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Cumforting Places - Chapter 9 By FuzzyTaco

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Hoooooooo! I am back! Chapter 9! Happy valentines day~

New paragraphing too!

Chapter 9 of Undetermined.

I would recommend reading the previous chapters strongly. If you haven't, you are probably really confused.

Constructive criticism is welcome. Please add tags, if I have missed something.

I own all characters featured in Cumforting Places.

I don't own whatever is obviously not mine.

Beyond this point is spoilers:

Haaa, so many valentines day things! Expect something love-themed on Thursday or Friday.

I have a lot of things to do, so only a little message down here.

Emily just got her vengeance! But, it seems Sydney and Jane were really sad about it. Sydney doesn't have kids...

If they apologized, would you forgive them?

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Posted by awakener 8 months ago

It turned out really well. Can't wait for the next chapter!


Posted by FuzzyTaco 8 months ago

Neither can I!


Posted by crushxtreame 8 months ago

I hope a party in alex's tummy or sack is in the future cuz alex hasnt eaten lily yet


Posted by FuzzyTaco 8 months ago

Worry not, something's cuming~!


Posted by TheBlueOne 8 months ago

This chapter made me smile.


Posted by FuzzyTaco 8 months ago

I'm happy you liked it!


Posted by Graywolf18 8 months ago

Poor Emily. That is going to be one super long and unpleasant digestion. :C

I'm quite looking forward to what Lily has in mind for Claire.... street racing perhaps? That'd be kinda dope~


Posted by FuzzyTaco 8 months ago

Ehe, no spoilers~!


Posted by Gabriel0813 8 months ago

that countertop became her best friend XD


Posted by AndAnotherOne 8 months ago

I do not understand why I was reading Emily perfectly well as the 5 year old she is while she was eating Sydney with her mother inside him but made her at least 9 or 10 with the parts where Claire was playing with her. It made my head hurt a bit with all the back and forth... Maybe it's because I can read child pred completely fine but can not read pedophilia? I know 9-10 is in the second, but in this universe that is null. Pedophilia would be about 6 years max in this universe for me.


Posted by FuzzyTaco 8 months ago

I realize I took a lot of liberties with the law and order of this universe. Its definitely not a happy one, their population is not even half of ours. Claire obviously has a unique taste on things, quite literally, and pulled Lily, Alex, and Emily in with her. Its actually quite taboo, what they are doing, despite not being against the law.

I understand if you don't like this decision I made. I don't mind it if you read it as you wish. I try not to mention the exact age specifically for that reason.


Posted by FuzzyTaco 8 months ago

O, as well, cool little fact about Claire's Universe or so I have dubbed: Pedophilia isn't a word!


Posted by AndAnotherOne 8 months ago

I know, but it is still taboo. Might be frowned upon, but is not illegal. Still doesn't mean I can't make them how old I want them though lol.


Posted by FuzzyTaco 8 months ago

Go right ahead my friend~!