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Bronty`s endo By Zapor

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Quite unusual for me content - cognitive GIF about the inner world of Bronti!

1: The tongue of Bronti, like that of any long-necked creature, is quite long, and along with its long neck by human standards, it allows it to reach out to the highest fruits.When it is folded inside, its surface is covered with many folds.
If you are here, you, in general, will not have much difficulty surviving, or getting out.But beware of the teeth! They can cut off your life with one bite.

2. Esophagus is an almost endless flesh pipe, which is almost impossible to resist. Of course, Bronti can puke, but if you are here - you are most likely guaranteed to get into the first stomach. There is almost no air and quite a lot of pressure, so it's very difficult to get out of here.

3. The first stomach. Bronti uses this colossal cavity to store and pre-treat the plants that she ate. When the treatment is over, Bronti regurgitates the contents of one stomach back into his mouth, where he chews the food again and swallows it back.Here there is oxygen, which is released by decomposing herbs, and the environment is practically not aggressive. If you do not drown under a ton of greens, then this will be the safest place in the body of Bronti, if it bothers you! True, if your clothes are from vegetable fibers - you can say goodbye to her. It's easy to survive, and it's also quite easy to get out.

4. The second stomach. Here you already find yourself in extremely dysfunctional conditions. There is no breathable air, and the juices are quite aggressive. Although they do not contain enzymes to digest meat, they are enough to partially process the chewed victim. It is very difficult to survive without having an oxygen mask or air magic.To get out is very difficult too, because your only chance for freedom is to unclench strong muscles and crawl back into one stomach.

5. Small intestine. If you are here - you will not be able to get out any more, under no circumstances. Powerful ring muscles, an aggressive environment and a complete lack of any air will not leave the victim unprepared for survival. Even pre-treated meat will be destroyed and partially digested.

6. Large intestine. There is still no air here. except methane, which appeared in the process of decay... eem, shit and poops. Even if you survived in the previous moments - here you will be very hard. Everywhere liquid shit, prohibitive temperatures, slippery, lazily pushing you out of the wall... Also, if Bronti eats more meat than usual, it will remain even here, not digested until the end.
In general, Bronti is very poor at digesting meat, and after a similar "nom" she starts gas, pain, loose stool and problems with the intestines. However, if you can get through and through this stage - you finally get freedom!

Enjoy the journey, Yummyes! =)

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Posted by Dragon808tr 5 months ago

Seems like a fun ride!


Posted by Jrew 5 months ago

A very pleasant read with excellent visuals