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RAADD Game Over Animations - Part 3 By CakeInferno -- Report

I know it's been leaked a while ago, so... everyone act surprised!

The final nom is upon us! Here's the last part of the RAADD animation series, this time featuring some long requested samesize, or near samesize gobbling! This new film was quite the challenge since samesize from a third person perspective was a bit of a new thing for me. Zoe needed to be given another set of upgrades to allow for such, as her deformers weren't meant to stretch this far. There's some new graphical features too, mainly the full implementation of volumetric lighting, something that I might use again in future films, probably a little more sparingly though!

Clocking in at over 90 seconds, this animation marks the longest one in the RAADD series, it's most likely the most elaborate too as there's a larger amount of scenes compared to the previous scenes. Animation wise I've upped on dynamics as well, including subtle breast and belly sway, as well as impact wobble and proper deformation, which has entirely been hand animated.

Camera 1 -!F8h3wbzI!-O68iY6m1QDwsBc5kc3k254Wo-txJ45Lt31vjsKQ8m4
Camera 2 -!Y4wWUDrL!g4ouVXf1OZ7700SzB8yl5rVcYF3BUthsJj3I9KZJZ4I

You'll need to manually copy/paste these since this site seems to be troubled with Mega links.

Video loading might be slow for 48h after the video release, or not since everyone has seen it already. :D

This animation features voice acting by  Hestia042, make sure to give her some love!

For early access and ultra high quality versions up to 4K/60FPS check out my Patreon account! Without the ongoing support I wouldn't be able to put this much time into these animations.

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Posted by CarnivorousVixen 2 years ago Report

Beyond amazing dude, beyond amazing


Posted by JacktheDragon 2 years ago Report

This is amazing...also someone posted it before you.


Posted by Jaslex 2 years ago Report

He knows. Look at the first line of the description


Posted by kitsune12 2 years ago Report

Regardless of the leak. Your work is always worth watching. I cannot wait to watch it from you.


Posted by Scion 2 years ago Report

is there a DL link on mega so I dont tax your site trying to stream?


Posted by F1reDem0n 2 years ago Report

I am actually wondering the same. It's so bogged down right now (I can't even watch it because it's having a terrible time buffering the video). Which is a shame, I had wanted to watch it.


Posted by Skeletop 2 years ago Report

I got it on patreon a while back, no regrets, money well spent. Don't really care about the leak. Keep it up.


Posted by Shortpig 2 years ago Report

Simply phenomenal, as expected. I'm sure every fan of same-size has been waiting for this sort of thing for quite some time, and will find it quite worth the wait.


Posted by MagnificentArsehole 2 years ago Report

This is awesome, I love it so much! <3


Posted by Novalori 2 years ago Report

Nice to see more same size from Zoe~ still lowkey would love too see some digestion from her but amazing job nonetheless~


Posted by HeliChwan 2 years ago Report

This is one of the best as always!!!!!


Posted by CrystalKiller88 2 years ago Report

Well, Zoe sure is more talkative in this one! I LOVE IT!


Posted by TaciturnTiger 2 years ago Report

Didn't care about the leak, and seeing this for the first time I'm blown away. Zoe's personality is fantastic in this, and it's awesome to see her eat someone relatively same-sized from a 3rd person. <3


Posted by hg1337343 2 years ago Report

Mini-Giantess Anthro eating humans is low-key one of my favorite types of vore, so I can't express how much I love you for making this. Do you use blender?


Posted by Nobodyofintrest321 2 years ago Report

Thank you for working on these amazing animations!!! Even if they do get leaked.


Posted by Jeschke 2 years ago Report

Real amazing stuff. I feel honored just to have some of my assets get thrown in there, haha. x3


Posted by UltraFox 2 years ago Report

She sounds just as deadly as I imagined, but if she eats me she'll die!


Posted by Gabriel0813 2 years ago Report

nice job


Posted by Humbug 2 years ago Report

This looks familiar. :O


Posted by cloudrunnerteeny 2 years ago Report

a shame this is the last one,but that makes way for new projects!i cant wait to see what comes next~


Posted by VorishFoxie 2 years ago Report

You always do the most amazing work around~ this is wonderful! Love it, you did such a fantastic job!


Posted by JamKat 2 years ago Report



Posted by deathknight 2 years ago Report

Man talk about a ton of lag to download this


Posted by rbrdiesel 2 years ago Report

love it. great job as always.


Posted by F1reDem0n 2 years ago Report

I saw your Patreon post stating it was leaked, but when looking for it (because I found it a bit hard to believe) I found nothing.

Well at least it's now Officially released. Haven't watched it yet, but I bed it will be awesome as always. Thanks Cake for your work!


Posted by kitsune12 2 years ago Report

It was leaked on youtube/ pornhub.


Posted by F1reDem0n 2 years ago Report

Oh, well that world explain why. I do use pornhub and using YouTube to find any sort of porn is most of the time pointless (cause they remove and ban those sorts of videos).

Thanks for clarifying.


Posted by reliuskaiser 2 years ago Report

This was leaked? Huh.


Posted by giggityman69 2 years ago Report

Lame that someone leaked it before you were ready to release it. This is incredible though; you keep outdoing yourself ;)


Posted by z3d 2 years ago Report

I had no idea that a part 3 was even made, man I had no idea that it was even possible for same size to work so well : D

Big D

Posted by Big D 2 years ago Report

Is the game still alive?


Posted by Grimlock 2 years ago Report

Nice as always my only "complaint" is that the video is relatively slow to download.
But that might be a problem with my computer.

Here´s to hoping that one day you will make one with complete digestion and maybe disposal.


Posted by Jamaris 2 years ago Report

I hope you do more same-size. This was incredible. ♥


Posted by Anonymite 2 years ago Report

Here's hoping this gets to YouTube soon!


Posted by whitefunky 2 years ago Report

You always do a phenomal job, but you really knocked it out of the park on this one! Love it!


Posted by torontofan 2 years ago Report

LOVING the same size here. You've, as always, have outdone yourself. Just an amazing work from art.


Posted by FunctionalGlitch 2 years ago Report



Posted by Edibility 2 years ago Report

Is there a purely pov camera? love it nonetheless


Posted by Anonymite 2 years ago Report

Please make more same-sizes like this! Nude or with the sexy bikini!


Posted by Husachi 2 years ago Report

DAMN DUDE! O_O This is the best same size vore I've seen in...well...forever... Zoe is a great pred! Love your work! Sorry to hear about the leak... :(


Posted by RoryKenneigh 2 years ago Report

God I wish that was me


Posted by MirceaKitsune 2 years ago Report

I know so well how that feels


Posted by StormElla 2 years ago Report

This was so amazing to see. You're the best!


Posted by MirceaKitsune 2 years ago Report

I really don't know how much more awesome these can get, because each time it feels like it can't get any better than the last one! What more can I say other than the fact that you are great? I may only wonder if any amount of support may one day convince you to attempt making an actual film like this... I could actually die happily if I ever lived to see that coming to life.


Posted by Kasra 2 years ago Report

Well, I hadn't seen it before, and it's absolutely fantastic!


Posted by wilderman12 2 years ago Report

Great video like more inside shots but good none the less


Posted by 157and493 2 years ago Report

What is going on with this video? Why can I not fast forward or enlarge the screen? The only thing I can do is pause it, is that how it is suppose to be, or am I doing something wrong?


Posted by Anonymite 2 years ago Report

Keep that voice actor, keep up with the same-size vore, keep it as sexy as this, and you are GOOD TO GO FOR THE FUTURE!


Posted by Olaus_Wormius 2 years ago Report

Simply the best. This 3rd person vore is the greatest video I've ever seen. I love watching Zoe's neck bump while her prey slides down though her esophagus and then her tummy getting bloated.
I love this f*ck1ng video


Posted by necryel 2 years ago Report

You've come a long way with this model, and with your effects. The slight misting of the camera lens with Zoey's breath, that leading bulge of flesh while she licks the captive, that's no passive lick, that is an intense flavor sampling that she wants you to know she enjoys the flavor of. The lighting inside the throat, making the damp flesh glisten just so. No to mention the timing with the vocals. How you quickly change Zoey's exression from from mischievious deviant to that soft, almost affectionate look to one of greedy, determined hunger...So smooth and so very convincing

I do have two criticism:
1-When Zoe first gapes her mouth open and the captive puts her hand to Zoe's jowl to push her away, there is no sense of resistance. While the aim is obviously to make Zoe look far stronger than her captive meal-to-be, it would seem a herculean cheek muscle, lips, and jowl to not even show signs of resistance when pressed upon.

Much like with Zoe's licking, a leading bulge of flesh above and to the side of the captives hand would've shown the force on Zoe's cheek. Pulling or deforming the corner of the lips where the thumb dips into Zoe's mouth would also have been good. Possibly even a slight turn or twiting of Zoe's head in the direction it's being pushed, even briefly would've shown some idea that the captive was trying to fight back and give her actions SOME level of meaning or significance.

2-Also, Zoe's breasts seemed a bit too restrained for the level of movement she wa s putting up. She's not wearing a sports bra, or any kind of bra for that matter so there should have been a fair bit more wobble to her bust line especially when she lifted her harms and swayed her belly back and forth.

Outside of those, this was another amazing piece and combined with Hestia's sultry vocals, it's easy to see all the work and focus you've put into the head and face of the model. Keep up the amazing work, Cake.


Posted by Birichino 2 years ago Report

The effort you put into these is truly astounding. You're a hero.


Posted by LittleHirro 2 years ago Report

I love it!!! It´s a great pice again!!!!


Posted by HavocLordX 2 years ago Report

Next should be the Krystal UB gameover, right?


Posted by AnimaRibelle 2 years ago Report

I loooooove this video <3


Posted by beth4444 2 years ago Report

Can you make a digestion scene taking place after this?


Posted by Prancer 1 year ago Report

Gaaah How come you never do post digestion scenes Cake-chan? I wanna see just how glorious she'll look after melting that lucky victim into more of her own body~ <3


Posted by JamesJayZero 1 year ago Report

But why did you change her voice?


Posted by HowlaOfFreddys 1 year ago Report

You should animate more same size vore <3


Posted by Drillkiller 1 year ago Report

It may be impossible right now, but one day I'd love to see a samesize vore animation of Zoe eating Krystal, like true same size, but this video is still amazing


Posted by pokebreeder25 1 year ago Report

can we get more non pov same size vore please?


Posted by Bellyl0ver 1 year ago Report

What’s RAADD?


Posted by Bradleymiddler 1 year ago Report

Oh my god this is your best ever thank you so much


Posted by JeanetteV 4 weeks ago Report