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The Centaur's Protective Womb, Page 13 By Groblek -- Report

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Here's page 13 of "The Centaur's Protective Womb." Rachel and Selene have befriended the centauresses, and with that bounty hunter safely enwombed within another centauress, things are looking up for them. There are still a lot of changes in store for the two of them, but this is where we'll be leaving things for the free sample. I hope that people have enjoyed this part of the story, and a big thank-you from me and  LadyDrasami to everyone who has bought a copy of the full comic, you all make it possible for us to share this.

This won't quite be the last thing I post about their story.  Dreamweevil's comments have inspired me to start writing a short story from the Bounty Hunter's POV as he's remade into a centaur foal, since the rest of the comic doesn't follow his story other than a cameo of her with her new mothers at the very end. I'll post that here when I finish it, and will also post the back cover page of the comic sometime this week so people can see how she turned out.

The full comic is available in high-resolution PDF here:

Now available on Amazon Kindle devices too:

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Back cover plot summary for the full comic:
Selene has rescued her friend Rachel from an arranged marriage to a wealthy man she despises, but now there's only one place they'll be safe from his men. Just past the western forest lies the lands of the Centaurs, where human trespassers disappear into the wombs of the mares, to be remade into foals for the Herd.
Selene is gambling everything on the hope that her family legend about favors owed to them by the Herd are true, and that they will be allowed to shelter there in safety. But Selene has one big secret that she keeps from Rachel even as they flee for their lives. She has fallen deeply in love with her friend, but dares not reveal her forbidden attraction to Rachel, for fear of rejection.
Read on to see how their time among the centaurs will change both Selene and Rachel in ways they never imagined, and how Selene's love for her friend blossoms into full flower in this kinky romance comic by Groblek and Lady Drasami!

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Posted by Robaticon 1 year ago Report

That seems like fun! :)


Posted by dreamweevil 1 year ago Report

Awesome that you're going to write a story! Love your writing as much as LadyDrasami's artwork.

For constructive criticism: This page has a pretty obvious problem on the top panel, on the centaur that Rachel is riding. Looks like that centaur is slamming on the brakes: there's no point in a normal equine gallop where both back legs are forward and together like that. (Of course, it's still a lot better than I'd be able to do!)

As always, love it!


Posted by Groblek 1 year ago Report

D’oh! Now that you point out that problem, it’s obvious, but I’m kicking myself a bit for missing that when proofing the comic. Oh well.


Posted by rojo55 1 year ago Report

I love those girls


Posted by zbuilders 1 year ago Report

I like how the part you’ve shown for free could be considered a whole story and doesn’t end on a massive cliff hanger


Posted by Groblek 1 year ago Report

Thanks! I tried to write it that way, I’m glad to know it worked for you.


Posted by HyliPrincessLydia 1 year ago Report

Yeah it worked out beautifully :D