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Alien Dating001 By blackrain

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When your a girl living among aliens it can be hard sometimes to get a date. So you have to be very open minded sometimes. Mag has been working on the Alien space station "Gateway" for a while now.

"Gateway is the spaceport all alien traffic has to pass through if they want to enter the human home solar system. The human allies, the Alien snakes, Frogs, and Slugs, want to keep their favorite food, earth girls, safe from other aliens that would ravage the planet harvesting those taste girls. Lucky earth and its would are safe and protected by are allies. The make sure that earth girls are swallowed in a fun and willing way. They also want to make sure that their meal girl farms where they grow girls just to be food girls are safe too.

Mag has finely let one of her coworkers talk her into going on a date with him. Obit is a Tiplent a water base alien raise. Tiplent's are a cross between a turtle and a beetle. Obit has had a liking for Mag from the first time he saw her and has been asking her out almost every day. Mag not really having any other human male to date and being a little wild, finally gave in and went out on a date with him. So far it looks like its gone very well. Obit has taken Mag back to his place and Mag is enjoying Obits double cocks. One thing Mag may not have know about Tiplent mating, Tiplents females are smaller than the males and the males swallow the females after mating. That way he can keep her safe in his second or storage stomach while the eggs grow and hatch inside the female. Mag is in for a very wild night and couple of days inside Obits storage stomach until her lets her out.

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