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ODnD p.1: Wake-up with Kaishi! By ItsSomething

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One Tag Per Line!

Basically anyone that has talked to me off of Eka's knows that if there's one character - one solitary character - that I ship with Kaishi like crazy, they'd know it's none other than Narumeia, of Granblue Fantasy fame. Because Kaish is a lonely boy who needs a good onee-san figure in his life. And who's better than a shortstack that will dote and fawn over him, and love him inspite of his lewd body - because hers is just as lewd?

This is also an experiment in writing fluffstuff. I decided I'd start this off on Valentine's Day! Part 2 is already complete, and I'll probably upload that sometime in the near future. That being said, enjoy these lewds. It ain't the greatest, but hey.

It's something.

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Posted by Attilan 6 days ago

What a nice read to start off the valentines day morning.


Posted by ItsSomething 6 days ago

The next few parts are gonna get a bit more emotional, since this is a bit of introspection on Kaishi's life. But don't worry - it'll all work out in the end.


Posted by Attilan 5 days ago

Thanks for the spoilers...geez


Posted by ItsSomething 5 days ago

I didn't say it'd work out well.