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Mallow's Chicken(-chan) Dinner 2 By Teruyo

Uploaded: 11 days ago

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Tags: F/F Mallow Pokemon Pre-Vore Preparation reluctant prey Selene Semi-willing Edit

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An important first step in preparing your chicken is to pluck it. All that pesky fabric would ruin the roast, after all. The chicken doesn't look too thrilled about it, though.

Part 2 of the 5-image series. Commissioned by me from  Canime

EDIT: If you still see Mallow's suspiciously-pale hand, clear your cache and reload the page (Shift+Reload)

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Posted by Horserax 11 days ago

I wonder if she ever tried just saying "I'm not a chicken!". Sometimes the blunt approach is the best one lol


Posted by kurohigeyonkou 11 days ago

Mallow: "That exactly what a chicken would say"


Posted by Horserax 10 days ago

"What makes you even think I'm a chicken? Do chickens normally look like this?" She runs a hand down her figure with a blush "These are not chicken breasts!"


Posted by kurohigeyonkou 10 days ago

Mallow: well, let's role-playing then ;p


Posted by Horserax 9 days ago

"Roleplay?" she tilts her head "Seems kinda random, but what do you want to roleplay?"


Posted by dodoman_1er 11 days ago

I know people call girls chicks but it isnt literal! Silly girl.


Posted by Teruyo 9 days ago

Nonsense. Why else would she be wearing that chicken hat? Definitely a chicken.


Posted by dodoman_1er 9 days ago

Well can't argue with that. Please proceed


Posted by Kelly 11 days ago

AHHHHH YEREEEES Waited sooooo long for this x3 <3