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Chaldea's Valentine's Day Massacre By noisekeeper

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The Masters returned to their room expecting to find it filled from floor to ceiling in Valentine's Day chocolate from his many servants. However all that greeted them was a very round oni who gave quite the impolite burp as she rubbed her chocolate stained hands all over her round mountainous belly, almost unashamedly proud in her crime.

Giving a sigh all the Master could do was shake their head, as they watched massively stuffed Shuten Douji loaf around on their bed like a fat feline after too many treats, unsure what excuse they would have to come up with to explain to the other servants to why their gifts had ended up in the greedy oni's guts.

At least that is what the present situation appeared to be.

Unbeknownst to the Master, before they arrived, three mischievous servants had snuck into their room with devious intents. Minamoto no Raikou, Hassan of Serenity, and Kiyohime, aka, The Stalker Trio, had intended to ambush their beloved Master by transforming themselves into life sized chocolate treats by use of magic. It was a foolproof lovey dovey plan in their heads, and as they laid in wait for their trap to be sprung, they could barely contain themselves when the door to Master's Room was opened.

Only to find a smugly grinning oni enter instead. Whether or not Shuten Douji caught on to their ruse is unknown, but the result was tragically the same.

Now nothing more than a swirling chocolate broth inside of an oni's innards, the three unhappy servants find themselves not fated to love, but to an oni's plump posterior instead.


Happy Valentine's Day from Chaldea!

A change from last year, this time it is Shuten Douji receiving a Valentine's gift, even though it wasn't meant for her at all!

Playing F/GO's V-Day event, this little line by Kiyohime gave me one of those totally spur in the moment ideas that I wanted to see.

And since Shuten made an appearance last year, I figured bringing her back out again would be perfect.

Also going by Kiyo's flawless math, going by their respective heights, that's about 960,000 calories of choco servants in that Shuten's tummy right now. Hope Master likes his oni's very soft!

Drawn by the very talented  CrossCrescent during their Valentine's themed stream.

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Posted by majintf 1 year ago

Somehow we got similar ideas ! :3
Very nice work !


Posted by noisekeeper 1 year ago

Great minds think alike as they say haha.