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Kibrana. All about her By Zapor

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First name: Kibrana

Race: synthetic creature (golem)

Alignment: Good

Character: Childish, inquisitive, brave, friendly.

Religion: Esfeoha

Special abilities: Change of the sizes of the body, superhuman strength, endurance and durability. In her body a huge amount of high-tech devices and sensors is built in, so that she can scan and perceive information with a super-wide range, for example - infrared radiation, radiation, wireless Internet, etc. In addition, her stomach is equipped with a ventilation and lighting system, she is also able to control her stomach, turning it into a safe bunker with light and air. It has built-in armament and is capable of generating both radio interference or electromagnetic pulses, as well as a high-temperature laser beam.


The appearance of Kibrana would have been impossible without Yomg. This character belonged to the race of the Pustins, who always plied the endless deserts of Ololor in their mechanical settlements - huge steam engines that used the heat of the sun to warm up the water. The deserters never differed in kindness towards people, but Yomg was particularly distinguished in this. Once she had a warm feeling for people, but was betrayed by them and thrown to die in an almost desperate situation during one of the campaigns against Zapor. Jomg survived, but since then she also hated Zapor, who ruined everything she valued, and the human race that betrayed her. Yomg visited the world of the Earth to use the magic of resizing and virtually scampering helpless, unprepared people with impunity, devouring or trampling them. However, after a couple of unsuccessful cases, she realized that her body was still too weak, and so she began to prepare herself cybernetic prostheses, with which she planned to strengthen herself. However, during one of the incursions, Yomg eventually died, and people were able to enter her mobile home. So the villainy's experiences fell into the hands of people.

At the request of the state, a group of scientists examined the prosthesis, added some minor improvements to them and cultivated a synthetic creature called "Kibrana" in them. It can not be divided with the mechanical part - many of its bones are a continuation of this extrazane technique. Kibrana is fully controlled by humans, and all necessary rules are loaded into its electronic part of the brain. directives and knowledge. As for her organic brain, it develops like a human child. Kibran is very gentle, kind and sympathetic, but if people are in danger, Kibran always loses a sense of fear and tries to protect people from danger in every way. At any cost.

The stomach of Kibrana is her secret pride. It's not just an organ for digesting food - it's also a whole bunker, with soft hot walls, lighting and ventilation, so never be afraid to jump into her mouth! She's not going to hurt you. She just wants to hide you! =)

Despite the fact that the existence of Kibrana was supposed to be a state secret, Kibrana is too curious, and therefore repeatedly violated the secret of its existence, so that eventually it became a real idol, especially among children. She loves to play with other children, and she is eventually invited to major city or state events.

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Posted by ChaoskampfNunc 7 months ago

She is very cute!


Posted by PaNdAiTe411 7 months ago

Aww I wanna hug her :^D


Posted by PaNdAiTe411 7 months ago

Aww I wanna hug her :^D


Posted by Zapor 7 months ago

I know :)


Posted by lionmane 7 months ago

what's that strange secondary tongue?


Posted by Zapor 7 months ago

It is epiglottise.


Posted by Fuhaonan 6 months ago

She is bald, also become strong.Seckill the sky. Seckill the earth. Seckill air