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Liki's careful scan of the surrounding area revealed no threats. They were deep in enemy territory, this was no time to be taking undue risks. The two elves bathing in the spring were a sure capture, and easily managed on the spear's escape back to human territory. Liki whistled in a perfect imitation of a bird call.
The older elf's ears twitched at the sound. Liki could see the experienced elf picking out each human warrior as they began to slide from their cover. From where she watched, Liki could see the fear play across the elf's face as she realized there was no escape, and then a new expression took its place. It happened in the space of a single breath, but the elf was set to cry out a warning, then decided not to. Rasu closed in on the elf and wrapped a cloth soaked in the secret potions of the tribe around the golden haired woman's nose and mouth while two other warriors stealthily grabbed hold of the elf's shoulders.
The capture of the younger elf did not go as smoothly. The frolicking blonde ducked to retrieve something shiny just as Zaki reached to wrap the cloth around her nose and mouth. Chuka and Moli were already moving to grab the elf and walked out in plain view of the un-drugged elf. For a single moment that stretched out painfully, the elf stared at the human warriors before her in disbelief. Moli and Chuka abandoned their attempt at stealth and charged forward. The young elf backed up, drawing breath to scream a warning, just as Zaki reached around for a second try with the cloth. The young elf's scream was muffled, then petered out as her mind was dulled by the human potions. As the three warriors grabbed hold of the elf, she was already succumbing to the hypnotic effects of the mixture.
Both elves were taken out of the spring and moved into the forest. The elves walked calmly, obeying commands and blearily complying with the handling of the human warriors. For all their magic, elves were extremely susceptible to the chemical warfare humans preferred. Liki could see the fear of being taken within their eyes, but their wills were sublimated by the drugs to make them docile. A noise caught Liki's attention, and she turned to see another pair of elves coming up the trail. She gave another whistle, and Juril gave the signal to retreat. There was no way to know if there was more elves coming, or if they would miss the two the spear had already grabbed. It was time to leave while they still could.
The humans had bound the elves wrists together loosely behind their backs, allowing the elves to splay their elbows out for balance. A string loosely tied around each of their necks allowed the human warriors to lead them as the spear moved stealthily away from the spring, slowly past the elven village, and then into a dead sprint towards the river. Liki ran ahead to scout their path, and her heart was pumping with more than just the exertion of the run and the stress of being in enemy territory. They had seized elves in the heart of the elven forest! This was the stuff of song and legend! If they could get back to the relative safety of the river, Liki would get her first taste of elf flesh.
The feast of a hunt was reserved for the warriors of the tribe, and Liki had heard many tales of the pleasures of such a feast. Eating fruits and vegetables provided one with nutrients, but eating meat provided power! The sacred cooking methods of her tribe preserved the feelings, the spirit, and the will of the food within the flesh. Eating such a meal was said to transfer sublime amounts of arousal and pleasure to those who partook. Liki's mouth was watering even as she guided their group around a pair of elven sentries hiding in a tree. The river came into view just as the sun began to brush the tops of the trees and the spear wasted no time in the crossing. The stomachs of the hunters groaned loudly, just as the elves began to come back to their senses.
The younger blonde looked around in a panic, her chest rising and falling in a beautiful rhythm. The older elf's chest heaved quickly too, but the more experienced woman seemed ready to meet her fate with grace. The older elf said something to the younger elf that seemed not to calm her junior, quite the opposite in fact. The younger elf's eyes were wide, and terrified, but a smile that she seemed to not want to make crept up her lips. The two elves continued to comply to the humans gestured commands without resisting as the spear returned to camp. The sentries blew the horns upon sighting them and their prey. This was half in celebration, half to taunt the elves as more of their number fell to human prowess. The air around the camp was jubilant to see such a bold success, and Juril was given a place of honor near the war leader as the tribe's spears gathered to discuss what happened next.
Liki was congratulated by veteran warriors and girls on their first hunt alike. The other scouts came together and raised her above their heads in a ritual only the best scouts were honored with. To think, only a few days ago, Liki had been nervous that she would fail the test of adulthood. Now she was a hero of the tribe!
The two elves were made to kneel before the war leader. Both of them were breathing quickly, both of them were wet between their legs, and all four of their nipples betrayed their aroused anticipation of what came next. One of them would be used to send a message to the elves. The war leader wanted to drive home the tribe's war spirit by making an example of one of the captives. The drool trying to escape the experienced huntresses face indicated that the one not chosen, was dinner. The older elf stared ahead with as neutral an expression as she could manage, but her flushed face and body gave her arousal away. The younger elf had a deranged smile as she actually had a small orgasm on her knees before her captors. Liki looked on and wondered which one looked more delicious.
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The humans take revenge for their fallen, as captured elves face the wrath of the tribe.

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