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ARPG Side Story 3-10 By Rayen

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Oh dear, the elf hungers. :V



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Posted by peteian 10 months ago

I feel like elf is about to become a slime elf.


Posted by radiogenicvore 10 months ago

Give in to the hunger. Gaede left us behind so he can deal with the consequences as well.


Posted by JiklokEmisaryOfSteel 10 months ago

Feign acceptance of Gaede's wishes, wait until you are close, then aim for the head. The man is of no use to you. He has displayed disloyalty and no co-operation. You ache for something in your belly, desire nutrients. You can a companion molded in steel, and a pussycat that feels nothing but contempt.

The only question being, how might our warrior react to such an act? One cannot know forf certain. Caution may be needed.

May steel line thy path


Posted by JiklokEmisaryOfSteel 10 months ago

Also, Gaede+Sloime=Gatorade like substance maybe?


Posted by DeityV 10 months ago

We've made it this far, let's press on. Looks like grumpy cat will be first in line for snacks.


Posted by The-Lonely-Gamefreak 10 months ago

First, we should first ask Ferad if he'd be willing to spare a piece of his garb to c9ver ourselves.

And we should leave this place and try to make it back so to seek medical attention. Though we are feeling incredibly hungry, we should not eat Gaede. At least, not yet anyways. If he continues being antagonistic on the return to town, we can dispose of him (after trying to get Ferad to agree that the cat is a selfish arse).


Posted by FaceInCrowd42 10 months ago

This seems to be pointing us toward straight-up eating Gaede...and I fully support such an action for both story and lewdness reasons!


Posted by Havoc 10 months ago

welp, what do you know? a cat whose also an asshole, what a surprise... ( Said every dog-owner ever )

we should just flip a coin, heads we go forward, tails we turn back. if the cat doesn't like it, he can come along at swordpoint.


Posted by Razgriz 10 months ago

Sounds like you need to get rid of that stuff less you become a slime!


Posted by NotBatman 10 months ago

once that blasted slime is done with our lunch its lunch time from our stomach, even if we DID leave, we wont get far, maybe mr muscle can help us squeeze more with a heimlich or something, this kinda is a danger no matter where we go.

as for the blasted cat, i dont trust him to turn on the gas to cover up on himself on who to blame for the failed expedition, besides he DID agree to the plan, why is he so anti ruins?...

while i doubth impact will affect slime, so that's out of the question, but maybe we can use a belt on the belly to help reduce its space by force, and maybe force it to be puked out or such as its definitly in the stomach(YES FULL REVERSE AV! wait, ew...)

if that fails, welp, i'm gonna nickname the new pet slime sally,because it looked like a she...?

so far Ferad has been a nice companion and willing to weight his share of the work, he's a good team player, a social complimentary for pulling the idea off is due still, but only for him.


Posted by Ryan-Drakel 10 months ago

.... Get out of the ruins and get help. With that hunger starting to grow, you may start losing your mind and become feral. DON'T LET THAT HAPPEN.


Posted by Graywolf18 10 months ago

I am 100% on board with this tone shift that's coming. >:D

It's about time we relent to Gaede and agree to leave... heh. Ask Ferad to help find something to cover our lower legs and ask to speak with Gaede in private about the difference between a "friendship" and a "Partnership". When/if Ferad leaves to check for some kinds of covering we should eat Gaede... he's a jerk and if he hadn't just ditched us to go to grumpy cat impersonations we wouldn't have gotten slimed. Then we can give him the finer points and differences between friendship and partnership.

If all that works out we should find Ferad and talk... no, ACTUALLY talk to him. I kinda like Ferad and we should let him go, but if he's just going to come back with another adventuring party to hunt slimes then we should just eat him too. He'll be a HEFTY fight, but we should win with seduction, he seems kinda weak to it.


Posted by Thagrahn 10 months ago

Slimes are out of way, time to head deeper into ruins for our paycheck.
If cat doesn't want payed he can either leave or be food.


Posted by dudeman2012 10 months ago

Just a thought, but that slime probably isn't doing good things to us. Perhaps we should try and have someone help us get it out?


Posted by AwokenedWispKP 10 months ago

Elf is probably going to end up less cute in the next few pages depending on how things go. (Note, slimes are super cute.. I'm referring to something else)

I don't really know what to say at this point, I've kinda fallen off the side story again since they usually get much darker than the main series. Either way, it might be good to be rather vocal about how this stuff inside elfy-livia is making her feel.. since staying quiet about it will just have things go on their set course. If the big armored bloke could squeeze it out before it becomes a part of elf, that might keep the side effects to a minimum.. some kind of cloth to wear as a skirt might also be helpful.

And while the cat was clearly in the wrong for ditching both of em, his opinion isn't necessarily a bad one.. since it means that no one is placed in harms way over greed. Sure.. he's just looking out for himself, and would ditch the group in order to survive.. but not everyone can be a selfless hero. It'd probably be best to leave him alone, he doesn't really want to be here and he doesn't really want to lose his life.. which means he'll be the one who's most alert to danger in the group.


Posted by DarkPinkie 10 months ago

Nom the asshole Kitty!


Posted by mthekiller362 9 months ago

Push forward into the unknown. Lets see what else this place has to offer. Answer if we have to, nom the cat, not the armoured man. Jean been useful for most of this time.


Posted by Sergit 9 months ago

If we are hungry we should probably eat. Do jerk cats taste good? Perhaps we should find oyt!


Posted by Chronicle 3 months ago

Is this going to be continuing? I really hope so :D