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A Cat girl’s Valentine’s day treat. By BobTheWeeb8

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Tags: Catgirl chocolate Cruel date Digestion disposal F/M Neko pet predator Scat Unwilling Prey Valentine’s day Edit

One Tag Per Line!

Ok i'm back, sorry for the wait. Ah who am i kidding no one reads the description. I bet half of you guys don't even read the story and just skip to the vore and scat (which there wasn't a lot of and i apologize) *Shameless plug* Anyways are you guys tired of me shoving half-ass, poorly proof-read, rushed stories down your throat and want me to go back to anime fan fics. Well your in luck, on my profile i'm doing a vote on which of my favorite winter anime shows i should do a fanfic of. We are currently at uhhhh 0 votes, and it's almost spring time so yeah. I'm going to keep doing original static characters with little to no effort until i get at least 1 vote.
(P.S. thumbnail is not mine and belongs to whoever on bing images i stole it from)

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Posted by Altimos 5 days ago

I think you should your stories however you want to do them as you ARE the author... Not sure where you're supposed to vote anyways...

But know... that there are some peeps watching and judging X3


Posted by BobTheWeeb8 5 days ago

to be honest i don't really know where to vote either


Posted by RedBlue 4 days ago

I always read the whole story. I always read the description. I like your stories.


Posted by BobTheWeeb8 4 days ago

Thank you very much


Posted by Tyslan03 21 hours ago

I think everyone needs a pet catgirl. It would make the world a better place... or at least a sexier place.

I don’t watch much anime, so I enjoy your original content just as much as your fanfics.