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s By kveis -- Report

Uploaded: 4 years ago

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i've never seen ppg i just think sedusa is hot tbh
(quick thing, trying to get used to drawing again)

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Posted by ThatBrassyGuy 4 years ago Report

Holy shit, welcome back.


Posted by noisekeeper 4 years ago Report

Love me some freckled fatdusa. Really nice job on the belly there, its looks nice and weighty.


Posted by Squiggly 4 years ago Report

Omg! Welcome back! Your stuff is fantastic, it's awesome to see something from you again.


Posted by Whereaminow27 4 years ago Report

Another Amazing Art Piece. Glad to have you back :P


Posted by TinkuTink 4 years ago Report

Oh hey you're alive again. Really good thing you done gone and made!


Posted by BASHKO 4 years ago Report

I'm never happier than seeing new art posted by you, ANYTHING by you.


Posted by HyperlinkError 4 years ago Report

I've never seen ppg either but I might be inclined to agree with you


Posted by Arrowintheknee 4 years ago Report

Giggity goo


Posted by Suneater 4 years ago Report

Ayyyy welcome back my friend! Missed your stuff <3


Posted by ninjajoeman 4 years ago Report

Cool folds.


Posted by GregTheGrimm 4 years ago Report

You drawn some amazing tits <3


Posted by forgreatjustice18 4 years ago Report

just absolutely incredible


Posted by magicalgypsyllama 4 years ago Report

Aye the real MVP


Posted by Skeletop 4 years ago Report

Thanks for drawing more, you're appreciated and even loved, dude. Moar!


Posted by whatisthissheet 4 years ago Report

He is back!

This is incredibly good, the pose, the face, the hair, the outfit, the details. The tear detail on the clothing is something special.

Awesome art as allways, I hope you can get back to drawing and enjoy it because your art really is gorgeous.


Posted by Furanz 4 years ago Report

Yoooooooooooo the queen is back!

Beautiful, beautiful textures on her. It's so life-like! If this is a "quick thing" do you I'm scared for what you can produce.

And of course, welcome back!!


Posted by linthia 4 years ago Report

Never saw you before but... directly watched <3


Posted by Spookums 4 years ago Report

the god has returned


Posted by Bright 4 years ago Report

Love the way you do softshaded belly bulges.


Posted by Reiko 4 years ago Report

I just love all the detail, she looks great! I love how you capture faces and full tummies!


Posted by FatherBones 4 years ago Report

Well what do you know, an update from kveis! Truly a great thing to see


Posted by rubuio91 4 years ago Report

Welcome back! You draw bulges amazing as always


Posted by hibbyjibby 4 years ago Report

I'm glad to see you're still with us, kveis. I know what it's like to feel the need to take a break, be it an art-block or when you feel like you're just isolated in general.

So, even if it's been about a year or so, you haven't missed a beat or a step from what I can tell. Sedusa looks great, her face in particular has a fantastic shape and the expression works very well for the tone, even if it's a tad bit 'safe' with how you played it. It's mostly her eyes that do it for me, I think. The shading work on her boots and ripped leggings also are top notch as usual with special mention to the stomach, though oddly enough her face doesn't seem as detailed or shaded as her stomach or back.

If I had to critique some negatives, it's that her hair is lacking both in shape, and shading. It's a bit flat everywhere outside of her roots, and while I get the feeling she's not 100% directly facing us, her hair feels a tiny bit lopsided to the left, and not enough on the right. It's not clear enough, so this needs to be mentioned. Also, her proportions are throwing me off a bit. She has very long legs, which I like, but her midsection definitely looks too stretched out, which only exacerbates her too-short arms. And, I know she's bending over so her breasts shouldn't be as tear-drop shaped, but they still feel a little strangely shaped, like they're -too-propped up.

And last bit is, bit of a random thing for her to be leaning onto. I assume you needed something at the last second, and a big ol' cube was the best option.

So, yeah, barring my long winded speech, TLDR; for a person who for all we know hasn't drawn anything for atleast a year, despite the downfalls this is still far more technically and stylistically competent than the majority of junk I've seen uploaded for quite awhile.

You should draw more, ignore any doubts and fears you have, and take it easy when you draw. Art should be fun, not a 2nd job. The moment a hobby becomes what feels like work, you're going too far.

And you should really watch the original Powerpuff Girls. Seriously, was a kick-ass show. The new one is TRASH with so many forced memes.


Posted by StormElla 4 years ago Report

fuck a duck that's hot


Posted by Dudeox05 4 years ago Report

The way you draw faces is amazing!


Posted by Finetti 4 years ago Report

Did she eat Him?


Posted by Modeseven 4 years ago Report

Thank you for gracing us with your art again


Posted by TotalMickey 4 years ago Report

This is a phenomenal piece, great work!


Posted by angel2 4 years ago Report



Posted by starhotbar 4 years ago Report

your works always amazing!


Posted by SherlokKirya 2 years ago Report

She is really hot. And I like when prey tries to struggle