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[b][u]Eaten By… Evan[/b][/u]
You had arrived at the Cafe too late. The Valentine’s Day event was over, just as you had finally summoned the courage to make an appearance. You watched the Delcatty twins inside through the window; one mopping the floor while the other collected empty plates from the tables.
The one cleaning the tables looked up at you, staring as you stared back at him. His blue eyes flitted to the ‘Closed’ sign on the door, canting his head towards it in the hopes you might take a hint. As his brother noticed you a bright smile spread across his face, he propped his mop up against a table and skipped towards the door to greet you, pushing it open as the bell above it let out a playful jingle.
“Welcome to the Cafe!” the Delcatty beamed, a little ‘meow’ of excitement escaping him as he turned to lead you into the building, “It’s kind of cold to be standing outside, you should come in and warm up.”
“Evan, we just closed,” the other Delcatty reminded him, balancing another plate onto the stack he was holding with his forepaw. He placed them on the counter and made his way over with a shake of his head, his eyes locking onto yours as his brother’s smile faded. “We can’t serve you, we don’t have anything in stock.”
“What? We’ve got plenty of stuff in the kitchen!” the first feline complained with a pout. He began to stamp his paws against the ground as his brother tried to maintain some sense of order, “Come on, Ethan. They’re alone on Valentine’s Day, that sucks! They deserve a nice treat!”
“We’re both alone on Valentine’s Day too, you know,” Ethan reminded him with a huff and a shake of his head, “So is Symond for that matter, but he’s already left so it’s not like we have anyone to cook food for them. Neither of us know how to use an oven.”
“They don’t want anything cooked,” Evan replied with a shake of his head, glancing up at you to confirm what he had said. You smiled awkwardly and opened your mouth to respond, only for the Delcatty to stand between yourself and his brother, defending you with a boyish grin, “See? Cupcakes are fine.”
“Alright, but you’re going to have to serve them, AND clean up when they’re done” his brother said as he picked up the stack of dirty plates and headed into the kitchen to wash them, “It’s been a long day and I really just want to go home.”
“No problem, bro. We’ll be fine,” Evan grinned, winking up at you as he lead you along inside, his keen eyes scouting for a clean table. He stopped at a booth, bowing his head as you took a seat before turning and making his way to the kitchen without even taking your order. It seemed like the Delcatty already had something in mind for you.
You took a moment to look around the Cafe, admiring the decorations that had been put up for the Valentine’s Day event they hosted every year. You found yourself regretting having missed it, but you were certain you’d attend next year. The door to the kitchen open and Evan returned, now dressed in a pink apron with heart-shaped pins. He skipped to your table and placed the plate in front of you; a single cupcake with blue frosting and a chocolate in the shape of a heart sat in its center. “Here you go.” he beamed, “Eat up~”
You thanked him for bringing it over and picked it up, taking a bite without hesitation. The Delcatty gave an approving smile and turned, wandering back towards the kitchen. “I’ll get you something to drink with it,” he explained as he disappeared from view.
The frosting of the cupcake had an unfamiliar taste to it, and you pressed your tongue to your palette as you tried to determine the flavour. It was sweet, but it also had a slight sourness to it… if you had to guess by the colour you would have expected blueberry or blue raspberry, but it definitely wasn’t either of those.
You finished the cupcake quickly, swallowing down the last of it as you sat back in your seat. As you leaned back you found the world beginning to shift around you. The edge of the table that was once at your waist was now up to your chest, and soon it grew to be far above your head. You let out a yell and called for Evan’s help, but by the time the door to the kitchen opened you had shrunken down to being only a few inches tall.
“Huh?” Evan blinked as he returned with the glass of milk. He placed the glass on the table and began to search for you, walking from booth to booth. “Hey, where’d you go?” he called out. Despite your desperate cries for attention it seemed he couldn’t see you, and soon he returned to your booth and pouted, “Aw man, don’t tell me they ran out on the bill. That’s so mean.”
You waved desperately to get his attention, but the Delcatty seemed far too focused on what he thought had happened to you. With a dejected sigh he let himself relax, his rear slowly falling towards you until you found yourself trapped under it, shrouded in the warm darkness of his cream-furred cheeks. You let out muffled yells as you pushed against the fur, trying to get him to notice that he had sat on you. The Delcatty shifted himself slightly, his rear grinding against you as he adjusted his seated position on the chair. “Mmm… stupid Valentine’s Day.” he muttered, beginning to gulp down the milk.
It seemed that pressing against his cheeks was doing nothing to get him to notice you, and it occurred to you that you might have better luck if you targeted somewhere more sensitive. You began to crawl under his weight, inching yourself around the curve of his cheek until finally you found an area covered not by fur, but by flesh. You hesitated for a moment, holding your breath as you reached the musky tailhole of the Delcatty… and finally reached forward with your hand and pressed against it.
“Nnyya!” Evan mewled, only to bite his lip as his tailhole twitched in response to your touch. It tightened, almost pulling your hand in before the Delcatty relaxed himself, “Heh, that was weird… is there something funny in this milk?”
You tried it again, this time pressing both your hands against the rim of the hole as you began to rub it vigorously to get his attention. He purred, sitting up straight and unknowingly pinning your upper-half under his hole as he did so. “NnyyaaaAaa~!” he mewled out again, closing his eyes as he bounced his rear against you a few times.
He blushed as he remembered his brother was still in the kitchen, glancing to the door to make sure he hadn’t heard his outburst before shuffling his rear against you as he got comfortable in his seat once again, “Well, that explains it. I guess I must’ve given you my special Minun berry cupcake by accident!” he gasped. “Whoops, didn’t mean to do that. Oh well~”
The Delcatty was a terrible liar, even if he hadn’t been purring you could have immediately told it wasn’t an accident. He continued to grind his musky hole against you, leaving you struggling to press back against it as it started to envelop your hands, pinching to hold you in place.
“But now that you’re all shrunken down, it’s not like you have anywhere to go tonight, right?” The Delcatty reminded you with a mischievous grin as he began to grind against you, “And I’ve still got a [i]butt-ton[/i] of cleaning up to do. I could use something to make it a little more interesting~”
He brought his rear up ever so slightly, enough for the light of the cafe to slip under it and allow you to see around you. Two giant globes of cream fur either side of you, curving up to the light pink tailhole at the base of his tail. He began to lower it once more, angling himself to ensure your head began to enter it as he let out a little ‘nya’ of excitement.
 “I’m just gonna.. Hff.. give myself a little treat, for being such a good kitty,” he told you as he pinned you under his butt, forcing your upper body into his tailhole as he purred in delight at your struggles, “Keep moving around like that, kay? It makes it even better~”
 Despite your best efforts the Delcatty’s weight was just too much for your small form, you slipped entirely past his tight tailhole and into the warm embrace of his colon, which squeezed you to hold you in place before allowing you to slip into the slimy insides of his rear end. You could hear Evan’s breathing all around you, his heart racing as he purred at the attention you were giving his sensitive hole.
Evan breathed out a sigh of relief as you entered him, his tail twitching back and forth as he got up from the seat, giving his butt a gentle wiggle to ensure you were snugly inside. “Thanks for coming to the Cafe, you really made my night~” he grinned as he pranced along towards the back room again, each skip he took causing the world to shift around you and rub you against the fleshy walls that embraced you.
“Did they leave?” a distant voice called. You recognised it as Ethan’s, and began to push against the walls to try to give away your position.
“No-Oooh,” Evan moaned out, his hind legs buckling as his cheeks squeezed together, his intestines clenching to hold you in place as he grinned over at his brother, “I mean, yep! They left, totally satisfied with my service, no complaints~”
“Ha, sure they did,” Ethan chuckled, not the slightest bit tricked by his twin’s attempts at deception, “Just make sure you get them a Reviver Seed, alright? Who knows, maybe they might settle down after that and give you a chance to play.”
“I sure hope not, all that struggling feels awesome~” the Delcatty replied in a sing-song tone, giving his rear a playful shake as he picked up the mop and got back to his task. His brother rolled his eyes with a smile, making his way towards the door and leaving you alone with your predator. A little while later you could hear the Delcatty grunting and moaning as the tip of the Reviver seed brushed your feet, now safely concealed inside him just like you were.
“You’re welcome for the free cupcake, by the way. You can pay me back by wiggling for the rest of my shift.” Evan said, giving his rear another shake as he continued to clean the Cafe. “Happy Valentine’s Day~!”
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Valentine's Day was over, and you had just arrived to see the Cafe closing. With nowhere left to go you prepared to go home, only for the door to open and a singsong voice to call you in from the cold. The sweet Delcatty boy seemed to be willing to give you a snack and a drink to ease your Valentine's Woes... little did you know you were about to be Eaten by Evan.

Decided to do a Valentine's Day Eaten By featuring Evan, everyone's favourite background character and one of the pair that has served as the face of the Valentine's Day cafe stories since I started doing them. I also decided to try an anal vore Eaten By story for a change! Given how well it went I might be open to more alt-vore Eaten By stories in the future.

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Posted by Shudocapop 11 months ago

well, i dont have anyone for valentine's day, but at least i have your cute stories uwu nice work!


Posted by Zolatul 11 months ago

Normally not into shrinking all that much myself, but this story is just so darned cute and happy that I can't help but enjoy it, good job! Hope to see more of Evan in the future, too~


Posted by James17 11 months ago

Hope Evan enjoys his buttplug, he doesn't seem to plan on letting him out anytime soon.