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bully By pbysteria

Uploaded: 10 months ago

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uh-oh alert

practicing side view faces

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Posted by MobiusTheIce 10 months ago

Pro stuff, it's lovely! :D


Posted by Vdiem 10 months ago

haha, that prey looks so chill.


Posted by pbysteria 10 months ago

She's tryin her best


Posted by IMAWESOME123 10 months ago

This is greatness


Posted by Furanz 10 months ago


This is ace. Really not enough bullying vore. Bravo, man!!


Posted by Whereaminow27 10 months ago

This looks so awesome. I hope to see more & also a possible continuation of this. After she swallows her, and then one of her new assets :P


Posted by hibbyjibby 10 months ago

I'm glad to see you're still with us. I like your sketch-style quite a bit.

So, as far as practicing sideview profiles, I'd say this was actually a pretty rousing success. A few friends of mine here actually struggle with that sometimes, and they're fairly advanced or atleast somewhat big-named artists here. What trips them up I think tends to be the nose, nose bridge, and how deep the eyes go as well as how far the forehead goes forward. In your case I think you pulled off most of these fairly well, though I think you can do a little more with the nose bridges and foreheads.

Now with that said, a few other things I noticed that I wanna point out. From what I can tell, I believe both girl's arms are too short again. Prey girl's is harder to tell, there's nothing to her legs that can easily be used for reference, but pred girl's seems more apparent the more I look. Admittedly while she IS curving backwards a bit and bending her leg, when I attempt to straighten out her figure more in my head, her hand only juuust misses mid-thigh. Along with that is her hand, which I feel is a bit too small too. A little increase, maybe even a 50% one, would solve this.

And damn, dude. You do some Satuski-tier levels of eyebrows in your pictures.

So, here's hoping you continue to stick with us, and keep improving at different aspects of your work. I really wanna see you try lined art some day, and to be able to move on from sketchy lines. I do like your sketchwork, but I'd love to see what you can do when you improve your fundamentals.


Posted by pbysteria 10 months ago

Yeah I have to practice linework a lot more. Done mostly sketches so I don't have much experience with it. Don't know if I'll go the lineart route or a more painterly way. Either way, I'll try to clean things up more.


Posted by hibbyjibby 10 months ago

If you go down the linework route, believe me when I say it's gonna take a LONG while for you to do it at any comfortable speed or rate. But that's sorta the beauty of it, since you trade speed for precision, and quantity for quality (in terms of lines, not pics).

Painterly is nice but personally I feel painterly works best when you already have really strong, clear understanding of fundamentals. As much as Nitrotitan/ModeSeven does weird and quite often unappealing (to me) work, that artist can do that stuff BECAUSE they understand anatomy and all those other factors really well.

TLDR; expect things to be slow going unless you really put in time, effort, and passion into learning linework. And the better your understanding of the basics, the easier it is to play with em and do things like painterly or stylized visuals.


Posted by MoonfallWolf 10 months ago

Love their expressions! Your little touches like the pred's breaths and the prey's quivering are wonderful. <3


Posted by JohnnyF102 6 months ago

i wonder if tjerw is a continuation for this where she swallos her


Posted by pbysteria 6 months ago

I'd like to go back and draw more of her sometime, so yeah probably.


Posted by JohnnyF102 6 months ago