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Undertow 3/3 By GalloViking

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Weak whimpers emerged from Andrew's mouth as he struggled even harder to reach the precious air.
"It was fun and all, but it's time for the best part!" Abigaïl laughed. Considering playtime over, she simply open her jaws wide and soon, the fox's head was engulfed without a sweat.
Abby's prey was too exhausted to fight anymore, but she felt like playing a bit longer. Long, sensual licks ran all across his soggy body as he slided through her throat, forcing some weak squirms and spasms.
"C'mon Andrew, don't tell me you're gonna go in without one last fight?" she said, pushing him deeper and deeper. "If not, then I'll make you..."
Her jaws clenched on the tip of his tail, preventing further descent, as the rest of his body was now deep within the dragon's torso: so close to the soft stomach, yet stuck in the tight inbetween.
"There we go..." Abby said, satisfied, as Andrew desperatly humped a couple of time. She slurped in the last bits of his tail, already preparing her long and serpentine stomach to accomodate her prey.
Feeling such a fluffy body slide down through her serpentine body was the best feeling the world, and satisfaction appeared on Abby's face as she watched her tail stretch to make room for the fuzzy sweet.
"Looking forward to the next time," she said to the large, moaning bulge in her tail."Keep squirming -just like that!- and I might even let you out sooner..." she chuckled, heading for the depth to have a well-deserved nap.

Art by Vellum.
Story in the description by me.

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Posted by JacktheDragon 10 months ago

This is a lovely comic and others words great stuff~!

Also Abigail is quite the pred isnt she?


Posted by GalloViking 10 months ago

She totally is.


Posted by Wilhelm00 5 months ago

So I guess they are friends, or is Andrew just on of Abigail's favorite prey. I suppose friend is more likely if he's going to be released, but the drowning is not terribly friendly. Anyways great comic, it certainly shows some good character interactions.


Posted by GalloViking 5 months ago

Both, actually. They're friends and Andrew is Abby's favorite prey. The thing is Abby usually pops out of nowhere to snatch someone, and she loves that kind of interaction - but she never takes it too far.