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54: Normal Relations By dreamweevil

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Daisy, Stacy, and Brad are together again, and fly to the lamia colony in order to patch things up between the two species. Collaboration with bigmacrmuk.

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Posted by MasterGryph 10 months ago

You've really refined this.

On the other hand, there's still a few things off-putting. While everyone's siezing on the idea the Sphinx had a master plan as a quick end to their argument... that's still an excuse. The sphinx' goal was to be a repository of knowledge, and everyone inside her had access to it. If she was holding the relevant info back until the timing felt right, that still leaves a gap where Daisy and Stacy could have stumbled on it themselves. And considering how this arc started - with an unexpected attack by someone Daisy didn't know about... There are too many risks involved to think of the alleged plan as a masterstroke that absolves everyone of responsibility. It was just a spur-of-the-moment gambit, and the dice came up well this time.

And Daisy assuming that the hundreds of hives (which we haven't) seen are all bettering themselves morally because an Ace who she talked to once decided it was a good idea, a short while ago... it doesn't follow.


Posted by dreamweevil 10 months ago

Thanks for the comments!

You’re absolutely correct here. Daisy, Stacy,, and Francesca solved a problem together, but it was a little more random luck than they thought, and Daisy is giving the Sphinx too much credit for a brilliant plan.

The Sphinx gave birth to Daisy and Stacy at the first opportunity: Ms. Gaudmont delayed relaying the news of the swarm because she knew the Sphinx didn’t like to be disturbed: she even apologized for that.

The Sphinx’s cleverness here wasn’t the timing. It was her quick insistence that Daisy keep at least some of her bee-girl form. It would have taken no longer to put Daisy in any other body! With the hurry, Daisy never figured that out. The Sphinx didn’t plan that out in great detail but had a feeling, based on what she knew, that keeping Daisy in that form was the thing to do.


Posted by MasterGryph 10 months ago

Ah, that makes a lot of sense.


Posted by MasterGryph 9 months ago

I think that it was a mistake to set the number of hives at over 371, +2 per day. A three digit number is too big for the four protagonists to bring up, then leave alone for about a year.