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[Collab] A Spice of Life pg 1 By dudey64 -- Report

First up is confections, a sweet tasty bake,
it requires thorough sampling, for the flavours sake.
Chocolate, vanilla and the secret hanji pepper makes the first batch,
and goes well with espresso, which one chugged too fast.

Xun enters her kitchen at night, with devious culinary experiments in mind. for is food not more exciting to eat when you can feel it squirm down yout throat?

Allow me [ septia and [Dudey/nessy] to Welcome you to this collab. Half of it is this comic.

The other half of this collab is a story, which the whole comic is based on, link given here.
A Spice of Live, the Story.

[Summary/introduction]: A chef experimenting with baking and cooking food golems (doughlems) with a pepper that makes her dishes, truly, come alive.

(This is a fun project that Septia and I have been working on for the past year and a half every few weekends. It's been quite the learning experience and has helped a lot with getting used to making comics, scene composition and shading. Though drawing is a lot of fun it was a bit of an adjustment to draw new things, and Septia was a great help in that, often giving advice and helping a lot with soft shades which I still have little grasp on.
It has been completed for quite a while, but Xun has kinda been waiting for her time to shine. Which I hope you enjoy. ^^)

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Posted by Septia 1 year ago Report

It is Finally completed, a collaboration with the best artist~.
Fantastic :3.


Posted by tgawsome 1 year ago Report

Whoa I read the story and dam you nailed the visuals perfectly. I look forward to the rest of this comic.