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Big and Trending By KentaKoukuji

Somewhat of a followup to the last pic, all those selfies worked up an appetite again, so Pan sought out some dessert. Girl got so stuffed her navel popped, which she feels must be shared with her new fanclub.

Once that smorgasbord finally got digested, Pan packed on the pounds, but it all went south... in a good way. Now she's rockin' that big, beautiful booty for her followers, one of which seems to have spotted her in person...

Art by  Natsumemetalsonic, character(s) belong to their respective owner.

...I suppose I like big butts, and I can not lie o3o

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Posted by tendou 7 months ago

Be part of the conversation at #StuffedPan on Twitter.


Posted by MrPeculiar 7 months ago

Big Pan. Delicious followers. What more could a mad degenerate want...? Well, I could say a few things, but it's easy enough to fill in those elements in my own head.


Posted by Gold_King 7 months ago

Mmmm...I wanna fuck tha...BWEEEOOO...WHAT DO YOU MEAN SHE'S ONLY 9? That ass begs to differ. She's clearly asking for it, officer.

The K

Posted by The K 7 months ago

I love big bellied Pan. And her outie belly button makes her all the cuter. It's great she's sharing her big belly button to us all :D


Posted by VorePhiliaGirl 7 months ago

I <3 IT! :3


Posted by Luxio512 5 months ago



Posted by gbrille2215185 7 months ago

Nice to see more pan vore~ I already liked the last one you did and its nice to see a follow-up as good.


Posted by ocarinaofbudder 6 months ago

Any chance for a part 3 and if so, can you do a swallowing process.