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A Small Reversal
By ChaosBound
Chapter 3: Community
  Ingrid lay there, panting heavily, her chest heaving as she struggled to fill her lungs long enough to clear the sexual fog from her mind. She felt the fullness inside, that wonderful, heavy fullness that was the most stimulating, arousing, and in her exhausted state, relaxing thing she had ever felt. She tried to move, just a small shift of her neck to a slightly more comfortable position on the pillows and her hips slightly out of the dent that Everett had left in their bed over the years, but even that little bit of effort was too much for her.
  Ingrid smiled to herself as she contracted her overly sensitive parts, using her vaginal walls to caress the faintly moving thing still inside of her. She felt it shiver and twitch, which sent delightful electric sparks through her body, which brought hoarse, beastial noises from her body that she had no control over. She stopped clutching at the fullness inside of her body, and just lay there, recovering, her pulse slowly easing its way out of her throat and back into her chest.
Suddenly, there was a soft ring of their smart tower.
“Stop timer.” Ingrid groaned. Why had Everett set the alarm to go off? He’s always fiddling with that thing.
“Well love, I hope you are satisfied with our… hour of fun?” Everett’s voice sounded out through the tower. “Now, sadly, this is just a recording, however I did make it so it would go off if your voice issued the vocal command to the tower. Now, just so you know, I am the wriggling thing inside of you right now. That little project I have been working on was the timer locks that kept you restrained the entire time, along with the finalization of the chemicals that shrunk me down like this.” Ingrid clenched her flower, and felt Everett’s personal combination of movement within her, affirming in her mind that her lover was buried deep within her body.
  “Now, this chemical combination has already worn off, but I will remain like this as long as I remain in someplace dark. If sunlight touches me, I will start returning to my normal size. So please keep that in mind, since i would prefer not do that while I am still partially, or wholly inside of you my love. I do not think either of us would enjoy the end results of me returning to my full size inside of your delicate rose right here.”
  “However, there are a few pieces of business we must cover before this recording ends and you get to go about your day. I spent the better part of today deep-cleaning the entire apartment. There is nothing left here for you to clean, so please, do not bother recleaning anything here. I know that there are several options for you to go out and enjoy. I’d personally recommend the Lady’s Poetry night at the Library over the Hot Yoga session at the YMCA. But that’s up to you, really. I’d also say that there is little here to eat, I didn’t get a chance to go grocery shopping, so if you could go out and get some groceries, I’d appreciate it, since whenever you let me out, I will be starving from the combination of the chemicals and exercise. So, that’s all I got my dear lady. I love you, and I hope you enjoyed our love-making, and everything else that you do, or should I say, we do today.”
  A soft series of kissing noises came from the tower before it beeped twice and turned off.
Ingrid slowly reached down, running her hand down her stomach and caressed the fullness just below her stomach, a warm and soft smile slowly spreading across her lips.
 “You never cease to amaze me love.” She murmurs to herself, pressing slightly on her abdomen, tracing Everett’s form inside of her. It amazed her how clearly she could make out his head, arms, legs, torso. She was slightly disappointed that she could not find her favorite part of her man, but she did not worry too much about it. She knew he was probably as exhausted, if not more so than she was, given the amount of movement and energy he had been been required to put out to do everything he had needed and wanted to do from that angle.
 Ingrid moaned slightly, as she contracted around Everett’s body, the small thought of what he had done to please and pleasure her starting to bring her back around for round 2. Her hand pressed down slightly into her flesh, and then upward, pushing Everett deeper inside of her when…
 “Woof!” Scratch, scratch, scratch. “Woof, woof!”
 “Ugh.” Ingrid groaned. “Worst timing ever fuzz-butt.”
 The scratching quickened and barking grew slightly more frantic, turning into a familiar whine that Ingrid knew would lead to trouble if she didn’t move.
 Groaning, she swung herself out of bed, and stumbled to the door.
 As the door swung open, their Pit Bull, Milo sprang in, dancing around as he whined his “I need to go now,” dance.
 Grumbling, “One moment, one moment,” Ingrid sighed. “I’m coming, I’m coming.”
 Grabbing a sports bra, Ingrid quickly threw some clothes on, slipping on a pair of running shoes just as Milo ran from the room, barking excitedly.
 Grabbing the spare leash from the dresser by the bedroom door, Ingrid hurried after the desperate dog, catching him as he stood by the front door, whining plaintively as he scratched at the doorknob. Clipping his collar with one hand and unlocking, opening, and relocking the door, Ingrid grabbed the spare key from the hook next to the door, and took off after Milo, jogging to keep up with the desperate pooch.
 Milo led Ingrid on a merry chase down the street, leaping from bush to bush, tree to tree, fire hydrant to parked car, but as soon as his paws hit the ground again, he was off, searching for a better spot. Ingrid, meanwhile, was gasping behind him as she tried to keep up. She normally went on jogs and runs with the pup, but never so quickly after sex, and definitely never after Everett had worn her down to the nub.
 However, she was not thinking of Everett or the sex they had just enjoyed. She was just trying to keep up with Milo as both of them ate up the pavement with their rapid pace.
 Inside of her body, Everett was being squeezed and compressed, each twist of Ingrid’s hips tightening her hold on him, while every jarring and earth-shattering step thrust him deeper and deeper into his lovers body, in the end, pressing him against the darkest and most hallowed of recesses of his beloved. Everett breathed deep, intoxicated beyond belief by what he was experiencing. He yearned for nothing more than to react, to respond in some way to show Ingrid that he was enjoying himself, but she was moving so much that he was unable to do anything that remain as he was and wait for her to loosen herself up so he could have some freedom of movement within her sacred garden.
 Outside, Ingrid had gotten used to running along with Milo, and the two hurtled through the streets in town. The leash was loose in her hands as she kept pace with the puppy, who raced along, tongue hanging out, barking happily as he got to go full out with his owner. Ingrid just concentrated on her breathing and on keeping her feet pounding. The fog that had laid so heavily on her head after that overwhelming experience of sex had, finally, been blown away with this run with Milo, and Ingrid felt herself renewed and refreshed from it.
 She smiled to herself, as she felt her body’s ability to completely encase and pin Everett inside of herself, while at the same time allowing her to caress every inch of his body, as she was completely drenching him with her own fluids.
 A small shiver sang through her body at that thought, one she fought herself over for a moment before trying to push that thought aside roughly for another day. The image came unbidden and, truth be told, not unexpectedly.
 Ingrid imagined Everett’s cock, just fresh from coming out of her, after having cum in her, as she began going down on him, sucking off every bit of their combined flavors. The thought erupted from her dark subconscious of Everett, shrunken down as he currently was, slowly being pulled out of her pussy, soaked in their combined juices, all gooey, with saliva-like strands of her cum and his own dripping off his body. She imagined licking the first globules off, then sucking more off, then shoving his entire body in her mouth, swishing him around, assaulting him with her tongue before swallowing all the deliciousness that was his cum, her cum, and her man, down to her waiting stomach, where all of it would remain, forever hers and hers alone to enjoy.
 Ingrid stumbled, almost falling to her face as she stepped off the curb in her erotic daydream. Milo yelped as she pulled at his leash, which brought him jumping towards her, catching her with his broad and sturdy back. Stars and pain flared in her eyes and mind as she hit the ground with her knees, which triggered Everett being slammed into her cervix, which she definitely felt him pop through, partially at least, judging from the mild discomfort she felt in her abdomen.
 Ingrid snorted at the thought of pain in her cervix being mild in comparison to her knees.
 He better being enjoying himself in there. She grumbled. That hurts. He’s lucky he’s cute, and that I love him, or else I would probably leave him in there until I was ready to pop him out on my own, in a few months. Shaking her head as she got up, she brushed herself. By then, I should have forgotten about how painful him bursting through there was, right?
 Chuckling to herself, Ingrid paused as she patted Milo on the head fondly, thankful that the massive pup was so protective and supportive. The happy Pittie barked loudly, sloppily licking Ingrid’s hand before fussily inspecting a nearby tree, much to his and Ingrid’s relief.
 After a long minute, the pair made their way back home at a much more leisurely pace.
 Turning the corner and catching sight of their apartment, Ingrid’s stomach growled loudly, shaking her to her core, and clearing her head of her previous lust-driven thoughts.
 Rubbing her stomach to ease the sudden discomfort, Ingrid picked up the pace, hurriedly taking Milo back home, giving him free roam of the house as she grabbed her cell phone and purse from the scattered remains of her work clothes.
 As she left the bedroom, she saw a small black envelope pinned to the back of the door with her name on it.
 Opening it, she scanned the contents and smiled.
 Glancing at her watch, she quickly ran through the time she had and nodded.
 It’s 3:40, and there is a Yoga class at 5:15. Ingrid smiled. I have more than enough time to do a little grocery shopping and get something quick to eat for an early dinner before hand.
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Everett has fully settled inside of his lover, but life continues on for Ingrid, right?

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