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Just Desserts By Asaneman -- Report

Slosh, slosh, Jackal rummages around, delighting in the warm, satisfying feeling of food being sent deeper within her. Beneath all the ice cream and pastries she devoured is the remnants of an intruding vixen she found and bound. Once tied up, she proved easy enough to swallow down, and since being subjugated to Jackal's powerful insides she's more a fox-laden soup than the thick vixen she previously was.

With all the vixen left to digest, the purple canine simply went about her normal routine: eating, sleeping, relaxing, only occasionally paying attention to her engorged middle as the chyme within her is absorbed and turned into much more useful pudge. For the better part of the day Victoria the vixen is processed by Jackal's guts, even her clothing isn't spared by the canine's impressive anatomy. By the time Victoria's bulge has shrunk from a massive beanbag to a firmer beachball size, does Jackal begin to assess the damage the fox is doing to her curves. She's not afraid to get physical -- while she's rubbing her hefty potbelly, her free hand thumps and slaps against the surprisingly resilient hill of purple. Her hand sinks and rebounds from her skin, accompanied by the delightful noise of fluids sploshing around within her. The firmness, when compared to her earlier belly's jostly softness, means parts of the white fox is already permanently added to Jackal's frame as chub.

She gives the fox a few more hours of stewing around within her until a final air bubble wrestles up Jackal's throat as a echoing Burrp!, signalling Victoria's completed digestion, and that means it's time to assess how she's done. Starting from the top, the purple canine's hands move to her previously modest chest, which ballooned into two heavy milk jugs. Simply nestling her hands underneath the dairy tanks and pushing up takes effort, and is rewarded with the satisfactory feeling of new, squishy breastfat sinking and engulfing her hands. From there Jackal traces her hands to her soft, pillowy middle, where a doughy hill of a potbelly remains. Quite a bit difference from earlier: Victoria had been as big as Jackal, and now the gut she was stuck in is barely a few noticeable inches of pudge. The entire white vixen was more than thoroughly churned and sent through the canine's powerful digestive tract, and no doubt the biggest share of Victoria rests on Jackal's now-gigantic pair of asscheeks.

The two mooning, purple globes remain tight and perky as ever, accompanying a certain softness only found on preds after a huge, wriggly meal. Preds like Jackal are no doubt squishiest the day after -- and only as she rests on the ground, sinking into her own fox-clad chub, does she get solid grasp of how expansive her curves have become. Just by swinging her legs into the air, one at a time, causes the corresponding thigh to jostle upwards, which slaps into the round cheek up above it. Like a purple tide, the sea of assfat then reverberates in the opposite direction, jiggling back and forth in quick succession before coming still. When not wobbling around, Jackal's impressive hips form a perfectly round heart-shape, where her buttocks is thickest on top, followed by her thighs being appropriately round to hold up the weighty globes. Her tremendous, bubbly ass is a permanent monument supplied by white vixen, and a warning for anyone else foolish enough to get caught by the canine.

While she lies there, she feels an all-familiar rumbling from her middle, signaling her body is ready for more...


Long overdue commission, finally done! Don't usually use Victoria as prey, but Jackal is a fantastic character and it was decided Vick contrasts nicely with the canine's dark purple. I've got plans for the foxmage in the future so she's not going away!


Jackal ©  cows

Victoria is mine.

Comment on Just Desserts


Posted by JacktheDragon 1 year ago Report

Oh lovely~

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Posted by MidNightOwlArt 1 year ago Report

Really awesome comic!
Glad to see more like this in the future.

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Posted by SaoYuuki 1 year ago Report


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Posted by Kurczak48 1 year ago Report

Amazing job!

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Posted by Asaneman 1 year ago Report

Hey thanks!

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Posted by jak55 1 year ago Report

Sexy as fak! B-)

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Posted by smog1 1 year ago Report

Sooo HAWT and beautiful xxx

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Posted by Novapyro 1 year ago Report

Oh yes i do.

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Posted by Gabriel0813 1 year ago Report

she looks great on her ass

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Posted by MirceaKitsune 1 year ago Report

Just beautiful as always <3

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Posted by StormyRange 1 year ago Report

Mph wow you've outdone yourself ;//u//; <3

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Posted by Zego21 1 year ago Report


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Posted by SOJITZL 1 year ago Report

H-holy shit~♡

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Posted by WankersCramp 1 year ago Report

May I just say that this is hot as fuck. Great job on this and on the awesome story.

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Posted by Asaneman 1 year ago Report

Thanks WankersCramp!

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Posted by SoreaRunemaster 1 year ago Report

How lovely. Wish she would let me touch her backdide but I'd probably get slapped or become part of it.

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Posted by Cresce 1 year ago Report

Guessing from the fist panel, Victoria isn't a fan of hugs. She sure is cute though. Always love your comic style, hope to see more Victoria soon!

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Posted by Asaneman 1 year ago Report

Vicky prefers to be the one doing the hugs, not the other way around!

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Posted by RavenXeo 1 year ago Report

gorgeous butt<3

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Posted by starhotbar 1 year ago Report

so lovely and cute :)

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Posted by floopygoober 1 year ago Report

This turned out wonderfully I love the way you draw your chars not to mention their personalities are so awesome x3

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Posted by FemalePrey 1 year ago Report

Love it

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Posted by RemnArtX 1 year ago Report

Damn, man, your drawings are Top Tier stuff!
I love this!

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