishing to drag Jamie int his gullet. Jamie was sure he had felt this before, in the few times he had topped in his life. This felt similar to his dick completely enveloped in a young man's hungry ass. Now though, he was surrounded by a mouth, and his brother was truly hungry, intent on feeding on him. Tears streaming down his cheeks, Jamie instinctively curled his toes in the warmth of his brother's mouth, feeling the heat starting to affect him.
The best part of Jamie was the fact that he was Kaelob's brother, or that is what Kaelob thought. The second best part was the remnants of his own cum scattered across the bottom of Jamie's feet. That salty bitterness. Kaelob found the taste of his own cum delicious. Not like he hadn't had it before, but this was probably the best way to taste it.As sauce over one's useless little brother.
As for his own little brother's taste...underneath vanilla lotion there was a uniqueness. A uniqueness in how... bland Jamie tasted. Normal. Milk. Bread. Unseasoned tofu. Jamie was unique in how normal he tasted.
'Heh, so useless he can't even have a great taste.' Kaelob thought,that smirk of his showing through his gaping maw.
That unique blandness wasn't going to stop Kaelob from putting his brother one good final actual use. One deep gulp and Kaelob swallowed his little brother up to his shins, the ankles disappearing beyond the cavernous mouth. Kaelob's warm tongue slathered and slapped over his younger brother's feet and legs, tasting that taste that was unique to him. There was still dried strands of his own seed that were stuck to his younger brother's legs. Some flavor soaked into that tofu sponge. Kaelob's hot tongue pressed against that soft skin, tastebuds collecting the taste of both Kaelob's cum, and some of the glistening thin layers of Jamie's slightly sweet cum that had been lightly painted on with the skimming of the petticoat and the panties that followed.
Survival instinct hadn't really kicked in for Jamie. Pure shock at this point, without the adrenaline rush that canceled out everything one felt. All that he could do was just stare, blubbering, as his brother's mouth surrounded and embraced him, engulfed him. Maybe it was denial. Pure denial that kept him from fighting. But it wasn't working well, his legs up to his shins wet with spit and the air humid with moisture and hot with Kaelob's innate heat.
Another gulp and Jamie's shins entered Kaelob's slick wet cavern of a mouth. For the first time in the past few minutes, Kaelob looked his little brother in the eyes, Jamie seeing nothing but evil intentions in those evil green eyes. Green eyes that they shared. The leg that wore the cum-soaked stocking tasted far more of Kaelob's own cum than the bare leg, apparently having marinated in the seed with the cloth. The taste of Jamie'sown cum had grown stronger as well. That subtle sweet salty. Just as unremarkable as his little brother's tofu taste. Kaelob could give oral, if given enough motivation, but this wasn't doing much for him. He far more interested in just gulping down his brother, eating him like a piece of meat... or tofu. The tongue smacking across Jamie's legs it was more of fear factor, entertainment, now that Kaelob knew how boring his brother tasted. That look of unadulterated terror that crossed Jamie's face with every lap of his tongue.
Fear ran throughout Jamie's body like blood, and he desperately wanted to tear away his gaze from his brother, and his violent eyes. Still he found himself staring down, watching his own brother devour him. Listening as the tongue slapped and smacked against his shins, and the slurping of the lips. Jamie thought he could also hear the stomach gurgling. Awaiting him. Needing him to splosh down into those digestive juices.
Had he had nothing more to offer than sustenance? Maybe Kaelob was right. All jobs he applied for, he was fired from. All apartments he lived in he was kicked out of. Too much of his focus had went into his art, which is why he was usually left like this.
The thought of him actually having some job, a place on this Earth meant for him, made him warm inside.
That thought was dispelled with another swallow, Kaelob's lips sliding over Jamie's knobby and knocky knees, pushing them together. Over the hills and mounds of Jamie's legs his tongue traveled, tasting that bland tofu-bread-milk taste in every crevice and bend. The taste wasn't enjoyable as before. It was the mix of emotions that washed over his little brother's face. Fear, despair, loss, lust. An ugly feverish cocktail spilled over his face. That was how Kaelob was enjoying the meal of his little brother. Every lick, lap, caress, slurp, stroke, and Jamie's face contorted.
Swallowing again, Kaelob ate persistantly upwards, his lips landing hungrily upon Jamie's lower thighs. The taste of seed became incredibly strong, and slathered his little brother's thighs like a gravy. If that was how it was now, he couldn't wait to engulf Jamie ass, where Kaelob had filled Jamie like and eclair. Even now, quivering and trembling in fear, Jamie maintained a closed anus.
Jamie hated himself. His own cock stood tall, eight hard inches betraying its owner. It was the warmth causing this. The warmth surrounding his legs and washing over him in a depraved lust. He didn't want to feel like this. This quivering mix of anguish and need. That warmth just spread, washing him further than where it rested on his thighs. Indulgement called to him, but was he not deprave enough? Enjoying this this would make him something he didn't know nor had any intentions of being. Not knowing what to do now, he just let it happen, tears continually running down his cheeks like a broken faucet. Droplets just coming, raining down, like the pre dripping from his dick.
There was some sick happiness Kaelob got from watching his brother crying, becoming his meal. He wanted to snicker. Now he wasn't quite sure to do with himself. Force Jamie to enjoy this, however brief, or just swallow ever onward.
With the decision made, a quick succession of gulps followed, his mouth climbing and clamoring over Jamie's hips and thighs, maliciously covering that hard eight inch shaft pleading for attention, the tense and needy lime-sized nuts, and that perfect little ass leaking his cum like cream from a dessert.
A high-pitched whimper exited Jamie's lips, the tongue dragged across his sensitive areas. Up and over his hips, his thighs, between the cleft of his ass, over his nuts and cock. He was washed free of any seed that had stuck to him, being cleaned in a vulgar and frightening way. A pink tongue running over every but of his body he'd normally be very happy to have a tongue run over.
But no. He was being tasted, devoured.
Jamie boring taste was at its strongest now, centered around his groin, in the member Kaelob was now intent on pleasuring. It was tainted with a mix of seed, and the very light taste of coffee. That made Kaelob smirk. How he could still take in the coffee now. It made his inner mischievousness and malice grow.
Knowing exactly what he wanted to do, Kaelob directed his energy towards it, his ill intent. First, his slid his tongue through the cleft of his brother's ass, feeling Jamie quake in pleasure, before his tongue leapt into Jamie's ass, forcing it apart so all Kaelob's own cum drained onto his tongue. Then he washed and dragged his tongue over the taint, then over those nuts, giving them their deserved licks, before traversing the sensitive underside of Jamie's cock, all the way to the tippity top of those mountainous eight inches, and sliding the tongue under that little flap of foreskin to lick under that edge of cockhead. Then he reversed the process, wrenching his tongue from the foreskin and dragging it down the underbelly of the cock, focusing on all those little pulsating and beating veins,then the balls which he once again weighed and wrapped around almost like a ring, a little press against the taint to stimulate the sweetspot, before he thrusted his fleshy tongue into Jamie's anus.
Then he added suction. A force of gravity that hallowed his cheeks and made the entire action far more enjoyable for his little brother. Resistance futile, Jamie humped into the tongue as the appendage snuck under his foreskin yet again. He thrusted and thrusted, wanting the tongue to pleasure him more throughly, and to feel the pulsating roof of his mouth to engulf his hard member ever tighter. Now he needed that ecstasy. Fear still contorted and shaped his face, but mixed well with the lust that joined.
Jamie was weak, without endurance. The combination of the motions, the suction, and Jamie's own desperate pleading motions,the pressure was only built for a second, and he erupted. A daze cam over him as his cum exited him, immediately accepted by his brother's cavernous mouth and gulped down into his stomach. Jamie wasn't sure how much he climaxed, as he didn't really feel it explode. It was just the first main blow, everything subsequent kind of just melted into the heat of Kaelob's mouth and the fever breaking out over his body.
Sabotaged. Jamie felt sabotaged, betrayed by his own body. Lust had taken control of him, and created this weird, strange creature, painting his body flush as he thought he became a new and strange creature. A creature betrayed by his own body. A maelstrom of emotions swelled inside, destroying him further. At this point now, his crying was dry by now, his entire body fiery hot, his lower half particularly like magma as it was exposed to the humid inside of Kaelob's mouth. Not really having paid attention before now, now Jamie saw his older brother's stomach expanding, becoming a round, spherical thing, foretelling his doom as part of his brother.
With Jamie distracted by his own body, and Kaelob dying to see the face up close, he hungrily swallowed once more, taking in Jamie just beyond his belly button and the small of Jamie's back. Kaelob inquisitively flicked his tongue in and out of Jamie's belly button. Another main collective of that bland taste, and now Kaelob thought of oatmeal. Whatever Jamie tasted like, it was bland.
What made the meal was the few giggles spouted in his digging of the belly button. That was cute. A sudden rush of glee covering a despairing person's face. That furthering of Jamie's body betraying him. That disgusting swirl of emotions inside of Jamie is exactly what grew Kaelob's need to devour him.
This need convinced him into another starving gulp, a slurp echoing out as Kaelob closed in on his little brother's face. Resting up the midpoint of Jamie's chest, he could feel his quick and panicked heartbeat, and those tender hitched breaths. Soon to be his last, and Jamie would be nothing but food inside of him, and a shit soon later.
There was a temptation. To linger on his little brother's body. Make him climax again, cry even more. To suck on those candy pink nipples as if they were actual candy.
But no. He needed to devour his brother and turn him into a massive load of shit now.
Jamie managed another look at his brother. His entire mouth wrapped around his body, lips resting on his chest, his caressing down his back, making him freeze from his spine outward. That ugly smirk still manage to tug his busy lips upward. Now he was sure his legs were in his older brother's stomach, heat and a liquid meeting them. Jamie wasn't sure what he felt now, besides unfettered confusion.
Kaelob winked.
He winked his left eye before another round of quick and successive gulping, Jamie being swallowed downward and disappearing, inch after inch of skin. Armpits disappeared beyond the rim of the lips first, Jamie giving a quick giggle as the tongue gave a quick once over. Then his shoulders, forcing his arms up and over his head, not that Jamie had any choice to follow what his brother had in store. Next was his neck, Jamie only given a singular moment before he saw his brother's gaping maw stretch up and over his head, his vision of the outside world cut off to be replaced with walls of pink red. Then, with a final slurp, the flailing arms were gulped down like noodles.
His throat having bulged exponentially, Kaelob kept gulping and gulping until his younger brother was all the way into his stomach, growing to be larger than a beach ball, exploding out of his shirt, buttons flying as shrapnel. A thick twelve inches of hefty supported the weight from underneath, defying the heaviness with carnal need.
A few moments of silence, before Kaelob released a grand and enormous belch that rattled the windows of the apartment and reeked of Jamie's stench. "Well now, little brother, you've gained a use."
There was no response from Jamie as Kaelob stood, rubbing his stomach. A much smaller burp passed his lips, his stomach gurgling and glorping in response to his earlier comment, in agreement. There was nothing for Jamie to do, except be digested.
"My main fantasy... eating my little brother." That malicious smirk was permanently glued to his face now, even as there was no one to see. Settling on the couch, he hefted and weighed his stomach between his hands. "I've devoured many young men before little brother. As an act of pure domination. I may be the only one in the world to do it. But you... I've always wanted to dominate you, Jamie, in such a way. I new t could've only been done once, but carpe diem little bro." Another immense an magnificent burp punctuated his thoughts, defining what had been Jamie's fate all along.
His hands wrapped around his thickness, and that smirk took his lips upwards. "I'm going to enjoy this all day and night, little brother." Kaelob fervently, vigorously masturbated, jerking off to every little rumble and vibration inside. Every little growl and glorp. But as they grew louder, working away at his little brother inside of him, he went over the edge. Knowing his little brother was being digested inside, being transformed into sustenance and shit. Kaelob jerked off until he was spent, then started again with another loud glurp. His stomach was a cacophony. Rumbling farts and body rocking belches coming just at the perfect times, staring another drenching orgasm. By the time he had fallen unconscious, the living room was a mess of his own seed. then, as he awoke, he proceeded to repeat the action well into the afternoon.
There was a push in his body that told him it was time.
"Guess it's time to let you out little bro." Kaelob patted his sphere of a belly, the size having diminished just a little overnight.
He gave a pitiful glance to the toilet. No way in hell could it handle this.
Slipping off his pants, Kaelob stepped confidently into the bathtub, a four person jacuzzi jet model built into the raised floor. Then he squatted, a few quaking farts foretelling what was to come. A long log of shit inched and edged out of his, starting the pile Kaelob knew was going to be huge. It caused that ever present smirk to grow larger, and an elicited snicker. Jamie was nothing but a load of shit exiting his ass in big fat brown logs that landed warmly on top of each other. Kaelob stomach flattened as the tower of shit was built upon itself. His stance slowly changed as more of his brother was excreted in his final, digested form. As the final log of shit fell from his ass, Kaelob was left near standing.
Throwing his legs over the bathtubs edges and careful not to disturb his masterpiece, Kaelob ripped a few pieces of toilet paper from the roll in manic glee.
"Never thought you'd become something like this huh little brother." He remarked to the pile of shit, openly digging into his ass with the paper and wiping it. It took a few more wipes but he was eventually clean.
Yes, his brother would never had thought he'd become this. A literal shit. A giant pile of literal shit. Maybe he could also be considered something like nutrition or sustenance, but in the end, he was shit.
Maybe, there would be another maid, another little brother. No one could surpass this experience. No one could surpass the trophy of his little brother. A pile of shit, standing tall, in his bathtub, the most he has ever been.
Jamie would never have thought he'd become something like that.
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Something Like This By MarinLaFey -- Report

This is a commission that I created for  selfrog. He requested vore, disposal, footjob, maid's uniform, and incest.

I did my best to provide what was wanted.

I kind of didn't want to go with a sociopath pred, it kind of just happened. But I went with it. I think it works better that way because It kind of takes a lot to eat a beloved family member.

This was my first time writing disposal and a footjob, I hope I did well.

Please enjoy.

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Posted by MarinLaFey 3 years ago Report

Um... I'll hopefully edit this... awfulness. I seriously hate chromebooks.


Posted by selfrog 3 years ago Report

Ah, I hope it wasn't too hard to write! I didn't know you preferred nicer preds.


Posted by MarinLaFey 3 years ago Report

Oh no. A lot of my preds don't seem to have a good reason for predding. I just didn't ant to go down the sociopath route since it was so overdone, ya know? I didn't want to have this pedator who is ruthless without reason.

However it works for this fic because it is fatal incest vore. Having a ruthless cold predator works really well with the requests you gave me.