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“Sam! Hurry up or we’ll leave you behind!” One of his friends called. Samuel rushed to catch up, having been looking at a store window, his short brown hair swaying slightly as he moved his tiny form.
“I'm coming! Don't leave me!” He shouted, his three friends standing on the corner.
“Dude, you do not want to miss this theater, it is awesome.” Jacob, one year younger than the rest of them, and was sort of the clown.
“Yeah, yeah, to say that about everything. Remember the park? It just had ice cream vendors everywhere.” Jessica, an amazingly hot girl who also happened to be the biggest nerd. Sam saw her at the popular table, not having a great time, and used every bit of courage he had to go invite her to the nerd table. She accepted, and has been with them ever since.
“Mmmm.” Winston nodded, making a small grunting noise. He was pretty average in many ways, but one thing that really stood out was his inability to speak. He’s never shed light on why he can't, but Sam knew it was more than just a birth defect when he saw Winston's tongue.
“Yeah, yeah, I get it, you guys have no faith in me. At least I can count on my boy, Sammy, right?” Jacob said, giving the older, yet shorter boy a side hug.
Sam chuckled, and nodded. “Yeah.”
“See! Sammy boy has faith, and so it shall be. Onward!” Jacob announced, crossing the street.
They followed him down the busy street until he took a turn into a dark alleyway, where he picked up the pace. Whether it was out of fear or excitement was unclear.
That was, until he stopped at his destination, a grody looking theater hidden away in the wall. At the top it read: Shrink Cinema.
“This is the place! You have to make reservations here, I've only been once before!” Jacob said giddily. The door opened, and a large man, probably a bouncer of some sort, gave them the stink eye. That was, until he saw Jacob.
“Yo, Jacob. Finally back? It's been a while, man.” The huge black man said, extending a hand with fingers the size of sausages.
Jacob eagerly took it. “Yeah, I know, it's been a while! I brought my three amigos though, and it would be awesome if you could get us a nice seat. I got the tickets here.”
The bouncer eyed his friends. “Swear to whatever power you believe in, that you say nothing to anyone about this theater. This place doesn't exist if you don't have tickets.”
The three nodded, curious, but not enough to ask why.
“Say it to me. 'I will not tell anybody about this theater’.”
They repeated. Well, all who could.
“What's the matter with him? Lead tongue?”
“No tongue. Sir.” Sam said, looking away.
“Alright, that's fine, but same goes. Come on in.” The bouncer moved aside, allowing the four kids to walk inside. Two of them had to move their hands over their pants.
Inside was a wonderland for horny young boys, naked women everywhere. They each wore only a small red cap to signify they worked there, leaving the rest exposed.
Sam was the only one unaffected by the sight. He was used to the sight of naked women already, given reasons he wouldn't go into, and simply started looking at the actual building.
It was bigger than he could have imagined it would be, not a colosseum, but a medium sized theater to be sure. Large pillars lined the walls, and in between two was a confectionery stand, with all sorts of goodies. Jacob walked up, and ordered something called 'girl popcorn’ and a large fountain drink.
“It's free once you get in, but don't go overboard.” He explained. Winston walked up next, pointing to a package of what appeared to be knock-off Red Vines.
Sam and Jessica decided on a popcorn to share, getting the same thing as Jacob, along with knock-off M&M’s and knock-off Junior Mints. Then, it was off to the movies, walking down the hall to a door that read “Wonder Woman”. Jacob quickly opened it, and went inside, the rest following him. Sam almost dropped his popcorn when he went in, the most intense vertigo taking over. A large sheet overtook him, and he couldn't see until it was lifted off him.
Then, it was revealed that he and his friends had been shrunken.
The vertigo was him shrinking, the cloth his shirt as it stayed the same size. The person who lifted it off him, was a beautiful lady, naked, with wide hips and a slightly bulging gut. As she lifted the four of them up, Sam spotted a power cord running up and into her back. She held them in front of her giant face, a retail smile on it.
“Hello,” she said, in a soft, high voice “and welcome to the Shrink Cinema. Please enjoy your movie, remember to be kind and courteous to others while watching the movie. For my sake, please don't leave at trash in the theater, and do not bite, pull, or otherwise damage the room in any way.” She grinned, before sitting down on a large mat, and spreading her legs wide.
The tiny teens were lowered between them, and held in front of her massive lower lips, wet in anticipation. She used her other hand to widen the hole, spreading her vagina open to reveal a lit tunnel going up to her womb. She took what appeared to be a toy stairs, and placed it on the ground, the teens in front of it. They climbed up, and saw her pussy up close. It had some sort of metal cage shoved inside, keeping the tunnel wide enough for them to walk in. Small lights were installed as well, making her walls clearly visible. The floor had a layer to it, connected to the cage, that made it easier to walk.
Jacob went in first, gently touching the walls, grinning as he felt the massive woman began shuddering. Sam and Jessica followed, Winston right behind them, in wonder at the magnificent sight. Well, Jessica was staring at the giant pussy they were walking in. Sam was glancing at Jessica, a blush on his face as he tried to hide his boner with his popcorn. Her breasts bounced with every step, and her hips swayed. He could just make out her lower lips, a small bit of pubic hair above them.
“Like something you see?” She asked, noticing him.
“No! I-I mean, yes! Wait, no! I didn't see anything! Stop it with your trick questions!” He blurted out, flustered as he shut his eyes.
“Sam, it's fine. I'm… I'm alright with you seeing me. Y-you can stare… if you want.” She said, a smile and a blush on her face. Sam was dumbfounded, his mouth agape, as he nodded slightly. Her arms found their way under her breasts, pushing them up and together, giving Sam a clear view of her cleavage.
Behind them, they heard a chuckle, and they both looked back to see Winston stifling himself. Their blushes deepened, and Jessica covered herself, but took a step toward Sam, leaning against him.
The giantess moaned, feeling herself get filled up with every addition. She slowly leaned back, resisting the urge to stick her own fingers in and please herself. She couldn't risk getting fired.
Once they got up to the cervix, Jacob gently opened it, and went through. He held it open for his friends, and they traversed into the giant woman's uterus.
As they did, she tried not to scream. No matter how many times she let people inside her, she was never used to it. Her hands twitched, eager to do something, and she couldn't resist reaching up and squeezing her breast. With every opening of her cervix, she got a little spasm, shaking up those resting inside her. It was impossible not to cum at that point, and just as Winston got his foot in, the cervix closed, and a flood of juices poured out where he stood a moment prior. Her pussy collapsed, the structure not able to take the pressure, as she moaned loudly, juices spraying out onto the floor.
She slid down to the floor, sighing as her body was wracked, and reached down. She pulled the support system out of her pussy, the last light flickering before going out, the whole thing crushed flat. She grinned, a little laugh, and threw it aside.
“Welcome to Shrink Cinema. I will be your theater tonight, my name is Cynthia. Please, everyone take your seats, the movie will begin shortly.” The giantess' said, rubbing her bulging stomach.
Inside, the teens did as she asked, sitting down in the middle of the theater. There were around ten other people there, all either talking with each other of keeping busy in some… other way. Next to Winston was a woman who was masturbating furiously, little moans escaping her throat as she shoved a dildo inside her pussy. He started staring, his own dick rising, and as she noticed a smile spread across her lips, and she ushered him closer with a finger.
“We use state of the art technology to insert high tech IMAX screens inside of women like me, and surgery to install it. I feature several power cords located above you, which travel through my spine and connect to a plug featured just above my butt. For all those wondering, these are permanent!” The giantess said cheerily.
Sam thought that was a little messed up. She had a massive movie projector inside her womb, her most sacred place. He looked around at all the renovations. There were light fixtures installed, a projector on the top of her womb, and as he looked at the seats, he saw they were screwed in. How much did it hurt to have all this fixed inside her?
“I’m speaking to you through the speaker system, a cord has been led up through my throat to a mic so I can project myself down there to you! As you might have guessed, I've got a lot of technology running through me! Sadly, this means that I am unable to have children, or even have sex! Too much strain on my vagina will risk damaging the sensitive equipment!” She informed them, still sounding so happy.
“On regards of sex, I have to inform you that it is highly encouraged while you are inside of me! Please find a sexual partner before the movie starts, and if one is unavailable to you, please make use of the box under your seat. It is filled with fresh, unused sex toys, placed there this morning just for you!” She said.
Sam and Jessica exchanged glances, nodding, and he held his hand out. She gripped it, and they shared a small moment.
“If you happen to get semen, feminine juices, or any other bodily fluids inside me, don't feel the need to clean it up! It will not harm me, and I feel happy that I can bring you joy! However, I have to ask that food, trash, and other inorganic items must be taken out of me, as it could seriously harm my body! Please make use of the trash bins located in the front, and back of the theater. They will be happy to take any trash off your hands!” Cynthia explained.
Sam wondered why she said it like that, as if the trash cans were people. He looked over to the corner to see just that, a woman bolted to the side of the wall. There were four of them, all with their arms and legs removed, instead there were metal caps connected to the womb. They each had their mouth opened wide, and tubes fed to their noses, and Sam saw that was because their throats we're permanently held wide open. Any trash you had was to be swallowed by them.
“I'm sure they would like to tell you about this themselves, but for a whole ten years they have been trash cans inside of me! Their stomachs have been replaced by a super hot furnace, so any trash you put in them is immediately reduced to ash! The energy is used to keep them alive, so your trash is their food!” Cynthia explained.
Sam noticed a tube connected to their assholes, along with a metal sheet covering their pussies. He guessed that the tube took any excess waste, and the metal sheet hid some sort of dildo. He tried to imagine what it must be like for them. Living off of nothing but trash, no arms or legs, trapped inside of another woman for ten years, with nothing but movies and people having sex to keep your mind busy. It was hard. He wondered if they ever wanted to go free.
“Almost done! Despite permanently being a movie theater for your enjoyment, I don't live here! If anyone wants to join me tonight as I go home, they are welcome to! I would love to be able to use you for my pleasure, as I am used for yours! This means you'll stay shrunken for a whole day, until tomorrow night, so make sure you don't have any plans! As a matter of fact, all of my trash cans were women who would rather stay inside me forever than ever see the sun again! I feel blessed every time I feel one of them used!” Cynthia said.
Jacob nudged Sam's arm, and nodded vigorously. “It is so worth it! Get Jessica to stay too!” He said.
“Lastly, I swear, is that anyone who does not follow the rules has only one warning, before they will be removed from the theater, and eaten by me! I have had many meals in the past, all people who refused to be respectful of me and those around them! If you are not courteous to your theater, I will not be courteous to you! My stomach acids will not relent after I swallow you down, and you will be turned into fat for my big breasts! If this is appealing to you, please don't begin breaking the rules on purpose, and just quietly exit the theatre and ask. I enjoy eating you!” Cynthia's stomach growled as a testament to that fact.
“Now, the women should stand and sit upon their partner for full enjoyment for the movie! The seats do expand, if you use the dial located on the right armrest! Please make love, and enjoy the movie, each other, and me!” Cynthia said that last line, and the lights began slowly dimming. This gave Jessica enough time to stand, and gently rest herself down onto Sam. He moved the seat wider, just as his dick fit itself into her pussy, letting her sink all the way into his lap.
A groan made its way from his mouth, matching Jessica's stifled moan, as she leaned back. Sam's face went past her stomach, her breasts resting on his head as she started gyrating her hips. She used the two seats beside them to give support, and Sam placed his hands on her thighs, fondling them gently.
Winston was two seats to the left of Jessica's, the woman now sitting on him. She was rather mature, at least forty years old, but had a beautiful air to her, and her skin was still rather taut, her breasts perky. Winston clearly had no reservations, his face twisted in pleasure.
Jacob had gotten out of his seat, and was pressed against the back wall where he could feel the giantess’ finger pressing against him. His dick was pressed against her slick womb, and every bit of his body was used as he pleased her as best he could.
Cynthia appreciated the attention, one hand on her breast as she played with him through her skin. She didn't recognize him before, because he had shrunken, but now she knew for sure. He had been inside her before, when he was younger, and done the same thing.
As the whole room devolved into sex, Sam and Jessica stopped. Their attention had been grabbed by the movie, their movements stopped as they watched it. Jessica didn't get off of Sam, however, and he didn't get out of her. Instead she placed a hand on her belly, appreciating him being inside her, as he wrapped his hands onto hers, loving her with all his heart.
They eventually switched positions, laying the seat out further so they could have Jessica ride cowgirl. However even then they both watched the movie, slow movements devolving into Jessica slumping down to his chest. She laid on him as he placed his hands on her, and they watched still.
Jacob was still rubbing the walls, but had become exhausted, sliding down and moving his attention to the movie without taking his hand off the pink walls.
Winston was still ripe, thirty minutes in and still going strong as he basically fucked a rag doll. The woman was long since broken, now just letting it happen as the boy ravaged her. She made no reaction but moaning as he laid her down, her feet on his shoulders, and shoved in. His hands fell to her breasts, squeezing and fondling them. She did nothing, even as he leaned in and began kissing her, shoving his tongue in her mouth, his breathing heavy like a rabid animal.
It was another hour and a half until the movie ended, and during the climax, Jessica really got into it. She softly bounced on top of Sam, quietly rooting for Wonder Woman, as the boy underneath smiled. She looked adorable. However, he couldn't stare forever, as the more she moved, the better it felt. Her words for the heroine became slurred, and her eyes lolled as Sam grew hard in her, his hips bouncing to match hers.
Finally, Sam clutched her thick thighs, and she pushed into him as hard as she could, and they both came. Semen sprayed into her vagina, coating her walls as he sprayed more and more. She fell on him, but managed to stay awake to see the finale of the movie, watching until the credits rolled. Then, she fell asleep, Sam still inside her, as he gently pet her head.
Winston came for the fourth time, his ragdoll sex partner for around the twentieth. She was completely unresponsive, and couldn't even keep herself upright without the mute boy holding her. Her womb was filled to the brim with cum, each blast shooting all the way inside her.
As the lights came on, people got up. Their empty popcorn and sodas thrown away into the living trash cans, each piece of garbage making them moan. Sam realized he and Jessica never ate their food, too engrossed in each other and the movie.
He reached down and grabbed one, but dropped it immediately and retracted his hand as he felt it begin squirming. He wondered if a bug or something had crawled into his food,when he remembered he was inside of Cynthia. Now curious, he cautiously grabbed another one, and lifted it up for him to see. To his surprise, instead of a regular piece of popcorn, it was a popcorn shaped like a woman. She moved in his grasp, the light, fluffy woman doing her best to get away.
Whether it was on accident, or subconscious curiosity, he squeezed her a bit hard. Her torso was crushed by his fingers, butter oozing out like blood. She looked to be in agony, but was unable to say anything, her fluffy mouth just opening and closing. He unclenched his fingers, and her buttery stomach was left squished to his thumb, her torso falling to his chest. It bounced off, and landed on Jessica's lips. The popcorn woman was scared, freaking out over the lack of her body, before she was quickly sucked in and eaten.
Jessica mercilessly chewed the popcorn woman up, and swallowed her down, where the living, chewed remains dropped into her stomach, and began dissolving. Jessica moaned at the taste, and grabbed a handful. It was then dropped to the floor as she felt the squirming in her hand, and she bolted up.
“What the hell was that?” She asked, looking down. The popcorn women were struggling to stand on their puffy legs, but they had no traction on the slick womb floor. Sam reached down and grabbed one, showing it to Jessica.
“Girl Popcorn is living popcorn women. I don't know how it's made, but it's pretty cool.” He said, dropping her in his mouth. He slowly chewed her up, before swallowing her mushy remains.
“D-do you think they were real women? Turned into popcorn?” Jessica asked, picking several up.
“I think a better question would be: if that's true, can we do anything about it?” Sam said, eating several. Jessica sighed, and shook her head.
“I guess not.” She stuck the handful in her mouth, tasting their buttery goodness as they squirmed for their lives in her mouth.
They looked as four people got up to leave, but found themselves unable to get through the cervix exit. They tried to pry it open, but we're unable.
“What do you think happened?” Jessica asked, eating another handful of popcorn.
“I don't know. Maybe Cynthia will tell us.” He said. The people had given up, and now stood idly by the exit, looking at the speakers. Suddenly, the room started shaking, Cynthia must have gotten up, and by the motion she was moving. Anyone not sitting was thrown by the sudden motion. Sam held onto the popcorn bucket as Jessica lowered herself onto him, her breasts pressing up against him. The motion didn't stop, until one final gut-wrenching drop. Then, she was still again, and let out a loud sigh.
Then, they heard water dripping. No, a stream. “Is she going to the bathroom?” Sam asked. It was true, as the sound continued, accompanied by several plops from her poop. When she got up, pulling everyone down, she turned and laughed.
“I see a few bones!” She giggled, before flushing the toilet. Sam shuddered as he thought of finding himself as some of those bones.
There was more walking, and Cynthia talking to a few coworkers, and her boss. “No, none of them wanted to leave! I'll be back with them tomorrow! Bye John!” She giggled, beginning her long trek home.
Sam and company were forced to hold on as she walked to her car, and began driving, the vibrations hitting her uterus and shaking it, and it's occupants. While there, she finally addressed them.
“Hi all! It's me, Cynthia, your theater! I know you all.must be wondering, why didn't I let you out? Well, that's because I didn't want to! And because it's too dangerous! You see, I got a little carried away, and accidentally crushed the structure holding my vagina open. So if any of you wanted to get out, you would be at risk of being crushed in my pussy!” She explained. It made sense, but was still.uncool.
“So, I'm going to keep you all here overnight, and let you out when I come into work tomorrow. I'm sorry if this is of inconvenience, but I don't want anyone dying as I get pleasured from you all being inside me! If anyone would like to leave, I suggest it be after I orgasm, so I am not as horny while you crawl out of my pussy. Although, please be aware that I am unable to unshrink you, and will only be able to once I get back to work. The safest place for you all right now is inside my womb!” Cynthia said. Sam found himself getting hard as she talked about herself in such a way.
“If any of you are hungry, that will be solved within the hour. Any concession stand snacks that you bought will be turned back into regular, shrunken women. Please feel free to use them as you like, as they have shrunken small enough that unshrinking then would spell their deaths through rapid expansion and ensuing explosion! Please, either let them please you, or give them a peaceful death in your stomach, digesting away to become a wonderful part of you!” Cynthia said, Sam almost vomiting. He looked at the popcorn bucket, while still more than half full, there were much less than before. Jessica had one in her mouth, and considered spitting her out, but thought against it and just swallowed.
“Well, I guess your theory was correct.” Sam groaned.
Cynthia continued. “If any of you wish to stay in permanent residence of my womb, please don't be shy! I always love to have new inhabitants! If anyone wants to stay with me forever, but not as part of my womb, that is just fine too! Just come out when I tell you, and you can stay as one of my lovely pets! I already have ten, and they love to be my pets! They please me and my eleven year old daughter however we choose, but they never get hurt. We save that for anybody who would like to get eaten by me or my little girl! While she is strict against using her stomach, she is more than happy to keep you in her womb!”
Sam was lost in the horror of being toyed with by an eleven year old when a bright flash erupted from all their food. The squirming bucket of popcorn became a squirming bucket of shrunken women, bite sized and squirming to get out of the bucket. He was a bit horrified, did that mean all the chewed up women in his stomach just turned back into bloody gore?
Jessica didn't have the same thoughts, instead wanting to try one. She grabbed one of the shrunken women, who screamed loudly as she was lifted up. Jessica ignored her cries, and popped the little woman into her mouth, swishing her around.
“Tasty!” She said with a smile, Sam able to see the lady inside her mouth. Jessica spent another thirty seconds or so tasting her before swallowing the girl down, a thick bulge in her throat. Sam felt a boner grow in his pants as he saw, it go down, Jessica tracing it with her finger.
“Is it really?” He asked, looking down. The sides of the bucket were too slippery and too tall for the little women to escape, and they all shrieked in terror as his hand reached down. He grabbed one, a blonde with a rather nice looking body. She looked like something out of a porno mag, and thought he might want to keep her, but his eyes went back to Jessica.
She was the only girl he'd need.
He popped the girl in his mouth, licking her all over. She was still covered in salty butter, meaning she was already slippery, but his saliva added to it, making her slimy as well. Along with the buttery layer, she had her own underlying flavor that was hard to describe, the sweet and savory coming together to make… human. He thought about it, but that was the best description he could come up with.
She tasted good.
All good things had to come to an end, however, so he used his tongue to straighten her out, and moved her to his throat. Sam made a big gulp, and forced her down, shuddering as she squirmed wildly in his tight esophagus. He felt Jessica place a finger on her through his skin, giggling to herself as he struggled. It took him a while, but eventually his throats peristalsis moved her along, and she dropped into his stomach.
He could feel every movement she made, as she beat against his walls, trying to escape the gross, pulsating stomach full of digesting popcorn. It was rather erotic, the feeling, but he didn't know how many of those he could eat. It sort of hurt, having such a big thing go down his throat.
Jessica, on the other hand, didn't have any problems, easily, and greedily, popping tiny women into her mouth like a child and swallowing them down. She treated them like addicting candy, spending little time tasting them before moving on to the next one.
“You're really enjoying them, aren't you?” He asked with a chuckle.
She looked up, her latest victim halfway between her thick lips, screaming bloody murder. Jessica smiled, and kissed Sam, sticking the woman in his mouth and watching as he struggled to swallow her down.
“Sorry, did you want another?” She asked.
“Ugh, no… gosh, my throat is going to be sore tonight.” He sighed, rubbing his belly. “At least they feel good in there.”
Jessica grinned. “Well, it is true that men usually have smaller throats. Although, they also get the pleasure of weaker digestion, meaning you'll have them to yourself probably for the weekend. Even if not all women have the full Gutter Gene, we usually have some of the traits.” She explained.
“Huh, I didn't know that. You know, I heard rumors that men are starting to get some weird new ability, it's spreading like wildfire. Where they turn girls into cocks.” Sam chuckled.
“What, like chickens?” Jessica teased.
“OH! WHAT ARE YOU DOING! DON'T STOP!” A sudden shout caught their attention, and they looked over to see that Winston's fucktoy had woken up, and was watching while he fingered her , and his dick expanded like crazy. It was really quite interesting, his pubes started growing out, and the tip of his dick spread out strangely. Then it split in half, and was revealed to be turning into legs, flopping out strangely as they were still stuck to his waist.
Not for long, however, as the base of his dick started growing breasts, large ones, and the very tip bulged out in an odd fashion, until it broke off, and the woman's lips came free of his cock. She fell back to her knees, panting as she began pleasuring herself. She was a pretty hot looking Milf, with hair the saw color as Winston's, and similar features as well… in fact, Sam felt like he had seen her at his house.
“Ms. Jones!?” Jessica shouted, catching her attention. She looked like a deer in the headlights, her head popping to the noise.
That's why Sam had seen her before, that was Winston's mother!
“Y-yes?” She put a hand to her cheek and smiled sweetly, as if she had been caught off guard when asked a question.
“Y-you came out of Winston's cock.” Sam said, pointing a quivering finger.
She looked back at her son, who had grabbed the fucktoy and began fucking her. Then she looked back at Sam and Jessica, before finally looking around.
“Where are we?” She asked, as if it would magically change the subject.
“Inside a movie theaters womb. Now please, explain.” Sam said.
“Oh fine. Winston is my dear boy, but he's always had a large sexual appetite. I thought it would solve itself if I taught him how to masturbate, but then he just kept asking me to do it for him!”
Sam was slightly unimpressed. “This sounds like a bad porno…”
“Eventually he raped me, it was really only a matter of time. He snuck into my room while I was asleep and stuck it right in, the little rascal!” She talked like he had stolen a cookie from the kitchen. “We did it a couple times after that, sometimes when his father was home, and eventually I decided I loved his cock more than my own husband! We kicked him out of the house, and when the divorce was done I gave my boy a victory blowjob and that happened!”
“D-don’t tell me you've been his cock ever since?” Jessica asked.
“Uh-huh! He had plenty of money from the settlement, your father was never good with money, so with little help from me Winston took care of himself for a whole year! I'm so proud of him!” Miss. Jones was rather lewd, in an innocent mother sort of way. She got up and gave her boy a kiss, on his lips, with tongue.
“This whole time. For a whole year, Winston's been carrying his mother in his pants.” Jessica said, a little mix of disgusted and turned on, and Sam didn't blame her. That was pretty erotic.
“Would you mind if I carried you in my pants? Not for a whole year, of course, but maybe like an hour or two…” He asked, looking at her. He thought about how cool it would be to see his pubes bright red as her hair, and getting to share the most intimate feeling in the world with her.
“I wouldn't mind, but we'd have to figure out how first.” Jessica said, kissing him on the lips. They looked back at Winston, who was in the process of turning the fucktoy into his dick through her pussy. It was pretty hot, and Sam found himself thrusting in and out while watching, Jessica doing the same. When she was reduced to his cock, he sat back, and his mother gladly took her turn, fucking his cock hard and moaning loudly.
The couple turned back to each other, now just naturally having sex, when Jessica grabbed another tiny. She quickly popped it in her mouth, moaning, and pulled Sam in for a kiss. The woman was trapped between them as they frenched, licked by two tongues as they searched for each other. They ravaged her in the process, making her cum violently, before she was tucked into Jessica's mouth as the girl broke the kiss, and swallowed her down.
“I love you, Sam.” She said, touching his forehead with her own.
“I love you more, Jessica.” He retorted with a smile.
“Well I love you most. Beaten.” She chuckled.
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Shrink Cinema (1) By AegisOfRoses

A group of friends are led down an alley and into a small shop in the wall, forced to keep it a secret. This is one movie experience they'll never forget.

Takes place in the Gutter-Verse (Thank you, Graywolf18 for the term) although does not have any of our lovable, oppressed preds. Instead, I wrote this a while back, and just wanted to have some innocent young kids find some love while in a really weird movie theater.

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Posted by Graywolf18 7 months ago

T-thanking me doesn't make me happy, b-baka! >//x//<

That was deliciously dark. A whole lot of this story made me sick to my stomach. Well done. :D

I assume this is going to be the next side-story for the Gutter-verse since (supposedly) Kaitlyn's is done, yeah? I can dig it.


Posted by AegisOfRoses 7 months ago

She's not done, but she's got a lot of resting to do. She'll be back at some point...

Goad you liked it. Always looking for your comments! And yes, this will be the next little side story.^_^


Posted by BubbaGhost 7 months ago

This story is amazing, I'm not even done reach g and it's one of my all time favorites already!


Posted by AegisOfRoses 7 months ago

Thank you so much! That means a lot, really, thank you so much for always checking out my work! I'm glad I can give you this.

I'm getting dizzy! =-O Thanks so much! There will be more!