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Nyu Nyu and Erry (Page 1) By Liz

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Erry found herself in another dim situation escaping from another captor in the nude she made a dash for safety as a warm hand wrapped around her smaller body and lifted her into the glowing lights of the Casino. Out of the frying pan and into the oven as bunny waitress Nyu looks down at her new catch with a sense of glee. Feeling the Micros warm and smooth skin in her hand Nyu found herself staring at such a cute catch as her she also found someone to help her with a little performance that her boss asks the bunny ladies to perform now and then for the paying members. Without a word Nyu continue to run her fingers over her catch moving to the next stage of her little show for the captured micro.

While there weren’t people around the bar as they were mainly focused on the events happening on the main stage, Nyu knew that one of the security cameras would capture her handling of Erry in full resolution and Nyu formulating a plan on how to accommodate her micro guest.

Characters belong to
NyuNyu  PetitSnack
Erry belongs  Kreeyz

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Posted by number12321 4 months ago

There is an amazing amount of work in that background :) It all looks great!


Posted by Liz 4 months ago

Thank you :)


Posted by Kreeyz 4 months ago

Love it and can't wait for the next part ^_^


Posted by Liz 4 months ago

Thank you Kreeyz <3


Posted by joeburp22181 4 months ago

Oh man... This looks bad!


Posted by Liz 4 months ago

Hehe ^^


Posted by linthia 4 months ago

Nice woooork ! :3
A cute Nyu going to eat a cute naked Erry <3


Posted by Liz 4 months ago

Such a cute treat, Nyu cannot resist ;)


Posted by sweetladyamy 4 months ago

Hehehehe...I know what comes next. Looking forward to perusing the whole series.


Posted by Liz 4 months ago

Glad you are enjoying it :) Nyu enjoys her times as Pred.


Posted by sweetladyamy 3 months ago

Definitely looking forward to internal scenes.